We LOVE Turmeric!

This is why Turmeric is on the daily menu at our health and wellness retreats in beautiful Costa Rica. Turmeric Boosts Working Memory In One Small Dose | GreenMedInfo

One small dose of turmeric powder was found to improve working memory in pre-diabetic patients.
Whatever spontaneous storm may come our way I plan on loving my wife. If you truly love someone (and they truly love you), commit to that love and plan on it being hard work.
The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is one of the most fascinating, revolutionary and useful research, carried out in the world today. Its potential to improve the quality of our life is infinite. The scientific method being its only hindrance – to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are all

LOVE everything about this campaign! Watching this truly puts you in the moment. You pay attention. #noprivacyneeded Brilliant!

Dreamcatchers were believed to catch and filter out the bad dreams, allowing only positive thoughts to enter the mind. Whether you're superstitious or just like how they look, our dreamcatchers are the perfect bedroom accessory. Add a cup of our Get Sleep

I believe you can do anything you put your mind too. Life is about Balance. Courage, Determination and Persistence . Achieving heights.... Ryan Robinson will take this to the next level. History in the making! Check out this teaser video

On Saturday, October 3rd Ryan Robinson, world-renowned highliner Will walk a 1,000 feet across the Old Port of Montreal Be there to witness history

Remembering an incredible, inspirational man. I was fortunate enough to be his friend and welcomed into is loving circle. Chris was a BRIGHT LIGHT! Always positive, full of contagious energy. He was gentle and kind. He was supportive and loving. He was HILARIOUS! He had a way of shining his light... his glow would beam into you... through you... carry you. I can still feel him with us. His memory, his spirit, his laughter always will be. Thank you Chris for your tim...e with us. Thank you for your work, your charisma, your energy, your passion, your SOUL. Thank you for being YOU and encouraging everyone to be themselves, to be fabulous. Steven. I love you. Times like this call for love, support strength, understanding and compassion. A beautiful tribute to for our angel Chris Hyndman.

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To love a girl who wanders, be prepared to say yes.

So proud of Adele Tevlin founder of Adele Wellness !!!! Inspire!

Distinctive Women hosts events for leading businesswomen in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
How much time do you spend texting? Have you ever stopped to consider how all this texting is affecting your body?
I just paypalled the 12 dollar exchange and was wondering how I would get the report as I got returned to this page again after transaction. - Fight Network's Corey Erdman is joined in the studio by Dr. Chris Oswald, President of the Centre for Fitness, Health and Performa...

We want you to GET INSPIRED!!get-inspired-

Yoga and Healing Retreats in Costa Rica - Multi Style Yoga Teacher Training.

A reminder of why the world needs healers and why coming together is much more powerful than standing alone.…/05/20/why-the-world-needs-healers/