Here''s THIS WEEK'S NEW SHOW kids! Sorry it's a few days late but I had to go into the hospital for a couple days this past week.

Tonight, the off-the-books reason why we're having to go through this whole Trump/Russia idiocy again.... Also the next step in nanotechnology evolution is unleashed on the American people as we all are forced to inhale these microscopic machines....Plus, the opposing factions operating inside & out of the Elite government, attack each other yet again....And finally, the long deception around a mysterious island chain that the Elite have worked for decades to make sure you never discover. All this and more on this week's XEROradio!!

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    SHOW DESCRIPTION & LINKS: Local townships all over America now using RFID chips to

This week's 《XEROradio》 Show Link

This week we go after the oncoming Bubonic plague epidemic going airborne...the constant sightings of United Nations troops spotted on American soil in great numbers... members of the illustrious list of Pentagon generals purged by Obama coming together in secret to stand in the way of the new reports of Department of Homeland Security personnel in small towns and rural areas all over the nation. All this and more on 《XEROradio》

HEY KIDS.....This week's link for《XEROradio》

Tonight: from JFK and the CIA's direct threats to the President over the last several days to withhold the information contained in their astronomers across the country claiming Planet X has shown itself outside our known solar system & has entered a specific orbit. Plus, the children of this country along with the adults are being conditioned to monitor and report on ANYONE, online or off, who is in any way offensive to ANYONE or ANYTHING. And more

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《XERO radio》is BACK ON AIR...from The Common Sense Show & Global Star Satellite, The NITTY-GRITTY & the SCARY-SCARY returns, TONIGHT!! Here is the link to the show, you can either stream it or download it. By the way, I want to thank you guys for sticking with me throughout all of the Crawford nonsense as I transferred over to Dave Hodges site. Also, help us get the country back, share this post with at least two people...the more people we reach with the Truth about our government, the more impactful the message will be.

Hey Kids...gonna be back LIVE TONIGHT at 9pm on 101.1 FM an Online @ -- been looking forward to this one guys! We're going to go into a ton of Info, and in all seriousness, a couple of the stories may even be too controversial for some. Share this with friends and family as everyone needs to hear this...because the time for playing it safe is over my friends. 9pm Central on 101.1 FM and

I DESPISE YOU JEFF SESSIONS!!! As a LOYAL CONSERVATIVE I will FOREVER fight your idiocy and useless attack on not just Marijuana legalization but MEDICINAL use as well as one of the most astounding and regretful actions upon personal freedom and health. Your blatant continuation of a WAR on Drugs is ABSOLUTE PROOF you are the opposite of a Constitutional, Patriotic Statesman. This program was DESIGNED TO FAIL for a reason. The federal government with the assistance of the CFR have brought more HEROIN, COCAINE AND MARIJUANA into this country than ANY other group. I will make it my goal to continue to speak out against your illegitimacy and monumental failure as an authentic authority figure.…/jeff-sessions-personally…/…

Sessions attempts to link medical marijuana protections to the opiate epidemic and violent crime.

Hey kids, HERE's LAST NIGHTS SHOW ON YOUTUBE for those who may have missed it or want to hear it again: - HOUR 1

HOUR 2 -

The Radio Underground Show is all about the truth behind what's going on in the world. In-depth discovery and reporting all the things the mainstream media w...

Hey kids, HERE's LAST NIGHTS SHOW ON YOUTUBE for those who may have missed it or want to hear it again: - HOUR 1

HOUR 2 -

The Radio Underground Show is all about the truth behind what's going on in the world. In-depth discovery and reporting all the things the mainstream media w...


Hey here's the current insanity on my mind: The Obama admin is planning to "retaliate" against Russia with the assistance and approval of Sens.Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), John McCain (R-Ariz.), Lindsey to any educated person this should be a direct indicator that the Elite are about to ramp up their entire Russian game plan. For months we've seen it going from jokingly stupid to completely asinine, and now to outright dangerous! The next step would one or t...wo false flag events. Either a more subtle assault to be blamed on Putin, or an outright "terrorist attack" against the US to be blamed on Russia...Russian 'terrorists'....or Russian 'refugees'...or Russian weaponry used in the attack. The idea of "retaliating" against Russia isn't just insane, it's a direct message to the Russian government of the Elite's intentions. If you know history, you know that this is how World Wars are created.

