Please post any alternatives for Walkaround and Apache Wave

Please post here is you have successfully implemented Apache Wave or Walkaround


Google wave is read-only from 31st Jan 12 and discontinued from 30st Apr 12

News and updates from the Google Wave Team

Pantry4me are up - cure to "house inventory epidemic" manage ur inventory with wifi barcode reader swtlv

Simplearn are up - a way of teaching through games and visual teaching kids to read from scratch in 1 he. swtlv

Picseek on stage - crowdsource pictures from events and places you want to visit and pay for them

Jeff deville on stage. Crowdsource jeff's decisions

Project 8 doodle up - search engine for 2-7 year olds by drawing just presented - great little concept - pannel says nice and useful - people willing to pay for the app

Korkit just presented and pannel loved them - Sort your life in one place. swtlv techaviv

Prjt 7:rippil on stage now - a widget branding service that allows you to provie branded vidget to freind sites swtlv techaviv

Video of Start Up Weekend Tel Aviv - made during the event swtlv techaviv

Startup Weekend Tel Aviv-Jaffa - February 2011

Kolidr - we actually developed a working app in 48 hours - respect to the dev team swtlv techaviv

Prjct 6 Kolidr (my team) - Kolidr aggregates ur intrsts and "LIKES" and mtches wth lcation based info to actvts,evnts and ple nr u techaviv

Project 5 Pantree4me - your personal inventory manager swtlv techaviv

Project 4 is called Agenda 2.0 - promote your cause or agenda at super speed. This one warrants 2 tweets swtlv techaviv

Project 4 Platform to promote causes. Look out for this one my jaw nearly dropd when they told me what they have achieved since 6:30 swtlv

Project 3. Jeff Deville - online crowdsourced individual - check his facebook page - image is black sillhouette swtlv techaviv