• Biography’s : Dr. Khalid bin Ali al Ghamdi Place of Birth: Makkah. Date of birth: 1388 AH College graduate: Usool ad Deen at Umm al Qura University Bachelors: Sharia. Masters: The Quran and Sciences. Previous experience. (1) Imam of Masjid Ameera Sheikha in Khalidiah. (2) In front of a mosque Recording. (3) A member of the Advocacy Center to educat...e the pilgrims.
    He is Imam of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah.

    Hiselementary, middle, secondary as well as university studies were all in Makkah(All praises be to Allah). And he graduated from the Universityof Ummul Qurra from college of Dawahand Usool Ad-Deen in the department of writers and sunnah. He obtained amasters in recitation and a doctorate in tafseer (All praises be to Allah). Hewas appointed as President of the department of recitation from a longtime,then he was appointed as a judge in the college of usool ad-deen til now andthis is the third position for him;
    As a judge of the college.

    His words when he was appointed for the position of imam.
    ''As for my appointment as Imam of Masjid ul-Haram, it wasin 25th dhul-Hijjah 1428 with the help of Allah azza wa jall. And this is thegreatest honour,the honour Allah alone gave me and that is leading the Muslimsin the Sacred Place in Makkah (i.e. Masjid ul-Haram)
    Among those whom I thank, firstly and lastly I thank Allah subhanu
    wa Tala for this great favour. Then I want to thank the leaders of the Affairs,May Allah reward them abundtandly) for this confidence which they placed in meand thought the best of me, InshALLAH I will not fail everyone. As I thankedthem, I must thank my parents who have had a significant impact in theprocesses/stages of my life. As I must thank my wife, my children and those whohave had an impact in what I have and this is all from the blessings of Allah.''

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