everyone coming in from out of town! unfortunately, there's a "lockdown" going on here next week, which means hundreds of workers are coming into town to work on the mill...which also means no hotel rooms!! as of yesterday,the fireside inn (365-2128)still had a few rooms, so try them. but i know most are booked up. so you may need to stay in either trail or nelson...sorry about the inconvenience!!


heather haake has come up with a wonderful way to commerate sandy, and the family has agreed that it is the perfect tribute..we will be setting up an award for ksa in her name!! so in lieu of flowers, if you like, you can send a donation to Development, Selkirk College, 820 10th Street, Nelson, BC V1L 3C7. thank you so much, heather, for the suggestion and for doing all the leg work. xo

hi everyone...sandy's memorial service will be held at the Castlegar Rec Centre on Tuesday, November 17th, from 1 to 4. we will be having a private burial with the family the day before. we're looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing stories and laughs and tears. we are all doing well. xo

our girl is gone. my love to all of you.

hi everyone:) as of this morning, sandy has slipped quietly into a coma. we are all with her, talking to her, playing music, surrounding her with love. she is not in pain, and appears peaceful to us. keep her in your thoughts and prayers; keep a beautiful end to such a beautiful life in your heart. all my love, jen xo

hi's friday afternoon, and we've seen a drastic change in sandy over the last couple days. she is sleeping pretty much all of the time now; awake for only a couple hours a day. the swelling has increased in her face, left side weakness is immense now, and spreading to the right. she no longer can stand on her own, and her confusion is high.

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sandy and brian tonight...she looks WONDERFUL, and he is the kindest, most loving brother

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hi everyone...sandy has been suffering from more confusion in the last few days; although physically fairly strong, we're definitely seeing a decline in her mental state. the last couple days there have been very few lucid moments, but today was such a great day. con't...

sandy's address! 515 5th avenue, castlegar, bc, V1N 1W1

hi everyone! sandy is still doing pretty good...there are bad days and good days, as you would expect, but most days are good ones. she absolutely loves getting cards from you all; she waits eagerly for the mail to arrive every keep them coming, and thank you so much for them all! con't...

hi, our girl is home,and i'm happy to report that she has gotten a bit stronger and more herself over the last couple days! she's so happy to be back home, and we're having great conversations and still lots of laughs, and just loving every moment! love, jen xo

Tobias and Logan sent Sandy a poem. I couldn't post it on her main page because of its length, but you can find it under "Discussions".

hi everyone...sandy saw her doctor yesterday and she is just too weak to carry on with radiation. she'll be coming home in a couple of days. the doctor was hesitant to give us a timeline, but her 'educated guess' was weeks ... hopefully several weeks. i know this is terribly hard for you to hear and my thoughts and love are with you as i know yours are with us. love jen xo

message from sandy! hi y'all. i really hurt today. doing my best to stay cheerful. hope to see you when i'm better. love, sandy xo