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#WMUC makes you feel so good” Flower Power jingle from 1970 #audio

"The femme fatale of the airwaves who nightly bids the campus goodnight." —The Terrapin '62 #ThrowbackThursday #UMD

This digital exhibit examines the history of college radio at the University of Marland. It focuses on WMUC's beginning, it's programs, and the efforts to save college radio.

The BeeGees and Art Garfunkel on this 1978 Singles and Selected Album Cuts playlist #WMUC

“WMUC now concludes its live broadcast activities for the day…” #WMUC sign-off 1968 #audio #graduation #terps

“It’s been a tremendous time not only for Terrapin Athletics but also for #WMUC” Mens Basketball postgame 2002 #audio

“A weekly half hour program that focuses on health, fitness, and nutrition!” Body Talk promo from 1994 #WMUC #audio

“You are listening to the nation’s #1 college radio station” -Franky and Nicky of the Four Seasons #WMUC #audio

“Maryland is right back in this one on one swing of the bat!” 1992 #UMD baseball promo #terps #audio #WMUC

“Three for Free from the HC that’s the Health Center to you and me at #WMUC” Health Center PSA, ca. 1986 #audio

“Each week Womanspeak focuses on a variety of issues affecting women” Day Report Vietnam Moratorium 1969 #audio #WMUC

“Any time that you’re all alone & don’t have anyone special to think about, think about me"


We record sounds to save them, to listen to them again | @WMUCexhibit Saving College Radio Symposium, 2014-04-11

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