Done being on the defensive on this issue.

Here's a way Palm Beach County residents can save millions, while gaining more farmland

And, in case you didn't know this...county staff answers only to the county administrator, the commission has no power to reprimand or eliminate staff. It is in the charter.

Sounds like a lot of power given to one individual who was not elected.....


Listen up fans of safe, locally grown FOOD...the Ag Reserve area is going to disappear unless you get in touch with the Palm Beach County Commission and urge them to release restrictions on bona fide agriculture so that they can expand into retail and sell DIRECT to YOU!

Planning and Zoning has played GOD with our AG lands and needs to know what our priorities as citizens are...they are restricting agriculture in the AG RESERVE but allowing garbage dumps, hospitals, churches, and schools...

Remind them they are all paid employees of YOU, the taxpayer!!!

Our Mission at Bedner's Farm Fresh Market is to bring our customers a variety of locally grown produce that is tasty, yet affordable. When you shop at Bedner's, you can be certain that you are puchasing from a safe & reliable food source.

We are making great strides in the effort to enhance the economic development of the Ag Reserve and agriculture as a whole in Palm Beach County. Please keep the momentum going and share with everyone the importance as well as the privilege and benefits we enjoy here with our local farmers producing a locally grown, safe food supply.

Important meetings at County Commission in March regarding the future of agriculture. With over $2billion in economic impact can we really afford not to support and develop more agriculture?…/fl-windfarm-bird-fight-201201…

So disappointed in this article written by Andy Reid from the Sentinel. We need to support the communities in the Glades, and quite frankly preservation of land is actually enhanced by projects such as this one proposed by Sugarland Wind.

Splattered birds make going green a tough sell.

A great day today for agriculture and the citizens of PB county. Both ag producers and environmental groups came together to show solidarity for the promise of protecting ag lands for future generations.

Palm Beach County Commission Meeting TODAY beginning at 9:30 am at 301 N. Olive Ave, 6th Floor. See you there!

Please join us at the Palm Beach County Commission Meeting on Tuesday Jan 17. Meeting is held at 301 N. Olive Ave, 6th Floor, starts at 9:30 am, Ag Reserve is on agenda for 2 pm.

Fox News Report on fungicide found in orange juice NOT made in USA...finally someone making the distinction between what is allowed by the FDA in regards to standards by US juice companies and those made in OTHER countries. This is true of APPLES as well and most every other food source not from the USA.

Thoughts and prayers with all the South Florida Farmers during this freezing weather. Happy to see the local news reporting on this and how it affects our ag industry here in Palm Beach County!

Thanks to Bedner's for sharing this important information. Remember, food safety issues are usually with food coming from other countries. Be aware!

Whole Food's Dirty Little Secret: Most of the So-Called "Natural" Processed Foods and Animal Products They Sell Are Contaminated with GMOs! Approximately 2/3...

Residents of the Ag Reserve and fans of fresh, safe, locally grown food, I urge you to consider that the need for another school in the ag reserve is yet another ploy by developers to gain control of more ag lands. If you are getting zoned out of good schools, that is a school board issue...petition them, unelect them, but don't be a party to a power play for more ag land consumed for unnecessary development.

Strawberries are HERE!!! Be sure to check out the gigantic strawberries in the UPICK...the flavor is amazing!!!

Our Mission at Bedner's Farm Fresh Market is to bring our customers a variety of locally grown produce that is tasty, yet affordable. When you shop at Bedner's, you can be certain that you are puchasing from a safe & reliable food source. Wanted to share with you this Florida company making blueberry wine. We couldn't believe the taste, would have never guessed it! You can buy their wine at Total Wine, support Fresh From Florida businesses!

from Island Grove Wine Company, located in Florida

The 2012 election year is going to another exciting time in our history. Please get to know the candidates in your local races. Your representatives should represent your values, if they don't un-elect them and elect those who do. Don't forget to ask questions about issues you care about, like a safe, locally grown food supply that is under attack on many fronts.