Dear Servas Friends - This is a personal invitation to attend SERVAS ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL MEETING -“LIVING IN THE NEGEV DESERT, THEN AND NOW”, on MAY 21-27, 2018
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Servas Israel invites you to a guided tour in The Negev desert in Israel, which will provide the unique opportunity to experience for yourself, first-hand and up-close the life in this desert – then and now.


- We will visit sites in the Negev desert, with its ancient history, agriculture and modern research – at Midreshet Ben Gurion, Avdat ancient city, Massada,
- Its various communities, cultures and intercultural projects – old and new - Kibbutz, Beer Sheva city, Bedouins, Nabateans, Ethiopians, Bilingual school,
- Its exquisite landscape and geology – at Makhtesh Ramon, Zin valley/river, the Dead Sea,
- Having fun at the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
- Participating in Meetings, Lectures and Workshops, as delivered by guests,
- Personal presentations, by guests,
- At last, and not least – getting to know each other – Servas friends from around the world.

This event is specially intended to provide a special and deep experience of one of the wonders of the world.

Servas Israel members will be happy to host you before and after the guided tours.

Come enjoy Israel with us.

Write to: for details and registration.

See you in Israel.

Claudia Sagie
Servas Israel N.S

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17-26 December 2017 - 43 Servas Friends from 11 countries participated in this event. We visited sites in the Negev desert, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas together. We met different communities living in Israel - Bedouins, Hebrew Israelites, Christian Arabs, Druze .... All in Servas spirit of togetherness and LOVE.


17-26 December 2017 - 43 Servas Friends from 11 countries participated in this event. We visited sites in the Negev desert, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth and celebrated Hanukkah and Christmas together. We met different communities living in Israel - Bedouins, Hebrew Israelites, Christian Arabs, Druze .... All in Servas spirit of togetherness and LOVE.

Peace Gathering in Iksal Village 7/10/17
Saturday there was a peace gathering between members of Marching together to a Shared Future and Servas Israel, in the community center of the Moslem Arab village of Iksal near Nazareth.
The many participants - almost 100 people - received a warm welcome from representatives and members of the community. The nearby roads were filled with cars, smiles and greetings of Shalom, Salam and happy smiles were shared by all.
After coffe...

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In honor of the Jewish New Year and the International Day of Peace 2017, you are invited to a joint social meeting of the community of Iksal, "Marching Together for a Shared Future" organization and "Friends of Servas in Israel" organization.
The meeting will take place on Saturday 7.10.2017 at the community center in the village of Iksal. (5 km south of Nazareth)
On the agenda:
11.00-11.15 Greetings from the head of the Iksal local council and the story of the village - 'Abd... al-Salam Darawshe
11.15-11.30 Introductory presentation by representatives of the "Marching Together for a Shared Future"
11.30-11.45 Presentation of the "Friends of Servas in Israel"
11.45-12.30 Artistic program (singing, dancing and playing) in cooperation with hosts and guests
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch with guests and hosts – Servas-like (each one brings a dish but without meat dishes).
13:30 - free conversation between friends
Please confirm participation until 19/9/2017, by email to
Best regards,
Shimon Sneh - 054-8040766
Amira Ben-Mordechai - 052-3754841

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Sat 10:30 AM UTC+03Iksal, Israel
2 people interested

Levana, our Servas Friend, who leads the group of artists and hobbyists in Servas Israel, wrote:

In art, the way and process is as important as the result.
The main and common resource for SERVAS is the recognition of all human beings regardless of religion, race or sex.
So, it was important for all of us to show the way our country was created - to show the colorfulness, beauty and wealth that exist in Israel, that despite all the difference and contrast, we always connect a...s people to each other - to people on our beach, to our future, which is derived from the technology and the original and innovative ideas of Israelis.

For your information - this work was inspired by Servas Israel coming event in December 17-26, 2017, and will be presented in the event.

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Dear friends,
A group of 20 friends of Servas Israel traveled to Poland 30 June – 7 July 2017, following the kind invitation of Maria and Adam Zemojcin (the third year).
This time Maria and Adam planned a tour to see, not only Krakow, but also the mountains and spas nearby.
Everyone returned with a sense of exhilaration. It was a wonderful trip in every way: wonderful hosts Adam and Maria and their friends Eva and Maciek who went out of their way to please the guests - won...derful friendly and flowing group of Servas Poland members.
Israelis learned to know the hosts and many aspects of beautiful Poland that they were not aware of.
Thank you Dear Maria, Adam and Servas Poland.

