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Stephanie Black
· January 20, 2017
Dear officer who pulled me over tonight:

Usually getting pulled over results in me doing the ugly cry... And trust me, it's a RARITY that I get pulled over. I just so happened to be driving home fro...m work at an ungodly hour tonight. You were very courteous when you pulled me over despite the hairs on my neck standing on end at the thought of you stalking my jeep for a few blocks. You see, I was kind of cringing at the thought of that one officer (can't remember his name) that is notorious for jumping to conclusions and being overly rude... He kind of reminds Scappoosanites of that one outcast deputy off of Sooper Troopers that attacks a fast food worker during the credit reel... remember??? You, on the other hand, notified me that my brake lights were out, patiently waited for me to find my necessary documents, didn't force me to step out of the vehicle when I notified you that I had a CHL permit, and didn't give me a power trip. You go, man in blue! Gold star for you! The icing on the cake was that you gave me a warning and didn't impede traffic in pulling me over. Thanks for looking out for my safety, as well as yours. I just might carry on my grandmother's tradition in making cookies for cops because of your demeanor. Good night!

Stephanie (Black) Fisher
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Peggy Barnes
· December 14, 2016
We had the most corrupt individual serving as the Police Chief here in our quaint little town until 2-1/2 to 3 years ago. This Police Chief truly belongs in prison. He was finally fired and is now run...ning around free in public: huge travesty. Now it appears perhaps our new one is no better. My husband got arrested 6-7 years ago in a local restaurant/bar for attempting to defend our daughter from two people inside this establishment whom had put her into tears repeatedly by showing up where she worked and harassing her to the point of putting her in tears at her work place because they did not like her. First of all: you don't do this. Next you go threaten issuing a ticket to the repeat offenders. None of this was done. When these two individuals came into the eatery and sat about 5 feet from my husband knowing full well their little scheme. Then they mouthed off to my husband. Well: things went down hill quickly. They lied, got other people to lie, had my husband arrested for disturbing the peace (which got dropped). Strangely looking into the story these two individuals just happened to have multiple charges for dealing drugs in our county. We also happen to be business owners getting talked talked down to the way police think it proper to do so around here? We are the victims here not anyone else. Now we experience someone stealing expensive packages from our place of business when delivery companies such as UPS refuses to follow simple instructions and use the bell or call us (we are in a 360 degree secured area that has no public access to keep precious customer business related items safe) and require this. the sign is right on the door laminated and in 2 inch tall letters in red ink to catch their attention. The lead remark just happened to come from the very officer that arrested my husband during that event and he stated "your the guy we arrested at the restaurant" to which my husband replied: yes, help me understand how this has anything to do with 6-7 years later and stolen packages? They talked down and disrespectfully so badly to my husband that he had to walk away. They flat refused to file our police report and flat refused to provide an officer who would remain unbiased 6-7 years later. In the professional world this would warrant immediate termination of someone being so disrespectful, as a supposed professional, bringing up something entirely irrelevant as a way to make you feel belittled. To make you feel like a "lesser than valued tax paying citizen" in order to spare them the time of doing their job. If this is the finest we got? Were screwed. See More
Nicole Isenberg
· December 8, 2015
Thank you so much for having officers escort children across the highway on their way to school, and your presence around the schools in the morning. Both have made a noticeable difference in how peo...ple are driving in those areas. Thank you for keeping our kids safe! See More
Cheri Grisenti Smith
· April 24, 2014
Last night, at real close to midnight, a car came severly close to slamming in to the back of us. We were in left lane, passing another car on the right of us. We will call this driver " The IDIOT ...MORON" and a bunch of $&!^#*/(@) other words, switched lanes and decided to run up on the back of the car we were passing and about took him out too. What do you know, a cop was behind him. Yaaaaaayy!!!
As the officer attempted to pull him over, The Moron about caused a 3 car pile up for an inproper lane change now putting the officer in danger. I have never been so tickled in my life to see flashing lights when he pulled "THE IDIOT, MORON" over !!!! Thank you so much for keeping us safe Officer. You are extremly appreciated!!! I would love to shake your hand. Our daughters and one of their frinds were also in the Jeep. If the driver wasn't drunk, I will truely be surprised. Maybe just stupid. Can't thank you enough. I pray for you all to return safely to your families. Keep up the good work! Amen.
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Vivian Ward
· July 8, 2016
Thank you dear officers! Your willingness to run to harm to protect us from it is a treasure and the pride of our community. May God protect you all!
Josephine Peterson
· October 6, 2015
Thank you officer Cowen for helping some residents here in our court with a distressing problem.we are most appreciative,you made our lives much easier?
Rob Petitt
· July 17, 2016
My family and I stand with Scappoose PD as one against any and all hate groups!
Cris Jesse
· May 27, 2015
Thanks for helping me out today with my Suburban that died in Hwy 30 in town. Officer was very patient!
Julie Vandercook Vaughn
· July 29, 2016
I love the Scappoose cops. Their very caring and truly big hearted. Help out the community any way they can.
Albert Casswell
· July 8, 2016
To all the first responders, thank you! And please be safe today.
Jen Foster
· October 21, 2016
Had a great time touring with the Grant Watts kindergarten class.
Barnes Kent
· December 14, 2016
Read what the wife said. That's exactly how it went.
Chief Norm in the spirit at last nights homecoming game! Go...Fight...Win.... #ScappoosePolice #Scappoose
Come on down and join us!

