Name these famous trains.

2018 Memorial Day Weekend, Season Opening! Train rides on three unique railroads for your family to ride, each take you on a different journey through 155 acres of woods and farm fields. Recieve $14 off your families' train ride tickets if you purchase now! Regularly $54 advance tickets only $40. St...

Check out the guy with the red hat. Running Kiddieland trains was a dream of a lifetime.

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Here's a trip down memory lane (or tracks).

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Kiddieland was located at 1st Avenue & North Avenue in Melrose Park, Illinois. We went there as children, and I (Pamela) worked there in my...

Looking forward to Summer and summer trains.

There will be an honorary street named for our favorite amusement park. Good job #KLFANS, your are the best.

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I hear some folks are working on a street renaming in honor of Kiddieland. Is this correct? Anyone have details?

Check out his cool tribute to the Kiddieland Train. Made by the MTC (same company that built the Kiddieland diesels). It's a little smaller but still has a great sound and you can give train rides in your yard. This one-of-a -kind rideable train makes the perfect Christmas gift for the Kiddieland fan on your list.

Homage to the Kiddieland Train. Here's a fan that has a G-12 train (built by the same company as the Kiddieland train) he can run in his yard. It's large enough to ride! He's painted and lettered it to match our favorite diesel train. His plan is to sell this set and build a full size (14" gauge) reproduction Kiddieland Diesel.…/fo…/6_Chodorski/index.htm

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Kiddieland Limited Steam Train

Today the 4-8-4 was loaded for its trip to Melrose Park on Thursday. We hope you have a chance to see her at the Library... and there maybe some other stops too!

Check it out! The Kiddileland Limited steam locomotive is going to back in Melrose Park!

The "Kiddieland Limited Steam Train" is chugging into the MPPL Station!

My friend Todd is building new G-16s inspired by trains like Kiddieland's diesels. I don't know about you but I want one.

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Todd Swan

Well here she is! Serial No. 10/Road No. 2865. She is about 98% complete. Still some housekeeping like painting the grab irons black and banding hydraulic lines and wiring, but all systems functioning and she sounds and looks beautiful!

This weekend is "Chicago Weekend" at the Hesston Steam Museum in Indiana. In honor of this special weekend I'll repost an article about the history of our favorite trains. Be sure to ride Chicago's trains this weekend. Visit for details. Hit "Share" to show your friends your favorite train from your childhood.

Kiddieland Train VS. Brookfield Zoo Train. It's only 6 days till the special "Chicago Weekend" in Indiana. Learn about the history of the Zoo Train.

Hesston Announces the "Chicago Weekend". Once again the Kiddieland "Hudson" class steam locomotive will be plying the rails at the Indiana museum. Joining her will be the Brookfield Zoo trains. Museum director Ted Rita was a kid when his grandmother took him to Kiddieland, so he jumped at the idea of hosting an "All Chicago" weekend. "Where does the Chicago area send its old trains to retire? To Hesston, but we don't retire them, we restore them," says volunteer and lif...e-long Chicagoan, Jim O'Connor. My big brother worked at Kiddieland one summer and it was the best summer of my life. I think I spent almost every weekend there and my favorite ride was the train. We need to get the word out to all the guys and gals that grew up with the Kiddieland and Brookfield Zoo trains. Tell them to bring their kids and grandkids. It's sad, but there's nothing like this here now. COME OUT AND RIDE YOUR FAVORITE OLD CHICAGOLAND TRAIN RIDES, Sept. 26 and 27, 2015. Be sure to hit SHARE to show your friends and family that the old trains are still running. Visit for details.

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Hesston Steam Museum Come out and ride your favorite old Chicagoland train rides on this special weekend.

Both Kiddieland Steam Trains are in Indiana at the Hesston Steam Museum. The "Northern" (lead engine) is down for a boiler replacement. The "Hudson" is scheduled to run on selected weekends this summer. The diesel trains are MIA unfortunately.

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