This is a video I had the pleasure of working on. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s almost two months since Christmas so after a nice rest, it’s time to get back to work gearing up for this coming Christmas. All the elves are back making toys. The weather is getting better and everyone is in a great mood having had a long vacation.
If you don’t hear from me in a while, it’s because we are very busy up here.
Enjoy the rest of the year and remember to be good as I am keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice. Bye for now.❤️🎅🏻

I finished my visits at ABC Carpet & Home. It was a joy seeing all my family and friends, especially my little furry friends.
Now it back to the North Pole for the big last minute rush. Kiddies, make sure you are asleep so I can deliver all the gifts.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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Nap time.
I started my yearly visit to ABC Home today so I decided to take a little nap.

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Just wanted to let you know I will be visiting ABC Carpet & Home again this Christmas season. I will let you know my schedule as it gets closer. Looking forward to seeing you again.

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Greetings from the North Pole.
Things are running smoothly up here.
Just remember, Christmas is just a wish away.
Enjoy the day.

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Well, we are finally enjoying Summer like days here at the North Pole. The ice is melting and we are seeing greenery.
The elves are frolicking during their break and Mrs Claus and I are finally getting some well needed rest.
I wish you all a wonderful Summer. I know the reindeer are enjoying it.
Hopefully we will have another wonderful Christmas season.
Bye for now.

Several years ago I had the honor of opening the Victoria Secret Mega Store in Manhattan with these three beautiful supermodels.
We were in a white horse and carriage coming down Fifth Avenue and across 42nd Street to a load of paparazzi. It was quite an experience.

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Many years ago I did a photo shoot for Ruby's Costumes. They are still using the photos on their website and on some of the packaging for Santa Suits.

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Greetings from the North Pole. While Spring is only six weeks away, it is still very cold and snowy here. After taking a month off, we are all back to work starting to make the toys for this Christmas.
I want to thank you all for visiting my page and I wish you all a wonderful year.

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Christmas 2016

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Santa Claus shared their photo.

This is so true!

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Santa Claus

Remember the reason we celebrate Christmas!

My little friends came to visit today.

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Jennifer-jo Moyer to Santa Claus

Thank you for making the time to be at ABC Carpet this year. It wouldn't be Christmas without taking the Peas to see you!

With so many more children this year, we will be extra busy making more toys, I didn't think I would have time for my yearly visit to ABC Carpet & Home this year. However, after checking my schedule, I will be able to visit there for Four Sundays. The dates are:
Nov. 27th, Dec. 4th, Dec. 11th and Dec.18th.
My hours will be : 11AM - 3PM.
I hope to see you there.

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Me and my little friends.

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Bobbi Mitchell to Santa Claus

Santa, we, BB and CiCiCi have been vewy good girls this year. We would like loads of Chicken Jerry tweats under the twee. Thank you.

I will be celebrating my 25th year at ABC Carpet & Home. I start the day after Thanksgiving and work every Saturday and Sunday till the weekend before Christmas. My hours will be 9:30- 3:00 on Friday and Saturdays and 10:30-3:00 on Sundays.
Hope to see you.

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Me and Abe Lincoln on Stephen Colbert's last show.

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