The Scappoose Police Department is proud to assist Karly Packineau with her senior project in collecting new books for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Randall's Children's Hospital. Please bring your new books for donation to the Scappoose Police Department.


Hello, my name is Karly Packineau and I am a senior at Scappoose High School and a member of their National Honor Society. As part of my Senio...r project for N.H.S, I will be holding a fundraiser to collect new books that will be distributed to babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Randall Children’s Hospital.

This fundraiser holds a special place in my heart, as the NICU at Randall’s took care of my baby brother who was born 8 weeks early. It is my hope that I can help put a smile on the faces of other families that are going through the same experience that my family went through three years ago.

I will be running the fundraiser from March 2-March 23.

Thank you very much for your help with my project and putting a smile on families in the NICU.

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Mail thief caught in stolen vehicle by Scappoose Police Officers.

Come join the fun on March 24th at Ixtapa Family Mexican Restaurant. The Scappoose Police Officers will act as hosts and servers in Support of Special Olympics Oregon Athletes. Money raised at the event helps pay for training facilities, sports equipment, uniforms, travel and lodging for competition to benefit the Special Olympics Oregon - Columbia County local program.

Sat 5:00 PM PDTScappoose PoliceScappoose, OR
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Lock it or Lose it!

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The Scappoose Police is looking for assistance from the public concerning the bank robbery at US Bank. If you were on Highway 30 between JP West Road and the Scappoose Middle School, or on SW 1st Street between JP West Road and SW Maple Street from 9:40am and 9:50 am we would like to talk to you. If you have video from your car or residence during that time or were on foot in the area please contact the Scappoose Police at (503)543-3114 or dispatch (503)397-1521. You can also email us at Thank you for your assistance.

We are working with the FBI on today's bank robbery. Here are some photos. If you can identify the "Froggy Robber" call us at 503-224-4181 or 911. Considered armed and dangerous

On October 19, 2017, at approximately 10:15 a.m., the Columbia Bank located at 1455 Southeast 1st Avenue in Canby, Oregon, was robbed by an unknown male suspect. The suspect approached the teller counter, jumped the counter, and threatened employees with a knife while taking the money from all of th...

News Release from FBI - Oregon
Posted on FlashAlert: January 30th, 2018 12:22 PM
The FBI, Scappoose Police Department, and multiple law enforcement agencies around the region responded to a bank robbery at the US Bank branch located at 52313 Columbia River Hwy in Scappoose, Oregon this morning. During the course of the robbery, witnesses say the robber jumped the teller counter and threatened bank employees with a knife, demande...d cash, received cash and left the bank.
Reports that the suspect may have taken a school bus as a getaway vehicle are INACCURATE. Scappoose authorities have accounted for all school buses and all drivers.
Witnesses describe the bank robber as a Hispanic man, approximately 20-40 years of age, 5'8", about 160 pounds. Suspect was wearing blue pants with a blue hoodie and black shoes. Suspect is considered armed and dangerous. If you see the suspect or have any information on the suspect's location, call the FBI at 503-224-4181 or 911.

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If you see something, say something!

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Police are cleared from the scene and the road is now open!

*** Update*** At 9:38am a suspicious unknown device was found in the area of SW E M Watts Road between SW 4th & SW Keys Road. Scappoose Police has the area of the device secure and Portland Bomb Squad is assisting our agency.

SW E M Watts Road from SW 4th Street to SW Keys Road is currently closed due to police activity. Please avoid this area

Doughnut Day was a HUGE Success! We want to thank everyone that participated and helped us raise funds for the Scappoose Food Bank. 💙

It’s dark but we have Doughnuts, 2,880 to be exact!!! Come down and help us fill the truck with non-perishable food for the Scappoose Food Bank or buy a dozen of doughnuts for 10.00!

Hurry down before they are gone 😊

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Mark your calendars - Doughnut Day is quickly Approaching!

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********* UPDATE ********* Kingsley has been returned home to his owners!

Kingsley is a Blue Brindle Old English Bull Dog, he was stolen from his backyard sometime between 7:45am and 10:30am on November 15, 2017. Anyone with information or sees Kingsley is urged to call our 24 hour non-emergency dispatch line at 503 397 1521.

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