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Martin Calle
March 19, 2013
Please tell your friends. Become sustaining Villa Park activists :)
Charity Taylor
March 19, 2013
Not another freakin bank!

This was my building in Chicago. It was known as "The mistake by the lake." But it didn't matter. It was designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. Villa Park design planning is apparently led by #DuncanDonuts. Now that's a mistake.

Well congratulations Villa Park! It's a completely new and generic street-facing stucco box retail strip just like everyone else's in Southern California. Now The Hidden Jewel is even less unique. #Bland and #Blah So disappointingly #Underwhelming. #QualityOfLife

CityVilla Park, CA
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I think I'd rather have a Farmers Market and support stores in the Villa Park Shopping Center. I vote for #BistrosAndBoutiques rather than more #StuccoBox strip stores with aluminum doors and windows. Preserve the village feel and character. What do you think?

CityVilla Park, CA
8,334 people checked in here

I hear the new plan is for a small strip of buildings to include a #DuncanDonuts I like Duncan Donuts but That's so NOT Villa Park! It's TOOOO COMMERCIAL. Our town center is for bistros and boutiques to maintain that home town feeling. I don't want another generic faceless strip mall with transient tenants, and featureless aluminum framed glass doors.

I think we should build a new gas station here. Do you agree? I just like the feel of a place where local kids can put air in their bicycle tires. Maybe an architect can design it to look retro '30s or 1940's. That would give our town center some character and attitude, right?

What an eyesore the owners of this property, who once leased it to those who operated the station, have left us. Would they like this in their front yard?

I can't get to the City Council meeting! Damn!

Let's all be there! Where are our representatives? Where are our officials? Are they not supposed to side with us? Have you heard of anyone who wants another bank? Why do our representatives remain silent? Why do they remain neutral? Is THAT representation for our community? Another bank will commoditize the Town Center. Commoditization makes it easier for Orange to annex Villa Park. It's evident no one cares. The Town Center is being commoditized, minimizing our personality,... the thoroughfares are showing their age and long in the tooth. I love the guys who trim the bushes and cut the grass but be warned, Villa Park IS in a state of arrested development! There is no flair. The hidden jewel is just cheap pr. The "new" Villa Park sign at Santiago Canyon Road and Lemon looks exactly like every other in OC, and as I complained to City Hall a year ago, who ever oversaw the slurry to seal cracks in the road on Lemon between Santiago and Santiago Canyon and along Taft above and below Lemon after the planted medians were installed couldn't have cared less about the quality of work. The surface was not applied evenly or regularly. It looked like crap then and it looks a lot worse now. I was told "wait a few weeks and it will look great." Wrong No one is at the helm and if Villa Park's representatives set the bar this low it's obvious we better start taking care of ourselves. See you at the meeting March 26! Tell everyone! Bring plenty of enthusiasm! Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm! Save Our Station!

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Well, the no-goodniks removed all sign of our sentiments. Time to renew our efforts ?

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