The percentage of distressed home sales actually increased from 2012 in 2013.

Distressed sales of homes during 2013 made up a greater percentage of total sales than in 2012, despite the continuing housing recovery.

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Is Another Housing Bubble Growing?

Peter Wallison, a conservative voice in the world of fiscal policy, sees signs of a bubble; he points to the growing gap between owning versus renting, and to a return to no-money down mortgages.

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"... thanks to key changes we’ve made in the program, Freddie Mac short sales today are taking less time to process on average than ever before."

(Source: Freddie Mac) -- In this installment of “Dispelling the Myths,” we’re focusing on short sales – when a property is sold for less than the balance

You can expect to see more people putting their homes up for sale this year

Many economists predict 2014 will see more investors retrenching and more buyers putting roofs over their own heads. Home prices are expected to stabilize this year, while homebuilding will be more frenetic.

Rule No. 1: A property bubble isn't a bubble till it pops.

The boom and bust cycle of housing can be painful for those caught on the downside, but the rush to overbuild and overpay for new homes can have unexpected benefits for society even when things go south, Don Pittis writes.

Madera County saw the steepest decline in home sales, by 44%, in November while Kings and Tulare counties both saw a 7% and 8% decline, respectively.

Rising home prices and diminishing housing affordability pulled home sales down across California last month.

"We fully expect the interest rates to continue a slow climb through 2014,"

Prices will grow this year, but so will days on market.

5 Not-So-Hot Housing Markets Set to Fall in 2014

With the overall U.S. housing market performing very well, there are still some areas where prices continue to drop. - Matthew Frankel - Financials

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“We will have high levels of negative equity for some time.”

For all the real estate gains in 2013, one in five homeowners still owe the bank more than their home is worth.

“Not many people are aware of this option, but it’s a win-win for the homeowner, the bank and the neighborhood,” said group member and Realtor Diane Bernatz.

For many homebuyers looking to purchase a residence during Wilmington’s real estate boom, it was simply an offer many could not afford to pass up. “You had a situation where the banks were approving mortgages to almost anyone that had a pulse,” said Sherwood Strickland, a Realtor and broker of Real…

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SARASOTA - People who do a short sale on their home might face a much bigger tax bill. And the law that expired at the end of last year could have a huge impact on the Suncoast real estate market.

"An effective short sale agent—one that can navigate the treacherous waters at the lending institutions and actually obtain short sale approval before the end of the next century—has a certain skill set, and it’s a unique one."

Short sale agents have different tasks than a traditional agent, and the path to success looks quite different; these are seven habits.

As the year rolled to a close, and everyone caught their breath, seat belts should remain buckled. For 2014, more of the same, perhaps a milder ride, is predicted. But, still, it’s a conundrum as we make our way toward a full recovery.

Nothing ho-hum about 2013, and the next year promises more surprising twists and turns in real estate. Here are our predictions in the move-up market