Also see what our friend Shimon wrote in Hebrew:

להלן סכום הטיול לפולין שנערך מטעם סרווס באהדה/// כל הרשמים החוויות כתובים בטור ועמודה.
המארחים מריה ואדם,צמד חמד, המתינו לנו בשדה התעופה חן וחמדה/// הם מהווים סמל ודוגמא, שיר מזמור,לזוג הנפלא ,הם תפארת סרווס- זו עובדה/// אשר גילו אהבה ומסירות למופת, והשקיעו מאמץ ועבודה/// הסיעו אותנו לביתם, ערכו שולחנות כיד המלך בצורה נכבדה/// נפגש בשמחות בכל עת, סוף פסוק נקודה
הקבוצה חייכנית סיממפטית,וקולם נשמע בתהודה/// בסיורים כל הזוגות צמודים-ידו בתוך ידה/// כל אחד צועד בהתאמה,עם פספורט מצלמה ותעודה/// נתמנה לנו "לידר" בשם ראובן, שהיה מקשר מדריך מבטן ולידה.הקבוצה היתה מגובשת כמשפחה,ממש "גאוות יחידה"/// החברים דייקנים,רצים לאוטובוס אל המטרה היעודה.
המסלול- תוכנן ובוצע בדרכי הערכה ולמידה /// ערכנו סייור מקיף בקרקוב,רובע היהודי, בתי כנסת, קתדרלות ומצודה/// בקרנו בעיירת נופש זקופנה בהר הרי הטטרה ,עלינו ברכבל ללא חרדה/// מזג אוויר סגרירי,ערפל וגשם,כולם עם מטריה תפסו מחסה ועמדה/// אטרקציה נוספת ,רכיבה על מרכבות סוסים וחלקם עשו צעידה/// זכינו לשייט ברפטינג במים שקטים,וכולם על הרפסודה/// החלפנו מקומות לינה,מזוודות "הרם הורד" "פתח וסגור" ללא מעידה/// היינו בערבי שירה ופולקלור במסעדה, קניות ללא אבדה
לסיום, הללוליה לקלודיה על הארגון , כל הכבוד למארחים מריה ואדם על היוזמה, ולקבוצה נחת ותודה/// נפגש בשמחות בכל עת, סוף פסוק נקודה
סנה שמעון

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Servas Israel is happy to inform ALL of you that our International event on December 17-26, 2017 is fully booked. We thank all those of you who helped spread the word. See you any time in Israel

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Visit and join Servas International Artists

Turlure Jean-Luc's photo.
Public Group
256 Members

Let's Discover Diversity in our Small Country - ISRAEL

Servas Israel International meeting 17 - 26 December 2017

Servas Israel invites you to a guided tour across Israel, which will provide the unique opportunity to see for yourself, first-hand and up-close the diversity in our small country – Israel:


- Negev desert and the Dead Sea, with its ancient agriculture and modern research, its various communities (Kibbutz, Bedouin family, independent farm), exquisite landscape and geology.
- Jerusalem, the city of the three monotheistic religions.
- The Sea of Galilee and its Christian sites.
- Nazareth - the Christian & Muslim sites, Christmas Eve festivities.
- Mount Carmel - Druze village, Haifa during Holiday of Holidays festival including panoramic views of the Bahai gardens and the bay.

The timing of this tour is specially scheduled to include Hanukah and Christmas celebrations as well as the multi-cultural Holiday of Holiday festival.

Servas Israel members will be happy to host you at the start and end of the tour.

Come enjoy the Holidays with us in Israel.

Write to: for details and registration.

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Dear Servas Friends
We met for our annual assembly – 57 of us – at Studico, Castra center, Haifa, on Saturday 11 March 2017.
An exposition of work of arts and hobbies, created by 15 Servas Israel members, took place in the morning.
Each one presented his/her wors of art – paintings, photographs, dolls, ceramics, quilts, wood works, wire sculptures, leather and tire works … and shared details about the exhibit and the method and process of its creation.
The group of artists wi...ll continue to meet and create mutual work of arts.
This activity is part of Servas Israel purpose to create groups with common interests. The artists group is the first to be created.
Following the exposition, we held the annual assembly, as usual, per the NGO rules in Israel.
We thanked all active volunteers who contribute to Servas Israel activities and day-to-day management, and congratulate the new Board and Audit members.

