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Paul Van Cott
August 2, 2012
Please join the Saranac Lake Walk of Fame. Our most recent inductee was Garry Trudeau.

Philadelphia Eagles Team on Walk of Fame

SARANAC LAKE—Jul 4—The National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles will soon have its place in this village’s history solidified with its own plaque on the Downtown “Walk of Fame” which will be unveiled the evening of July 13th.

The bronze plaque will be presented upon the Grant Building, formerly the “Thompson Building,” located at 43 Broadway at 5:30 PM.


The Eagles held their “permanent training camp” in Saranac Lake during the late 1940s and stayed in a large residence on Lake Street named “The Eagles Nest.” This building was owned by Alexis Thompson who also owned the Eagles franchise and the Thompson Building on Broadway where the Eagles plaque will be mounted.

Mr. Jon Ferrari, an officer in the Philadelphia Eagles organization, will represent the team at the unveiling.

Mayor Clyde Rabideau offered his thanks Mr. Ferrari and the Eagles organization for participating in the event, saying, “Our village is honored and appreciative for the interest of the Eagles in our local history.”

Rabideau also offered gratitude to Mr. Rob Grant, current owner of the former Thompson Building, commenting, “Rob was very exciting about his building becoming part of the Walk of Fame and honoring the contributions of Mr. Thompson and the Eagles to our community.”

The public is invited to attend the plaque unveiling and participate with any stories or mementos one may have about the Eagles stay in the village. An informal gathering will be held afterwards at nearby Bitters and Bones.

The Saranac Lake Walk of Fame was initiated in 2010 to honor “residents or former residents that have distinguished themselves positively on a national or international level in the arts, sciences, entertainment, sports, commerce, philanthropy and government.”

One other NFL franchise team, the New York Giants, will also have a future plaque in the Walk of Fame as it too trained in Saranac Lake after the Philadelphia Eagles. The New York Rangers also used this village for a training camp.

Other plaques unveiled since 2010 include the names of Billy Demong, E.L. Trudeau. Garry Trudeau, Rene Joyeuse, Albert Einstein, Robert Louis Stevenson, Christy Mathewson, Larry Doyle, Herb Clark and Bela Bartok.

Underwriting opportunities are available for purchasing plaques for the remaining members of the Walk of Fame by contacting the Office of Mayor at 518.891.4150.


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Mayor Clyde Rabideau

We need your help with this one: The Philadelphia Eagles Football Team is part of Saranac Lake’s Walk of Fame. Why? This NFL franchise team trained here for... a number of years and SL was their summer home (re: “The Eagles Nest” on Lake Street,'s_Nest .) We’ve contacted the Eagle’s “front office” a number of times and even contacted the Vince Papale organization, but got zilch for a response. So, if anyone out there has a personal contact, friend and/or a communication link with the Eagles or a current Eagle or a former Eagle, we’d love to have them on hand this summer as we unveil this beautiful plaque in the Eagle’s Honor upon Saranac Lake’s developing and impressive Walk of Fame. Share this with your friends, please, to get the word out, or just PM us here on this page if you yourself have an "inside." Thanks!

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We will soon do more Walk of Fame plaque unveilings, on June 16, for two of our hometown baseball heroes; Hall-of-Famer Christy Mathewson and NL MVP Larry Doyle. If you know of any "pro" baseball players living within driving distance who would also honor us with their presence this special evening, please give us shout. Historic Saranac Lake will also hold "baseball story" night where anyone can tell their baseball stores, local or otherwise. Pictured here: Saranac Lake Red Sox, circa 1940. Courtesy of Historic Saranac Lake Localwiki.s.

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Saranac Lake Walk of Fame is with Cathy Mose and Libby Clark.
May 26, 2013

The facsimile Walk of Fame plaque (as we fund-raise for the permanent bronze item) was unveiled last night for Herb Clark, Adirondack Forty-Sixer #1. Mr. Clark was also honored this morning by the Adk 46er Club here in Saranac Lake as photographed below.

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Banners announcing our Walk of Fame inductions for the coming weekend were installed today. The banner pictured here is in front of the Vet's Club at which we will unveil the Walk of Fame Plaque for Dr. Rene Joyeuse, World War II Hero and Medical Pioneer at 10 AM on May 27.

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Saranac Lake 6er


The Village of Saranac Lake invites all Adirondack Mountain lovers ...and aspiring 6ers to pitch in with a donation of any size so that we raise the $1,500 in funds needed for installing a solid bronze "Walk of Fame" plaque in Berkeley time for 6er Weekend and the special Adirondack 46er commemoration at Herb Clark's grave-site in St. Bernard's Cemetery on May 26. It's easy to do - just click on the yellow "Give" app above.

Herb Clark will join 23 other great Saranac Lakers inducted into the Walk of Fame.

Pictured Below: George Marshall (Left and 46er #2) with Herb Clark.

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Mayor Clyde Rabideau

Janie and I just returned from Washington, DC, and the internment ceremony and honors for Dr. René Joyeuse, a Saranac Laker of national and international renown...; a celebrated war hero and physician, at Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac from the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

Of the 400,000 men and women buried at Arlington, Dr. Joyeuse is only one of 62 “foreign nationals” and the only “Swiss-born” person so honored.

Though beautiful and perfected, Arlington is a somber place that was called “the most sacred square mile in the nation” by the chaplain officiating the internment ceremony.

Headstone, upon headstone, aligned in perfect geometry, innumerably grace the rolling hills as far as the eye can see, each bearing a name of man or women who devoted their life to our country and most by means of the “ultimate sacrifice.”

