If you haven't heard, we are looking at first week August of this year in Charleston for some "kind" of reunion. Might be acoustic, might be full band, but it looks like it will be A PARTY!! Stay tuned

"Never mind what those others say. One look and you will see. I look at you for you, so see me"-SOG

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Remember when you said Shades would get back together to play show when pigs fly or it would take the end of the world. Well folks, there has been swine flu and on December 21, 2012 (Mayan calendar End Of the World) Shades of grey from Columbia South Carolina are gonna do it one more time!!! We have gotten confirmation from Chris Bussell(Sax,Flute), John Stout(Drums, Percussion), Kenny Floyd(Guitar, Vocals) Hesham Mostafa(Bass),holding out for Spencer Rush's schedule to workout but we are hopeful. Get ready to relive 1994-200? ALL OVER AGAIN!!! This will be part party party musical performance, family reunion.

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Remember this?

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Just in time for the holidays. Shades of Grey doing a reunion show? John Stout has sent word that he will be in the area during the holidays and that a reunion show could be possible. We are veeerrryyyyyy excited to hear from him and look forward to seeing the band play one more time. We are waiting on confirmation from lead guitarist and vocalist Spencer Rush. Right now the suggested venue for the event is "The Handle Bar" in Greenville, SC

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July 6, 2012
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July 6, 2012

So I have been working on getting a Shades of Grey iPhone app that would have music from all the albums on it plus photos and stuff. Yes we are still trying to put together a reunion show but we just haven't heard from everyone yet.

We're all just shades of grey..nevermind what those others say yeah. one look and you will see I look at you for you see me for me.

Does Chris Bussell have a fan page that we can like here? we are trying to put together a complete list of all the people with fan pages that were ever in shades of grey..

SHADES OF GREY 2012. SO this just in. It is far away enough to plan so the idea has just come up. SHOWS 2012? Columbia, Anderson or Greenville, Myrtle Beach or Charleston. The shows could be all in one week. I think it would be cool to raise money for a charity.

"We're All just Shades of Grey. Never mind what those others say. One look and you will see. i look at you for you see me for me.."

If Shades of Grey played a show what songs MUST be played?!