We also thanked the organizers of the guided tour on the Carmel mountain and the two Druze villages nearby – Osafia and Daliat Al Carmel – that took place on Friday, 10 March 2017. Our Druze guide showed and explained about the life of the Druze, and the history of the coexistence between Druze and Jews.
The activity is part of Servas Israel contribution to coexistence and friendship between the various ethnic groups living in Israel.
Shalom. In friendship
Claudia Sagie
Servas Israel N.S

ב10-11/3/2017 הגיעו חברי סרווס לאסיפת "בון טון"/// המפגש כלל 2 ימים רצופים ללא צורך בויזה ודרכון/// יום שישי סיור מודרך בדליית אל הכרמל ובעוספיא להכרת התרבות, האמונה, והדת הדרוזית, ולמחרת -שבת הצגת עבודות יצירה לתערוכה וסכום השנתון/// כדאי לציין החברים הגיעו ממרחקים בזמן כמו שעון/// החברים הגיעו עפ"י הזמנה בכתב וגם בטלפון/// כולם שווים ללא אפליה אין ראשון ולא אחרון.
להלן תהליך המפגש השנתי
יום שישי ביקור באנדרטה לזכר הנספים באסון השרפה בכרמל שלא נשכח מזכרון/// אח"כ הביקור בכפרים הדרוזיים דלית אל כרמל ועוספיא, קבלנו הסבר על החיים האותנטיים על גלגול נשמות, מעמד האישה, הדרוזים, עם צנוע ואין ביניהם אדון,/// ביקור בבית דרוזי, קבלנו פיתות קפה ומאפה ללא חשבון/// נכנסנו לבית אוליפנט התצפית נהדרת הנמצאת בצפון.
יום שבת,בקסטרא בית סטודיקו, החנייה נתמלאה מכוניות הכל חינם ללא חשבון/// בכניסה לאסיפה היו חיבוקים ונשיקות בסטייל וסגנון.///כאשר בתכנון, במפגש היו מוצגים אומנותיים המציינים יכולת וכשרון// החלה הסברה של כל נציג כמו בסלון///אחרי התצוגה, עברו החברים לאכול מטעמים עפ"י מתכון// הגישה חופשית למזון ללא חפזון///לאחר הסעודה החלו הסכומים וגם הבחירות ומסירת עדכון על המנגנון. ובסיום נמסרו דוחות, בחירות לועדות ומתן תשובה ופתרון// לנציגי סרווס שיר מזמור, שיר ורון,
נאחל לכולנו בריאות , שמחות ומפגשים רבים עם הרבה צליל וטון.
תודה מיוחדת למארגני האסיפה ולחברים שבאו.
שמעון סנה, קריית טבעון

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Servas Spain would like to inform that we have six families willing to host young members for a long stay (one or two weeks). They all have young children too. It is a great opportunity to do a SYLE or a SYLE junior in Spain.
If any of your members is interested, please contact:
Best regards,...
Mar Ferre

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South East Asia Servas Regional Meeting 3-5 March 2017, Philippines

Dear Servas Friends,
Mahubay! Happy New Year!...
We will be having our Regional meeting in March 2017 in the Philippines!
All Servas members are cordially invited to participate. We do know that the journey is far and very likely only members from the Asian region will attend but just in case there are members from your country happen to be visiting SEA, they are most welcome to join us!
See details:…
Yours, Kiat Y Tan,

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רצ"ב הזמנה לפתיחת תערוכת יחיד ראשונה של חברנו מיכאל בן-אבו, "מיהות", שתתקיים בגלריה העירונית בראשון לציון במוצאי שבת ה-14.1.2017 בשעה 19:30.
התערוכה היא חלק מתערוכות העוסקות בשפה העברית, במסגרת כנס השפה העברית בראשון לציון 2017.
כולכם מוזמנים.

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Dear Friends
Please see what our friends, Maria and Adam from Poland , wrote about their visit in Israel :
Dear friends! In my name and my husband, I would like to thank you sincerely for accepting us in Israel, for the organization of our entire stay and the warmth we received from you. We felt great, we felt that we are in the company of close friends. It's hard for me to describe our joy. I thank you with all my heart. Thanks to you, we saw in Israel a lot of places where would never know as ordinary tourists. We are very, very grateful. We are blessed with not only real gifts, but Your care, attention friendship. You know well, and it once again repeat that you always have our house open for you. No matter if you come in groups or individual. You can count on our hospitality,and to help organize your stay.
I'll soon send to the hands of Claudia new proposal addressed to Servas Israel, staying in Poland. I would like you to know other parts of the Polish, not only those in our vicinity.
On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, I wish you all the best. This year, Christmas and Hanuka start at the same time, so all the best.
Yours Maria and Adam

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