Kabi To Nazar Milao.. Kabi To Qareeb Ao..

helooo guyzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

koi hai?

kaise ho sabh ?

WoPPieE inDIA WoN d wrlD cUP !¡

Bf&gf played a game.. Dey wrote whatever dey want 2 change in each other.. after 1 hr,dey finished der wrk. D boy's eyes filld wid tears reading 7pgs of her gf... Then his gf started crying bcoz her bf only wrote:"i wnt 2 change ur surname to mine"! ...Moral:- Accept d 1 u luv, d way they r...!!!

Once a girl found a tears in her B/f eye.. So she hugged him,but still the boy cries.. GF-awww dnt cry like a babx now BF-if for every tear i get hug from u then i would cry forever in my lyf

R ew alL njOying sanskAr laXmi......!!!

One of the best Lines Ever said: If you are not Happy being SINGLE, You will never be Happy in a Relationsh ip ! Get your own Life First, Then try to Share it with Someone.. !

. U touched my Heart wit a thousand Pleasure and broke it into Million Pieces.