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I stood atop a Great Door to Nowhere. . .a star-filled, black canvas was my scenery, as a still backdrop of cold, radiant silence echoed all around me. The door itself stood tall and looming overhead. Its brace, oak solidity presented an almost overpowering manifestation of strength.

The very air seemed to be vibrating...powered by a darkness that possesses no emptiness or abyssal trait, but rather a curious and rewarding embrace that I somehow, almost instinctively, know few are permitted to witness. The metallic taste of my last breath catches in my throat as I reach for the door's golden latch. Suddenly, the vibrations become overwhelming. The door begins to rattle and shake before me. And as I feel someone on the other side start to turn the knob in my hand...

My eyelids wake open....

TRICK or TREAT KIDS.....Going to be going LIVE TONIGHT for our special HALLOWEEN SPOOK-FEST show....9pm 101.1 FM and Online at thought we would do a bit of the truly SCARY-SCARY tonight as only we can.....We'll go deeper into the madness than I've ever gone on air, doing the stories that even I keep quiet on. Fair warning...this one may get a bit too creepy for some of you.....But as always we'll have our fun. 9pm Central on 101.1 FM and ONLINE at

As I fight my way from website to website, news channel to news channel, and comment to comment, I find myself discovering that while we were told that this new age of communication between us as a people would allow us to get to know ourselves more deeply than before...I've calmly realized that the age of worldwide communication and instant opinion-gratification has in fact shown us to be a very cynical, vile, treacherous race of people upon the Earth. We seem to have degene...rated to the level of ignorant beasts who are viciously eager to insult anyone and everyone who does not agree with the other's worldview.

No time or patient reasoning as we debate, proving all that's left is this ongoing, desperate desire to insult. I do believe there is hope for us...however it lies so deep, so burried under this mountain of anxious rage and fear, that without even recognizing it, we have done exactly what the Elite set us up to do: divide ourselves.

The people possess the power of numbers and the Elite are just that...they are an ELITE group and therefore small. They must divide us. They must rank us against each other so that we become the destroyers of our own Resistance. See this for what it is, a tactical action. A freedom-burning notion of self destruction. Don't let them in.

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HEY KIDS....GOING LIVE THIS EVENING FROM 9-11pm Central and have plenty of the lunacy ready for you. Good and creepy as the America rips itself apart. 101.1 FM and Online at 101wyde. com starting at 9 tonight!

Hey kids Thanks for all the emails and messages from you all after the show last evening. For those who may have missed it or want to listen again it should replay TONIGHT STARTING AT 10 PM. ON 101.1 FM, AND ONLINE AT 101wyde. com Stay Vigilant

I finally realized where we are today as a Culture..if that word can be used to describe the way of a demoralized people hellbent on exchanging decency, liberty and intelligence for just a shot at selling our soul for a taste of fame or success. This doesn't describe all of us, or even the majority of us. . .but if seen as the Television, Pop Music, Hollywood and the Media present it, we're a nation where the whole of America believes if they just strive for fame, either poli...tically or musically, from an entertainment standpoint or even a media stage, all of us will stab, cut, sell and steal to reach this make-believe plateau.

As a people we divide and label time in different ways. Today, we live in a time much like the greedy, 'let's make all we can' attitude of the 1980's, but without the payday at the end! The TV is selling fame as a virtue to be exalted as the end all, be all position every great human being aspires to. The binge on widespread egotism and self love, along with the vainglorious message the Elite preach to our young people; reassuring them that you need no talent to gain recognition, as long as you sell yourself hard enough, pawn your values to the highest bidder, and destroy any and all who stand in your will be rewarded.

But as I said, this is all merely a ruse. Imagine the throne's of power these men rest behind; yet with all their money and false authority, they still fear the growing threat of an informed American public. The Key Words in that statement are: INFORMED AMERICAN Public. As this number grows daily, you will continue to see their aspirations for ultimate power become so threatened, it will force their final plan into motion. Don't become discouraged at the Apathy you see in the media. The Truth is quite encouraging. Why do you think they're working so hard to hide it from you?? Time's drifting closer my friends. . .

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