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Mark Selkirk
· January 31, 2018
Good burger!
I couldn't get out of Hollins today, so I took a chance and won!
Schooner's is a brand new addition to my list, in a familiar old location: I used to work here, back in the early '80s whe...n it was Ferro's Pizza. They've moved the table where my wife and I had our first date in 1988, and none of the staff look familiar, but who knows? It's been a long time.
No longer a pizza joint, they still make a lot of pizzas, sell a lot of beer, and have a good, if not exhaustive, selection of bottles and spirits.
Today's burger special is a Pizza Cheeseburger: at $6.75 ($7.39 with tax) is a much better buy than Burger King or Wendy's right across the street, and it's a very good burger.
Served on a sesame crusted jumbo Kaiser roll, with a pile of crinkle fries on the side, the patty was a filling 1/3 lb of (my best guess) ground chuck, topped with a generous layer of pepperoni, shredded mozzarella cheese, and a savory, delicious, chunky marinara sauce reminiscent of Phil Ferro's very best noodle topping.
Service was friendly, thorough, and attentive. Our waitress, an expert juggler, was caught up doing double duty on the floor and behind the bar, yet she managed with a graceful smile. My only complaint is that the restroom is so small you almost have to pee outside in order to squeeze in to wash your hands. Maybe my big hands just make me more critical than some. Regardless, I will definitely be back to try the entire burger menu! The wings look pretty tempting, too!
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Michael Logan Collins
· March 3, 2018
my first trip to schooners was a great experience. my server Melanie was very pleasant and helped me select loaded nachos and pizza for dinner. the food was great and i plan on returning next time im roanoke. 5 stars See More
Ellen King
· March 4, 2018
Great place to go hear music, eat, and hang! Service is amazing, prices fair, and food is delicious. They offer a great variety of many things including music. Something for everyone!
Russ Galtieri
· November 19, 2017
A great place
Good food
Nice crowd and great music
We walked into a fun raiser for a family that had lost everything to a fire
Had a great time for a good cause
Seby Horne
· August 22, 2017
I loved it there tareasa our bar tender was great! She made me a drink that was so delicious and the food was good to.Me and my friend came arround lunch time when the eclipse was happening, the bar t...ender was very friendly and just over all the service and the experience was nice,I have also been before at night time..its not so bad then either ♥ See More
Gregory Overfelt
· June 12, 2017
We stopped in for a bite to eat before heading home, I got the cheeseburger special and a double Duce coors light. My riding partner just got the fried mushrooms and a mic ultra. Food was good waitsta...ff excellent everything was good until we went to leave my partner left his switch on and no crankin luckily my sister just lives a couple blocks away I borrowed her hubbys suv and got a jump. I just saw where the worx is playing there the 23rd but I gotta work just my luck. See More
Patti Stinson
· September 8, 2017
Love love love this place! If I lived in the area, this would be my bar. I would have my own stool just like Norm on Cheers!
Beverly Keen
· June 25, 2017
The service sucked. Had to wait over an hour for the food. The mix drinks that I had except for one was nasty. The food when we did get it was hot and great. The music was great also. I understand tha...t they were busy but shouldn't have to wait for that long for your food. I may be back. See More
Jasmine Areva Rose Talada
· August 24, 2017
I love the atmosphere that schooners has, it's very diverse. The staff is great especially Tim and the entertainment they provide is amazing. I can't wait until I am there the next time!
Missy Johnson
· June 29, 2017
Loved the Wings....Chicken Wrap Cajun was to die for! Gave me extra Honey Mustard but I didn't need it! Good prices. Hope people eat there during the week as it is a Bar, but needs the food sales and helps that the food is Great! See More
Levi is breaking it down at Schooners
The Rarely Available Band
The one and only Wayne Carle doing his rendition of Charlie Rich's "Behind Closed Doors"
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2 hrs


Sat 7:00 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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7 hrs

Show is on for tonight, put your snow boots on and come out and party with us Bent Jimmy and Hardrive!! Show starts at 7:00pm

Sat 7:00 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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Wed 7:00 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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Friday Night!!

Fri 9:30 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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Kovu is a young 1 year old cat who thinks he more of a dog than a cat as he is always around his older dog brother. He got outside and fell from the porch, 2 stories up, causing injuries. I rushed him to the hospital where they x-rayed him and started treatment. His brain started to swell due to...
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The Worx, Schooners and Friday night Pre St Patty Party! Green beverages and lots more! Share this page for your chance to get in free!

Fri 9:30 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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$3.00 a plate

Fri 4:30 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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Sat 7:00 PM ESTSchoonersRoanoke
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Wayne Carle

Good morning from schooners. Today's great lunch specials. Foot long ham and swiss sub for the big boys. Vegetable soup and grilled cheese. Big chili chees...eburger. Chicken tenders and fries. TONIGHT BATTLE OF THE DJS. SCHOONERS HAPPY HOUR BUFFET IS SWEET CORNBREAD AND OUR FAMOUS CHILI WITH OYSTER CRACKERS. FRIDAY FROM 4:15 TO 7PM. SEE YOU GUYS SOON. WAYNEO

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This week Homemade Cornbread with Wayne Carle’s Famous Chili

Fri 5:00 PM ESTSchoonersRoanoke
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Sat 7:00 PM ESTSchoonersRoanoke
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Thu 9:00 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
2 people going
Thu 9:00 PM EDTSchoonersRoanoke
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