Silvana Nero-Nile for Tasmanian Senate Federal Election 2016
Ps L Yim to Silvana Nile

Shalom Sister Silvana !

• Papa God knows know passion , heart and love for this special nation .. He is pleased with your obedience & love for Him .
• By acce...pting the challenge and call to stand for His Kingdom values in the nation you have already won the battle in the high places for Australia.
• We assure you of our prayer in tomorrow's election .
• Hallelujah.. !

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We thank you all for your prayers for the North Shore By-election tomorrow, if you are available for a couple of hours to HELP on the polling booths your assistance would be much appreciated.


Please contact Michelle Ryan or Karl Schubert at Christian Democratic Head office on 02 9633 3255.
If you can't reach them, please go to any polling booths at your convenience.

If you are unable to assist on the booths you can show your support in other ways.

Financial donations are greatly appreciated – please contact head office and tell them you would like to donate to North Shore by-election for Silvana Nile.

I ask that you all continue to prayer for a successful result.

Blessings to all
Silvana Nile (Candidate North Shore)
Christian Democratic Party

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Greg's Commentary to Silvana Nile

Best wishes for tomorrow. Blessings

Introduction to:


Silvana is a graduate of the Australian Catholic University with a Diploma in Primary Teaching. She has a Certificate in Religious Education, a Bachelor of Education from the University of New England, and is a graduate with a Diploma in Ministry from C3 Bible College.


Silvana has over 35 years of experience as an educator from preschool to high school aged children and has taught in the North Shore Electorate. Silvana raised her three children as a single mother for over a decade while working full time in many teaching roles.

Silvana was on the board of Lone Parents Support Services whereby she was instrumental in securing funds for families affected by gambling, alcohol, drug dependency, child abuse and domestic violence.

Silvana has been active with the Christian Democratic Party since 2012. She is a committed Christian who was raised by Catholic Italian migrant parents, and has been a member of St Thomas Anglican Church in North Sydney for over 25 years.

Silvana is married to Rev. Hon. Fred Nile who is the founder and leader of the Christian Democratic Party which holds the balance of power in the Upper House, Legislative Council.

Silvana has supported, advised & assisted Rev. Nile in upholding CDP’s 35-year track record of maintaining job and national security, industry protection, infrastructure enhancement, better health care and workplace equality, stopping council amalgamations and One Law for all Australians.

Silvana is a dynamic leader who demonstrates understanding and compassion especially in tackling issues that are close to the heart of her constituents.

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The last two Sundays Silvana Nero-Nile was invited to give her sermon "Has Christianity Failed?" at both the Launceston Full Gospel Church and the House of Prayer Bible Fellowship International.

It is worth forensically examining how a school and a minister attempted to discredit a true story last week, how some media outlets gullibly accepted official ...denials, and how a group of courageous parents and teachers defied the intimidation and cover-up anonymously to voice their concerns.

The fear felt by the whistleblowers, and the secrecy and euphemisms employed to disguise the true nature of the Safe Schools agenda really is of Orwellian proportions.

A long line of angry parents turned up at Cheltenham Girls High School on Wednesday morning demanding to know why they weren’t informed that the school had signed up to the controversial Safe Schools program.

Among their concerns are that permission slips are not required for students to attend lunchtime meetings of the schools’ Queer-Straight Alliance, whereas parental consent is required for other activities, such as meetings of Christian or Muslim clubs at school.

Some Chinese parents have added their names to a bilingual anti-Safe Schools petition to go to NSW Parliament.

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THE story of Cheltenham Girls High School is a textbook example of the subterfuge involved in the controversial Safe Schools Coalition and how far...

It has been a very busy few weeks for Silvana Nero-Nile since the election day! She has been engaging with many different Christain and Church communities across Launceston and Northern Tasmania as she awaits the Senate results. Here are some photos of the Campaign After Party Dinner taken by Mishka Gora. More updates to come soon!

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There is hope for us all.

Family Life International - Australia

Despite the general election on Saturday looking likely to end in a hung Parliament and that the new parliament is likely to be very chaotic there is every chan...ce the Christian Democratic Party (CDP) will have a Senator from NSW there. The CDP Media release announcing this follows:-
Date: 4th July 2016
CDP Prepares for Senate
As the major parties anxiously wait to see who will govern Australia, The Christian Democratic Party is celebrating its highest primary vote on record in a federal election, and the strong likelihood of a win in the Senate for NSW.
‘The people have spoken in the poll that matters. The results indicate how disillusioned the electorate was with the major parties highlighting that the Christian Democratic Party was the only viable conservative option on polling day’ said Greg Bondar, CDP Federal Director.
The backlash over Tony Abbott’s ousting by Turnbull, the constant prevarication over the plebiscite by the Libs, and the mantra by Shorten that within the first 100 days he will introduce legislation on Same-Sex marriage confirms that Australian voters are drifting back to conservative politics.
Here is what political commentators are saying:
‘Octogenarian politician and Christian minister Fred Nile, who’s been in the NSW parliament for 35 years, looks to have a representative federally, giving conservative Christians a voice,’ wrote Simon Thompsen, Business Insider Australia.
‘Early estimates suggest … The Christian Democrats’ Fred Nile is also in’ wrote Frank Chung,
‘Fred Nile is in there, and you have Pauline Hanson and Derryn Hinch,’ said Barrie Cassidy, ABC.
The CDP has a 35 year history of stability and achievement in NSW and the electorate has confirmed that conservative politics is back.
Media Enquiries:
0449 041 285 Greg Bondar Federal Director
0416 061 207 Aaron Wright Media Manager

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The election day is over and the votes are being counted. All our hard efforts and challenges have paid off, for no matter the outcome we are all winners in Christ. We look forward to seeing the results unfold. May you all have a wonderful evening after a long day's work.

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Don't forget to vote 1 to 6 above the line on the white ballot, and EVERY box on the green ballot.
Vote 1 Silvana Nero-Nile - Tasmanian Senate CDP Christian Democratic Party of Australia

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