I constantly reply to the same questions about how to adopt, where's the application, etc. There are several places where you can find the application and what to do next.

It is available in the NOTES of this page, on our website at: Dogs/Adoption Process.

It is also available on ANY listing of any dog in the Adoptable Dogs tab on this page.


The hours and address of our website is available in About section.

Some tabs will not be accessible if you use a phone. On a PC or laptop, you will access everything. All you have to do is look around the page, all info is accessible from this page.

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These 2 boys came in a couple weeks ago but were not posted until they were vetted.

Both neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped and CARLIN had a dental.

CARLIN is a 4-year old, 4.8-pound Yorkie and TOBY is a one-year old, 5-pound black and white Morkie, brother of SLASH, recently adopted.

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ZOLTAN is still waiting for a forever home. He finally stopped grieving for the family who adopted him 3 years ago and brought him back because they had no time for him. Look at him today. He is much happier now. PLEASE SHARE...
AVAILABLE: CONRAD SPARROW, Yorkie mix boy, 18 months old. He weighs 11 pounds and he is very playful and friendly. He is neutered, current on shots, heartworm negative, microchipped, crate trained and very good on potty training. He is great with older, respectful kids. Although he is a Yorkie mix and I have not witness shedding, I cannot certify that he us hypoallergenic. Please share...
FAIRFAX is still waiting for his forever home! That boy loves everybody and will do better in a home with another dog to play with. He is fully vetted, leash trained, healthy and very good on potty training. He weighs 13 pounds, 2 1/2 years old. PLEASE SHARE...
Sheree's Dog Rescue updated their profile picture.
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Sheree's Dog Rescue updated their cover photo.
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UPDATE: BABY FLUTE IS NOW AN ANGEL. We are devastated...

PLEASE pray for little FLUTE. She is at the vet because she crashed. She is only 1/2 pound.

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The pups are healthy. They will be 7 weeks old on Sunday.

Many of you applied for a pup but since they are tiny, they probably will stay with us another 3 weeks.

Two of the puppies still have an open fontanelle. They don’t weigh one pound yet and they have to be with food 24/7.


VIOLIN, 1.6 pounds
CONGA, 1.7 pounds
FLUTE, .5 pounds
FIDDLE, .8 pounds

I know many call to find out if they have been chosen. We are not rushing anything as the pups are tiny and need constant care.

Next shot and exam in 3 weeks.

IMPORTANT: the pups are so small, that is why we require no children under 12. When they are that tiny, they can crash and have seizures at any time.

We will only let them go when the vet confirms they are healthy and strong enough to be adopted.

Who is the feistiest and the loudest? Of course, the tiniest, FLUTE!!

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We are at vet getting our first shots and fecal... and we are protesting loudly!

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UPDATE 03/17/2018: LEONARDO and ROSE are adoptable again.


LEONARDO and ROSE might have a home soon.

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MAXWELL is on his way home with his new mom and dad!

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Very bonded pair of Poochons, LEONARDO & ROSE, mostly likely mother and son. They need to remain together.

Potty trained, leash trained, spayed/neutered, current on shots, heartworm negative, microchipped, very well-behaved. Dental and bloodwork done. They are very healthy.


They are adorable! ROSE IS 8, 12.7 lbs and Leonardo is 4 and 14.7 lbs.

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Please take note that I am much slower to reply to calls and messages. Since Sunday, I am dealing with a massive vertigo episode. The meds make me very sleepy. Last year at this time, it lasted 5 weeks. I hope it will get better, faster this time.

In my case, I know it is triggered by allergies at this time of the year.

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ROCK HUDSON, 6-year old red Toy Poodle. Very sweet little guy.

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Posting this because it seems more and more people see our dogs on Facebook only but don’t necessarily go to the actual listings on Petfinder or other adoption sites:



- We don’t adopt puppies in homes with children under 12.

Again last week, we had a situation where the 2 children were arguing about which of them would hold and carry the pup, it was dropped on the head and the pup died after a few days. I understand that we will not be popular with this but, because of incidences like this that happened a few times, we adjusted our requirements.

- Inquiring about a dog is not the same as completing an actual application. We attached a post on top of the page about where to get the application and where to send it.

- The puppy adoption fee is $450. It will cover for spay/neuter, all 3 puppy vaccinations, rabies shot, adult boosters, lepto vaccine, regular deworming while they are under 6 months old and microchipping. We will give you their food at time of adoption.

The shots are given by the vet so they will have an exam every time.

You MUST bring a carrier with you to take the puppy back home. Otherwise, the puppy is not going.

The puppies are not in contact with other dogs than their mama. They don’t go in the yard, in the grass, the sidewalk and we don’t let anyone handle them until the adopter comes to get his pup.

PLEASE, do not take them ANYWHERE, not even in your yard until they had all their shots. We understand your aunt, grandma want to see the pup. DON’t do it! Let his immune system build up with the shots before exposing your pup to the possibility of catching Parvo, Distemper or parasites. People can carry Parvo from the ground outside with their shoes!

It will make the difference between a healthy puppy and a dead one.

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Sheree's Dog Rescue updated their cover photo.

FLUTE and CONGA playing together.

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These guys, FLUTE, FIDDLE, VIOLIN and CONGA, will be 6 weeks old this weekend. Next week, they will see the vet and have their first shots.

FLUTE and CONGA are still available.

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Here is EMMA LEE’s little girl, IDA LUPINO.


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EMMA LEE just gave birth to 5 puppies!

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