Essence of Gita-Yoga
"Essence of Gita-Yoga" is an English rendering by Dr. Satyadeo Sah(M.A., Ph.D.), a learned and great disciple of Sadguru Maharshi Mehi, of the original book "Shri Gita-Yoga-Prakash" written by Maharshi Mehi. Maharshi Mehi here renders sermons of Lord Krishna and lessons of the Gita more comprehensible and easily practicable. Besides, He dispels many prevalent suspicions of the Gita's seemingly intractable nature, and throws sufficient light on the qu...

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Interaction With Guru Maharaj Maharshi Mehi
English Translation of interactions with Maharshi Mehi Paramhans ji Maharaj in the form of Questions & Answers excerpted from the book "Maharshi Mehi Ke Dincharyaa Upadesh" authored by Swami Shri Bhagirath Baba. Bhagirath Baba was a personal attendant of Maharshi Mehi. During His service, he used to ask some questions for satisfying his eagerness. Apart of it, other devouts also used to visit Guru Maharaj and used to put some questi...

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Bhawarth Sahit Ghat Ramayan Ke Mukhya Aur Paramopayogi Vishay Ki Padaawali (Collection of the most important and useful poems of Ghat Ramayan with real meaning)
"Ghat Ramayan " — a holy book and the most famous book in the literature of Santmat has been authored by Sant Tulsi Sahab of Hathras (a place in Uttar Pradesh, India). Sant Tulsi Sahab keeps an eminent position in the Santmat Dynasty (of the recent era). Though there are many myths about the creation of this holy book...

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"Shanti-Sandesh" i.e "The Message of Peace" is a monthly journal of Santmat published by Akhil Bhartiya Santmat Satsang, Kuppaghat Ashram and Patna Ashram in Bihar, India. "Shanti-Sandesh" contains the sayings of Vedas, scriptures and sants-sages, their meanings, and explanation by learned sages and preceptors of Santmat. The first idea to publish "Shanti-Sandesh" came into the mind of Sadguru Maharshi Mehi. The purpose was to spread the knowledge of Santmat home to home in t...ext format for one who cannot attend Satsang (i.e. association of people gathered for mass prayers, and listening to speeches of sants and sages). So, this journal will help people in understanding the highest wisdom of Saints and thus make their lives spiritual and get the highest goal of their lives.
"Shanti-Sandesh" is published in Bharati language. Here, online version of Shanti-Sandesh is being uploaded.

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Nav varsha ki hardik subhkamnao ke saath...
Below is a Chart of realms translated from Hindi by Veena Howard. These realm are referenced in The Philosophy of Liberation

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The book "Moksha-Darshan" had been written long ago as the 4th part of "Satsang-Yoga" in the Bharati (Hindi) language by the author, Maharshi Mehi Paramhansa. "Philosophy Of Salvation" is english translation of the holy book "Moksha-Darshan". The translation was done by Dr. Satyadeo Sah(M.A., Ph.D.),a great devotee of Lord Sadguru Mehi, on the Supreme Order of Sadguru Mehi. The infinite riches of the deepest mystery of the Supreme Yoga, Supreme knowledge and Supreme devotion ...

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Maharshi Mehi-Padaawali


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How can I see you, Prabhu,
With sense organs I see only Maya,
But you are said beyond Maya.
Rational mind catches Maya,...
And I am entangled there in,
Prabhu I can't go ahead
Beyond senses, mind and wisdom.
Be kind, get me free from them
Get me across unconscious Prakriti
'Menhin', have compassion, Swami,
Give me the presense of yor sight,
And keep me happy and contented.

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"Sabah santanah ki bari bali hari..."