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Cross Record and Shearwater live at the Cross Record Ranch
Cully enters the void

Last year, I secretly started a new band with Emily and Dan from Cross Record, called LOMA—and our new FULL-LENGTH ALBUM is available for pre-order from Sub Pop Records as of today (!) . Lots of info + video here: Please share! (FB page at Loma the band) (JM).

Loma's self-titled debut reveals a band obsessed with songs as sound. There are endless details to discover here, stoked by the album’s urgent and searching lyrical themes (exquisitely delivered by the translucent voice of Emily Cross); and on headphones, the album feels both intimate and exp...

The Bolton appointment is ominous. Trump must know he has less than six months of real power remaining without a war. How can we stop him from getting one? (JM)


Can't hear "the ides of march" without this extremely timely classic playing in my head. (Bonus points for making it to the end). Hail Caesar! (Thor Harris, I'm thinking of you). (JM)

Iggy Pop American Caesar AMERICAN CAESAR (1993) People of america i bring you a great army to preserve peace in our empire throw them to the lions darling, l...

This book just came in the mail, a discard from a public library. I’ve been trying to find it for it years. Look at the last checkout date. (JM)

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Still the best performance of the National Anthem ever recorded. #internationalwomensday #everyday

"O Superman," from Laurie Anderson's 1982 debut album, Big Science. Get the 2007 re-mastered 25th anniversary edition of the album:

Took off my headphones in this exhibit today to hear the eerie and sublime sound of hundreds of people milling around in rapt, reverent, and completely unconscious silence. (JM)

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Scientists stumble across a huge group of previously unknown Adélie penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Never write a book if you can help it”, said a wise friend. Now I understand. I’ve never felt so humbled or overwhelmed by a project. (JM)

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Don't let NRA apologists fool you: weapons like AR-15s (and the rounds they fire) really *are* even worse than other guns. That they are legally available to most Americans is insane. This piece explains why. (JM)

They weren’t the first victims of a mass shooting the Florida radiologist had seen—but their wounds were radically different.

What a perfect day for US Citizenship and Immigration Services to oh-so-subtly remove "a nation of immigrants" from its mission statement. Germany/England/Ireland/Scotland, here I come! #MAGA

In an email sent to staff members Thursday, the director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the agency’s new mission statement.

Imagining my elementary, middle and high school teachers packing heat does not inspire much confidence. (JM)

File me under "over the moon": Loma the band is Album of the Day today on BBC Radio 6 Music. (!!!). (JM)

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Shearwater shared a memory.
February 17

Hard to believe this was 2 years ago. EL's wrong about the "all-powerful" part...but my inner 12-year-old did love shooting lasers out of my hands every night. Can't wait to come back to London with Loma the band on 31 May. (JM)

Emily Lee is with Jonathan Meiburg.

I posted our soundguy, Jay's amazing picture from tonight's show in London to our @shearwaterband Instagram page, tagged it #JMisallpowerful, and now, 2 other people have used the tag. #yessss #itstrue #hashtagsthatgoviral

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The Loma the band album comes out today in all formats, everywhere (!) To celebrate, here's an album-length video (by Emily Cross). (JM)

Loma, the new project comprised of Jonathan Meiburg, best known as the singer of Shearwater, and Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record, will release ...

Time for our (biweekly?) round of vilifying the mentally ill while ignoring our glut of guns and ammo, and the mainstream [male] fantasy of using them for mass murder. Hard to see any change while the NRA - National Rifle Association of America has the govt in its pocket. #USAToday #Platitudetime #MAGA #NRAVacay (JM)

How could I not share this on Valentine's Day? (JM)

The gannet heeded conservationists' calls to settle on a small New Zealand island. Unfortunately, no eligible ladies did.|By Karin Jacobson Brulliard

I'm grateful, as always, that my old friend Mr. Sheff, without whom SW would never have gotten off the ground, is still kindly inviting me to sing backup on his albums; and this one has some of his best songs on it. I think I say that every time he releases a new one, but it's always true. (JM) Okkervil River #InTheRainbowRain

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Okkervil River

I’m so excited to announce a brand new Okkervil River record called 'In the Rainbow Rain' (out April 27th on ATO Records). I conceived of this record while on t...our for Away, when I had hired that band to be my new band and we were having so much fun as fast new friends that I decided I wanted to make a record immediately. This time around everyone was in such a good mood that the music ended up capturing this new spirit of freedom and playfulness and joy and sounding totally different than Away, even though my working approach was similar. I didn’t really fight it, because everything felt so good. It was a really happy and productive period of music-making during a very terrifying (and ongoingly terrifying) time period, and I felt like it was appropriate to try to make something uplifting and encouraging.

I’m so proud of this thing – it’s maybe the most fun Okkervil River record ever. And it’s going to be so fun to play live.

Listen to first single 'Don't Move Back to LA'

Pre-order the album on limited edition colored vinyl:

And finally, catch us on the road this spring! Tickets for the US tour + London go on sale this Friday. We'll also be doing SXSW and many more shows to be announced throughout the year!

April 27 Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade NYC(Album Release Show)
May 20 Washington, DC @ Black Cat DC
May 21 Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
May 22 Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5
May 24 Dallas, TX @ The Kessler
May 25 Houston, TX @ The Heights Theater
May 29 Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Theatre
May 31 Los Angeles, CA @ The Teragram Ballroom
June 01 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room
June 02 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365 Club
June 04 Seattle, WA @ Neumos
June 05 Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
June 07 Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room
June 08 Denver, CO @ The Bluebird Theater
June 09 Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room Lounge
June 11 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
June 12 Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall
June 13 Detroit, MI @ El Club
June 14 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
June 15 Woodstock, NY @ Colony Woodstock NY
June 16 Boston, MA @ Royale

October 10 London, UK @ KOKO London

- Will

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