Shockerfest has begun at 11 o'clock on KAZV-TV Broadcast and Charter 14 and Comcast channel 195 we also have a new website the new site has schedules, trailers and other info. The new site is also the place to vote for your favorite flims of the festival. Come check it out.

October 1 - 31 starting at 11 pm ShockerFest will air the best in Independent Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Films

If you have any questions about the festival email us at Schedule is subject to change


ShockerFest schedule is now online. You can go to or and click on the schedule link. All films will be shown between 11pm and 2am pst through the month of october. Vote for your favorite film at during october. We hope you enjoy the festival.

Shockerfest will be showing accepted films on KAZV-TV broadcast channel 14, channel 195 on comcast and channel 14 on charter. The movies will be shown all through october. Further details will be posted soon.

Submit your entries for Shockerfest 2011 at