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Wisconsin environmental officials signed off on plans that would allow Foxconn to use millions of gallons of Lake Michigan water a day.

Charlie Pierce on the oozing, putrid swamp of Trumplandia.

'All the Best People' will never not be hilarious.

“All along Walker has maintained his distance, with little to say. Trump won Wisconsin by only 22,748 votes. During the campaign ‘Russian-linked Facebook ads specifically targeted’ Wisconsin (CNN). And, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) reported: ‘Russian Twitter trolls stoked racial tension in wake of Sherman Park rioting in Milwaukee before 2016 election.’ Moreover, there were attempts by Russian ‘hackers’ to ‘get into Wisconsin (election) computer systems’ (MJS). Finally what about the NRA, Russia and Walker? Time for Keene and Walker to come clean.”

Bill Kaplan: The NRA, Russia and Governor Walker April 23, 2018Photo by Michelle Stocker, The Capital TimesThe column below reflects the views of the author, and these opinions are neither endorsed nor supported by week former Wisconsinite David Keene, editor at large for the con...


Supreme Court will weigh claims that President Trump's limited travel ban oversteps his power because its singles out several mostly Muslim nations. The argument before the high court is a major test of presidential authority over immigration as well as claims of bias against Trump.

Oh lord. RoJo embarrasses all of us yet again.

“...A gotcha question is ‘a question posed by a reporter in an effort to trick a politician into looking stupid or saying something damaging.’

“...[It’s not] asking a Republican senator if he supports the sitting Republican President's reelection campaign. Elected officials, whose salaries are paid by the American people, should be willing to go on the record and say whether they support their party's leader in his attempt at reelection to the presidency -- particularly given how shaky so many Republicans were about supporting Trump the first time he ran.”

On CNN's "New Day" Thursday morning, anchor Chris Cuomo asked Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) whether he planned to support President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection race. The Wisconsin Senator's "answer" was really something.|By Chris Cillizza

Oh my. Expect a truly massive onslaught of extreme rage tweeting 😂😂😂😂

The order gives the administration 90 days to come up with better reasons to scrap DACA — or the judge will reinstate it in its entirety.


“‘What’s very peculiar for students of the Watergate era is to see Trump speaking in the same self-incriminating terms publicly. Nixon had enough self-control to only do it privately,’ said Timothy Naftali, a historian at New York University and former director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.”

Trump’s ‘flip’ argument about his lawyer-fixer is the latest instance of the president adopting a combative posture that creates the appearance of a coverup.

Breaking ....

The state granted air permits Tuesday for Foxconn's planned manufacturing facility, setting the stage for a major new source of smog in southeastern Wisconsin.
Conservatives had every right to complain about coziness between Democratic presidents and liberal media figures. Now it’s just one more thing that Trump has taken away from us.


“Tommy Thompson sees rehabilitated prisoners mitigating Wisconsin's labor shortages and has penned an op-ed on the subject that is part self-congratulatory, part self-critical, but missing a few historical details.”

Tommy Thompson sees rehabilitated prisoners mitigating Wisconsin's labor shortages and has penned an op-ed on the subject that is part sel...

Daft, dumb RoJo loves Pompeo.

“...Johnson, who sits on the committee, told Wisconsin Public Radio on Monday that Pompeo has the intellect, integrity and experience necessary to become the next head of the State Department.”

Wisconsin Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson says CIA Director Mike Pompeo has the intellect, integrity and experience necessary to become the next head of the State Department.
President Donald Trump has recently taken to using his personal cell phone to contact advisers outside of the White House — all so his chief of staff John Kelly can’t listen in or see a list of the people he’s speaking with. CNN reported Monday that according to sources inside the Trump admini...

Duffy is a deeply unqualified fool who’s wholeheartedly embraced the ugliness and garbage talk of Trumpism. I know there’s a deep pocket of ignorance in his district, but his constituents deserve someone 900 percent better than this log-rolling joke.

Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Hayward, made several careless and incorrect statements at a meeting April 5 in Hayward, exhibiting a condescension toward his constituency for which the U.S. representative has thus
National Democrats were shocked in 2016 when a Republican presidential nominee carried Wisconsin for the first time in 34 years. Now both parties see a key Senate race as a crucial test before 2020.

“.. Eight of the top 10 GOP contributors are from out of state, including GOP mega-donor slime like Sheldon Adelson and the DeVos family. If you wonder why we give so many taxpayer dollars to voucher schools, or why Walker just signed a bill reaffirming support for Israel by preventing any area of state government from boycotting Israel for human rights abuses, and why US Senate candidate Leah Vukmir was the Israel bill's biggest proponent, following the money explains a lot.”

Wanted to forward you to the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign's newly-released list of the top 50 donators to Wisconsin Dems and top 50 donato...