The men and women working there give due, proper and unapologetic respect to that plot of hallowed ground, and--mostly young people---are told to take out their “ear buds” and shut off the cell phones as they walk that consecrated earth.

We were tremendously honored to be invited to attend and witness, on behalf of our Saranac Lake community…and, as family friends...the internment of such a great American who gave so much of himself to our nation and to the cause of freedom.

Dr. René Joyeuse, so respected and honored, and who, because he is one of us, a Saranac Laker, brings honor to us all.

If you ever travel to DC and Arlington, please visit the internment niche of Dr. Joyeuse. The information desk at the Visitor’s Center will give you the location.

And, if you know of any other Saranac Lakers buried at this most respected place, please let us know, as our computer search yielded no finds as of yet.

May God bless the Joyeuse family and the entire world on this Easter weekend as we all seek and strive towards enduring peace.

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Robert Louis Stevenson

Author of "Treasure Island," "Kidnapped," and" Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde."

Stevenson, in 1887, suffering from tuberculous, "took the cure" in Saranac Lake, at a cure cottage now known as Stevenson Cottage. During the intensely cold winter Stevenson wrote some of his best essays, including" Pulvis et Umbra", began "The Master of Ballantrae."

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Christy Mathewson played for the New York Giants from 1900-1916 and the Cincinnati Reds in 1916 and was in the first class inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1918, Mathewson enlisted in the United States Army for World War I and served overseas as a captain in the newly formed chemical service along with Ty Cobb. While in France, during a training exercise he was accidentally gassed and consequently developed tuberculosis.

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Merry Christmas. Here is one of my Christmas presents--which aired last night in Switzerland and a note from the reporter, Tomas:

Dear All,

Thank you again for your kind assistance in producing the TV story about Swiss-born René Joyeuse....
It was aired today (Dec 24) in the Evening News. As promised, here is a link to it (please note it doesn't work on iPhone).

It starts telling the story about Mr. Joyeuse; the Mayor explains nobody knew who he was when he was alive, then I mention the fact that, although he was decorated after the war, approval for burial was not immediate; Patrick O' Donnell explains why he deserves to be buried there, there is a final quote of Ms. Joyeuse about the fact that he loved the Swiss Italian mountains (and mountain in general) and the last sentence says that burial should take place by March.

Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all


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Current Membership of the Saranac Lake Walk of Fame:

Béla Bartók
Buster Crabbe
Bill Demong...
Larry Doyle
Rene Joyeuse
Fay Dunaway
Al Jolson
Rene Joyeuse
Veronica Lake
Edmund Lamy
James Loeb
Carl Sofus Lumholtz
George Marshall
Bob Marshall
Christy Mathewson
William Morris
Manuel Luis Quezon
Martha Reben
Will Rogers
Robert Louis Stevenson
Edward L. Trudeau
Garry Trudeau
Roger Tubby

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Saranac Lake Vet Groups Raise Funds For Joyeuse Walk of Fame Plaque

SARANAC LAKE, NY—Dec 16— Five Saranac Lake Veterans organizations raised $750 to purchase a bronze Walk of Fame plaque and presented their checks to Mayor Clyde Rabideau last night during their annual combined Christmas Party at the Upper Broadway Vet’s Club.
The plaque will honor the late Dr. Rene Joyeuse, a World War II hero who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by General Dwight Eisenhower and a ...

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The "Newspaper of Record" in Switzerland is now doing a story on Dr. Joyeuse for its Sunday Edition.

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ, English: New Zurich Times/News) is a Swiss German-language daily newspaper, published by the NZZ-Gruppe in Zurich.
It has a reputation as a quality newspaper and as the Swiss newspaper of record, the newspaper is known for its detailed reports on international affairs, stock exchange, and the intellectual, in-depth style of its articles.

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SARANAC LAKE — A television news crew from the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation was here Tuesday to gather footage for a story about a Swiss-born man...

Swiss TV in Saranac Lake Today.

A reporter and production crew from Swiss TV visited our community today to interview Mrs. Suzanne Joyeuse, widow of Dr. Rene Joyeuse, Saranac Lake's own Walk of Fame member and WW II hero, to do a story on the doctor's remarkable life as he was Swiss born...and his remains will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery tentatively scheduled for March of next year.

Swiss TV s the leading public broadcaster in Switzerland and is comprised of 3 networks which broadcast in French, German and Italian respectively. The reporter, Tomas, is working on behalf of the Italian region in Switzerland.

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Mayor Clyde Rabideau

Networking for the Next Biotech

We officially welcome our newest biotech company, Active Motif, Wednesday evening, joining next-door Myriad-RBM, Trudeau Institu...te and Bionique in the emerging Saranac Lake Bio-cluster.

What company will be our next biotech to move to or expand in “The Capital of the Adirondacks?”

We want YOU to be part of the answer. We’re a small community with a limited budget and we depend upon everyone pitching in to make things happen. Our calling card—our marketing pitch—is that we are NOT a city, we are a small town…but one nestled among pristine mountains and lakes…The Capital of the Adirondacks...and we have lots to offer.

So, do you know a biotech entrepreneur that wants to either start or expand his or her biotech business in the great Adirondacks? Or do you know somebody that knows somebody like that? What about your old college roommate that started tinkering on a biotech project in his garage and always had a dream of “making it big?”

Networking is a powerful tool…a tool we must use to find the next Myriad RBM or Active Motif. We need your help.

Please “Share” this message with your friends and let’s get this networking started.

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