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Bill Keller
· March 29, 2017
Sal's the best. I say this as someone going to him for years. I'm not a relative or a neighbor or a friend friend. He doesn't go to my Church or do anything other than cut my hair. He does a great job... and he's a good person that you'll enjoy talking with while he makes your hair look great. See More
John Rivera
· May 11, 2015
I can tell you spend a lot of time here Sal looks great love to see more and if you get some time and come over to my page and help me do mine.
Richard Rizzo
· July 29, 2015
I've been getting my hair cut by sal for years,great barber,great guy...I always look forward to shooting the shit with sal...." Richie dafence"
Cathie Brennan
· November 25, 2014
Sal is a great person and barber I ❤️ him
Nick Whitby
· June 12, 2014
Great barber! Place is nice an Clean also
James DeGraw
August 10, 2012
Page looks great

Since 4-6” of snow, sleet & rain equals few, if any, haircuts, I will not be in today. See you all on Friday at 9am. Be safe out there!!!

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I’ll be leaving at 430 today, Tuesday 1/23. I’ll be back tomorrow 9-530.

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Will be opening today at 1030 due to a dental appointment. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

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Ok peeps, the cold must be keeping everyone home so I will be leaving at 11am today. Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe and warm!!!

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I have a dentist appt at 830 this morning, so I will be working 930 - 530 this morning...sorry for any inconveniences

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And the weather has ruined my last day of work in 2017. Heading home now...wishing everyone a happy, healthy & prosperous New Year!!!!

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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Christmas is less than a week away, so come on in and get that Christmas cut so Santa doesn’t pass you by...I’ll be here normal hours the rest of this week:
Tue, Wed, Fri 9-530
Sat 8-2
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
Mon 9-5, Tue & Wed 9-530...I will be off the Friday & Saturday after Thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!

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If the parking lot looks full it doesn’t mean I’m busy...Joann will be using some of the lot for Eastern States parking this weekend

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I will be working 9-345 today as I have to take my mom to the Dr. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Working 9-445 today, then gotta go put the Tux on and then off to Lodge Initiation Dinner...BUT, my car is back at work with me!!!! #mycaraintlazyanymore

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I will be working 9-430 Columbus Day but my car is not at work with me once again LoL #lazyasscar

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