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Donna Mann
· October 20, 2017
On a road trip from Washington state and needed a Full service car wash. I googled it and found it on the website. The price on the website is $16.95 but was charged $19.95 and told that was an old and hadn’t been updated. Plus I am an older woman with an older car, and they barely did the interior. This is not the way to do business, at least that’s not how we do it in Washington state I would not recommend this car wash. See More
Jennifer Macias
· February 8, 2018
Extremely disappointed. I use to love this place. Took my car in today, paid $24 and purchased air freshener. After the wash, I got in my car and went along. (I should have inspected prior to leaving)... I got home and noticed my window was still dirty with bird poop, the inside was maybe 50% vacuumed, my license plate was still brown with dirt. My car emblem dirty and black. Rear of car was still super dirty and black smudges of dirt. What a waste of money! I had to rewash my entire car. THEN to top it of the can of air freshener I bought was old, and when I opened it, it was completely dry and no good. I'll never be back, since this HAS HAPPENED BEFORE. See More
Manuel Ojeda
· October 21, 2017
Just washed my truck yesterday and the machine was down they handwashed my truck for $35 and I hated that they left water spots all over my car and didn't dry the back of my truck and on top of that t...hey left bird poop on the windshield See More
Flash Shelton
· July 30, 2017
This Saturday I went to the express wash line with lack of time and the person in the front of the line had an issue. Instead of waving the line to the other lane to get us through they made us wait 1...5-20 minutes in the sun on a hot day. When I finally went into the car wash it cracked my windshield. I immediately took my truck back to the entrance and I was told that happens sometimes It's the risk you take getting your car washed on a hot day. Hot glass vs cold water. Ok I get that but if I wasn't at a stand still all that time stuck in the line my windshield wouldn't have been so hot. No offer to make it right just a shoulder shrug by the manager and a comment that happens but take it through again and we will get the rest of the bugs off your windshield. Really!! so I left with the bugs and a cracked windshield. Not happy! See More
Michelle Ryder
· August 21, 2017
Mediocre at best. They left BIRD POOP on my side mirror, barely wiped down the interior, and didn't even do a decent vacuum job. For a $26 "The Works" wash this is just sad. Waste of money. Get a basi...c wash as you will end up having to re-vacuum it yourself and wipe down your interior correctly. Don't bother talking to the manager, I did, he didn't even attempt to correct the issue. He jut told me all they do is a light wipe down and walked away. Never again. See More
Stephanie Angeli
· April 29, 2017
Honestly all of the car washes around here are not very good so this is as good as it gets but not very good. I basically have to hover over the workers to make sure they do their jobs or else they wo...n't dust the dash, wipe down the cup holders etc etc. very annoying when you pay $25 to have to do this. See More
Shajee Siddiqui
· January 15, 2017
This is by far the best car wash and auto care center in the entire Simi Valley and surrounding areas, if not in all of Ventura County. They take excellent care of all my cars and their staff and is second to none. The service and the utmost courtesy that the entire staff extends to their customers is what keeps me a customer for life.

This is a family run business and the family that owns it knows how to take care of their customers and their customers' cars. I have used almost all of their various services over the past 14 years and have had nothing but fantastic experiences every single time. Even when they may have missed something, they have immediately made it right without any question. Love these folks and this place and I really don't trust anyplace else with my cars.
See More
Thomas B. Cole
· January 14, 2017
I usually have nothing bad to say about Simi Auto Spa, but noticed one customer after getting his truck washed had to come back and complain about something, another customer had to tell the drying gu...ys to do the trim on his SUV and I had to also remind my guy to do the black trim on the bumper, bed cover, door handles. Which he did do, but didn't wipe up the extra that went on the paint and from the photo below, I had to wipe all my rims as they were still dirty. So maybe you busy with many customers, but still need to do all of the vehicle and especially paying 30 bucks!!! See More
Heidi Jameson
· July 7, 2017
We love Simi auto spa. They have been great. I love getting my oil change and car wash here. Those guys work so hard. The staff is great.
Blanca Romero
· April 21, 2017
I was there yesterday and I noticed that the guys took their sweet long time with the newer cars and they were really quick with mine. The console was all dusty so I asked one of the guys to hand me ...a wet towel and I had to clean it myself. The guy not even bother to ask if everything was ok. See More
Zak Khan
· January 3, 2017
Only Carwash I like to go to. I don't know why ppl wud even review below 5*. Always had a wonderful experience here. Staff r really friendly. I only remind the guys before the wash to vaccum extra on ...the sides n below the mats n they do an awesome job. Thank you staff n management for great service for the past years n years to come. See More
Jason Sperline
· July 11, 2015
Wash was great. After I paid for my wash I was pulling up to the wash bay. One of the employees pulled in front if me so close I had to slam the brakes to avoid hitting the customer car he was driving... and felt a slight bump. When I tried to get out if my car to see if I hit him or if it was just a bump he got out and walked up to my drivers door. He held my door closed so I couldn't get out. I am almost 6 feet tall and a big 300 lbs. I pushed the door open and asked him what he was doing blocking my door. He smiled and laughed. When I told the manager about it he didn't seem to care. Not going back. They were great at the old location but lost something when they moved. See More
Christine Morgan
· May 20, 2015
Never ever buy anything there. Bought a soda it was flat. Wanted another wouldnt refund or give another. Would of canceled my car wash if it wasn't already going through the wash. So frustrating. Dis...sapointed in how they treat customers. So stupid but just the principle. Said he couldn't return it cuz it was open. Well how am I gonna know its flat if I dont open it? I will go out of my way to go somewhere else. See More
Ginger Voyles
· May 4, 2017
Love this place! Been going here for years! Always nice to pull in from a long AZ drive and get a refreshing car wash. Great place!
Luella Rose Weireter
· November 21, 2016
I had my car charger and auxiliary cord stolen by one of the workers here. The charger was inside of my closed center console, somewhere where this person never should have been looking to begin with.... I will never go back. See More
Marilyn Waidelich
· June 13, 2014
We use the four buck express wash a lot, it's an unbeatable deal. Just had four of our cars get the full detail treatment, picking up the last one today. They did an excellent job, even on my 1973 VW... Thing, which has to be all hand done. They gave us a break on price. Although the service was better under the prior owner, in general it's still fine. See More
Ryan Baker
· August 17, 2016
Blind, retarded monkeys could do a better job than the people that work here. These guys leave swirl marks everywhere on a wax job and never dry cars properly. I'm never going to bring any vehicle of ...mine here again. See More
Kathy Mcfadden
· March 5, 2017
I normally get a great was but I went yesterday there was bird poop still on the windshield and the car wasn't vacuumed good and they scratched the windshield and the car I have is a rental
Lisa Hargrove- Davis
· May 17, 2014
! I will NEVER go back. And I take 3 cars there also for regular Oil Changes. I have posted on Yelp and all other sites. .And have been telling my friends. My car was scratched on the front right bum...per. The paint was curled up too. While I was in the wash I felt a big jolt. Showed the manager after and he said I hit a curb. Well If I did it before the dont you think the wash would have taken off the lose paint???????? See More
Bobby Rice
· April 28, 2016
They do a great job washing and detailing cars. I've done everything from the speed wash to full detailing and have always been pleased. Today I got the Express Wax and she looks fabulous!

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