Check out this fantastic article everyone and be sure to send it along to friends and city council members! They need to know that people do care and will be affected by the Foothills relocation.

I am writing to ask you (Glendale mayor and council) to reconsider your plans for the Foothills Branch Library, but before I do, I just want to briefly establish my credentials. I worked at the Velma Teague Branch Library almost 25 years, 18 of those as its manager. Most recently, I worked at the Gl…

Use this map to find your City Council member and tell them to not consider the Foothills relocation. Contact information for each councilmember can be found at

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This Tuesday, the City Council will hear of a potential plan to relocate the Foothills Branch Library (FBL) into the Foothills Recreation and Aquatic Center (FRAC), with plans to potentially sell the FBL land to Midwestern University. While the plan is touted as beneficial for both the city and citizens, with increase hours and reduced costs, it also calls for an entire 33,500 square foot library into a small space within a 69,000 FRAC.

While the city may be celebrating succ...essfully hosting a Super Bowl that our own mayor didn't want, one of our libraries is again in jeopardy. Because this meeting is a budget workshop, public comments will not be allowed, but the public is able to attend. The meeting will take place at 1:30 in the City Council chambers on Tuesday, February 3rd. Apologies for the lack of updates and very short notice of this, but this is an important agenda item that we cannot let go unnoticed.

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The City Clerk's office has stated that sometime this week, the signatures will be checked. If 10,434 signatures from registered Glendale voters are present amongst the 20,000 the Arizona Free Enterprise Club claims to have returned, then keeping the current tax rate would become a ballot item for this November.

Group files petitions to let Glendale voters decide on extending sales tax hike

Last week, the Glendale City Council voted 4-3 to extend the current tax rate that would have expired in 2017. There is currently a group attempting to gather signatures of Glendale residents by July 3rd for the vote to be placed on the ballot in November. to place the tax increase as a ballot item in November. Back in 2012, Glendale voters said rejected Prop. 457, a similar initiative to repeal the current tax rate.

As Councilman Gary Sherwood said of the group, “[N]one of t...hem live in Glendale . . . Most of them live in Phoenix and most of the money is coming from out of state. These are not Glendale citizens getting this on the ballot . . . and that is disconcerting for me.”

We Glendale library supporters must be aware of the fact that our current tax rate enables the libraries to provide us with free access to materials, community services, and a safe space for people of all ages' not to mention the support the current rate gives to our public safety officers, sanitation, and our water among other necessities . If the current rate has not been a burden to us, then we can continue to support our city.

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Two years after voters approved a temporary sales tax to help bail Glendale out of financial problems, Tuesday the city council voted 4-3 to eliminate the sunset clause that would end the tax in August 2017.

"[W]hat we need to do is not just honor all reading –as CSM suggests–but to keep offering new doors, new opportunities, and new options to teenagers. A graphic novel one day, a cool app the next, a novel on a third day, or a poem, a play, an investigative article, a description of a new discovery. The idea is to keep opening doors, so occasional readers recognize that there is something of interest–something appealing, stimulating, or unexpected–waiting for them when they do take time to read."

A Common Sense Media study released earlier this month reported on findings from a number of surveys conducted by respected groups on

“There is a library in every town in North America. Every town,” Jankowski said. “As retailers are shrinking, libraries are still strong and thriving in their communities. [Librarians] are talking with readers all the time… They recommend books, and often they show you how to use the tablets, ereaders, and services” necessary to access ebooks and other digital content as well."

When ebooks or other digital materials are not readily available in libraries, publishers “are missing a key conduit to a market that [they] can’t tap any other way,” Rebecca T. Miller, editorial director for Library Journal and School Library Journal, stated in her opening remarks for the “The Unta…

Are you participating in the Glendale Public Library's summer reading program? There are programs for kids, teens, and adults. All participants win a free book, and kids & teens can win some great prizes. Make sure to drop by your local GPL branch and sign up today.

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Tucson Festival of Books

Put reading first with 20 minutes a day spent reading or being read to this summer! Visit your local library or for more information!!

Check out this great video which shows a day in the life of the New York City public libraries.

Watch an exclusive documentary about their evolving role, and the struggle to remain open.

Today is National Library Workers Day. Make sure to appreciate your local library staff today and thank them for all the hard work that they do.

What is National Library Workers Day? NLWD is a day for library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers.

When the St. Paul Public Library noticed that their community began to need need more information about using technology for daily life and for employment, they rose to the challenge in their community. As library manager Rebecca Ryan says, "We're not in the book business, we are in the St. Paul business." - Cristian

Libraries have a long history of serving their communities by providing access to resources and information. When the St. Paul Public Library saw a growing n...

"I grew up loving books . . . In today's digital world, it's more important than ever to know how it feels to have a good book in your hands . . . People who read are people who dream, and we connect through the stories we live and tell and read."

The third annual World Book Night U.S., to be held April 23, is organized by a coalition of publishers, booksellers and librarians. They will enlist 25,000 volunteers who give away a total of 500,000 books – mostly aimed at areas and groups where books are not that prevalent.

Star of 'Parks and Recreation' says she grew up loving books.

Check out this new report from the Pew Research Center. Some of the findings include that highly-engaged library users are also big technology users, and that, on average, 30% of all Americans are highly engaged with their libraries.

We have a new report out today, a typology of Americans’ engagement with public libraries. It caps off the past three years of research the Pew Research Center has produced on the topic of public...

What are Americans saying about their public libraries? The Cecil County Public Library posted this infographic about what people say about their libraries.

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[A] study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project . . . reported that 94 percent of 6,200 people surveyed said that a public library in their community improves quality of life . . . of those who use their library, 81 percent said that they “provide many services people would have a hard time finding elsewhere.” A full 81 percent said that access to books and other media is somewhat or very important to them—compared to 58 percent of library users who ...said access to Internet and computer equipment is important.

The assistance of librarians was also cited as important to 76 percent of library users surveyed by Pew. About the same number said that the space of the library itself—as a quiet and safe place—was meaningful to them. All but six percent agreed that “public libraries are a welcoming, friendly place,” and a staggering 91 percent said they personally have never had a negative experience using a public library, either in person or online.

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With nearly 2.5 billion materials circulated through more than 16,000 public branches, 2013 was one of the strongest years for libraries in the past decade.
I Love Libraries

"Librarianship is a form of heroism. It’s just not as flashy as swords and dragons."—Seanan McGuire

"I work at this library. And before that, I was coming here for twenty years. It’s my favorite place in the world. As many people know, the main reading room of this library is supported by seven floors of books, which contain one of the greatest research collections in the world. Recently, the library administration has decided to rip out this collection, send the books to New Jersey, and use the space for a lending library. As part of the consolidation, they are going to close down the Mid-Manhattan Library Branch as well as the Science, Industry, and Business Library. When everything is finished, one of the greatest research libraries in the world will become a glorified internet cafe. Now read that back to me."

"You want to photograph me eating chicken?" "Yep." "Well, if I let you, I need you to help me deliver a message." "What’s that?" "I work at this library. And before that, I was coming here for twenty...