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In a small Tlingit village in 1992, newly converted members of an all-native church started a bonfire of "non-Christian" items including, reportedly, native dancing regalia. The burnings recalled an earlier century in which church converts in the same village burned totem poles, and stirred long ...
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Byron had a comical moment here in Anchorage while kicking off his campaign for Governor. Captured by your chucking SSU cameraman. This is just in fun, no critical comments please.
Dixie Booker hopes to eventually build a 2,000-square-foot greenhouse with more than 100 aeroponic towers to grow year-round produce for the community.
Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott said Juneau is not behaving like a good neighbor. But local officials say they're doing what's needed.

More discretionary voting to ensure resource extraction of our old growth portion to the Tongass? More leaders getting rich, while the shareholders remain in poverty?

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John Martin Sr, a Tlingit elder, opposes the Unrecognized Southeast Alaska Native Communities Recognition and Compensation Act.
Sealaska Shareholders Underground updated their cover photo.
February 8
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Sealaska Shareholders Underground updated their cover photo.
February 2
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Sealaska will remain the property of a handful of self serving people with an over developed sense of entitlement.
Shareholders wishes mean nothing.
Sealaska's "Legacy Board" will continue in it's blatant manner as long as there is a dollar they can divide among themselves.
Sealaska's management is a shark tank of diversions and self congratulating users.
It will stay this way, until shareholders get off they're behinds and march on 1 Sealaska Plaza. ...
When the proxy statement arrives, shareholders will see millions of dollars going to the same people that oppose term limits and the abandoning of discretionary voting.
We have been separated from the ownership of the stock we were given for our aboriginal rights. For over four decades shareholders have been played for suckers, by a greed based "legacy board."

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The Alaska Native Media Group is hosting a series of talks. The first, titled, "The good, the bad, and the ugly from the perspective of three generations of Alaska Natives," is on Friday, Jan. 26.

Over a decade ago the rules of elections governing Sealaska's election were suspended in order to pass the new shareholder resolution.
The resolution was modified to allow 50% plus 1 of VOTING shareholders to approve the resolution. Sealaska's management budgeted 1.5 million dollars on the campaign to assure the passing of the resolution. It passed guaranteeing the need for management into the future.
Working and being paid to devalue the stock, is believed by many native peo...ple, a breach of fiduciary responsibility to original shareholders.
Sealaska immediately return to the rule of 50% plus 1 of ALL voting stock necessary to pass a resolution. Management realized with as much as 70% of shareholders living below the poverty line, attaining contact with sufficient numbers of shareholders is virtually impossible.
Discretionary voting doesn't apply to resolutions.
Sealaska shareholder need to apply directly to Congress to allow 50% plus 1 of VOTING shareholders to pass all future resolutions. Shareholders need to abandon discretionary voting and adopt term limits.
Until that happens, the "Legacy Board" members will suppress the independent boardmembers we shareholders elect.
"Legacy Board" members will appoint or endorse candidates willing to go alone with the exorbitant salaries and perks authorized by and for themselves.
ANCSA and Sealaska failed. It was meant to provide prosperity for all.
It only achieved great wealth for very few.
Change will only come from Congressional intervention.
Dominic Salvato / SSU

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