We just backed Bad Medicine 2018: Second Opinion, Second Edition on @Kickstarter

Expanding the hilarious tabletop party game, plus a SECOND EDITION of the base game!

We just backed Terminus Breach TD - A Tower Defense Board Game on @Kickstarter

A semi-cooperative tower defense game for 1-3 players with customizable maps, upgradable towers, 9 characters, and 15 waves to survive.
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We just backed Tabletop Network - Boardgame Designer's Retreat on @Kickstarter

A conference for tabletop game designers, focused on learning, collaboration, and inspiration.

We I just backed Book - "How to Create Your First Board Game" (2nd Print Run) on @Kickstarter

This book will help an aspiring game designer take their ideas and make them a reality. Covers everything from design to publishing.

Retweeted Stimulus Games (@StimulusGames):

I want to establish a platform for quality translations of rulebooks and try to get game designers / publishers and translators / proofreaders together. I'd be glad if you would join me in this task and spread the word!

We just backed Centrix: A Spinning, Jumping, Bumping 3D Tabletop Game on @Kickstarter

A fun friendly frantic unique multi-level game; players use card combinations in rotating rings to unlock the best route to the top.

We just backed Man Vs Meeple Season Two on @Kickstarter

Man vs Meeple is the show where we talk about all things board game related. Help us make the very most of our channel for you.

We just backed Spillover: A Peak Oil Expansion on @Kickstarter

The first expansion for the tabletop hit Peak Oil introduces gameplay variants & new markers, adding octanes to your gaming experience!

We just backed Show & Tile - a creative party game on @Kickstarter

The fifth Jellybean Game. A tangram game for 3-6 players of all ages from the creators of Seikatsu.

We just backed Pocket Sub - a quick abstract game of nautical warfare! on @Kickstarter

Strategic, quick, and with an awesome submarine theme. Pocket Sub brings a brain burner game, into a small handy sized box!

WeI just backed CO2: Second Chance on @Kickstarter ONLY 30 MINUTES LEFT

We just backed Kitty Cataclysm: chaos, cardplay, dickery and cat puns on @Kickstarter

Quick game for 2-5 cats. On your turn, play a card and do what it says. Steal, donate and pass around cards. Try to keep your meowney!

Check out our interview with Gamer Leaf!

Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf sits down with Vegard Farstad to talk about games and SimplyClever.Cards.

AAA: Dice Roller

Kickstarter Corner:


Fridgecrisis Games' swords & Souls through Thu, March 22

Mark Hanny of Joe Magic Games' Dungeon Allies going through Fri, March 30 2018

Chris Fielder's Ascendant Destiny – A flexible tabletop fantasy RPG till Friday 23 Feb

William W. Refsland's Lexicons of Dueling Japanese Katana

through Sat, March 3 2018

Steve Cave's Dead ’til Dawn – Zombie Survival Horror Card Game till Sat, February 24 2018

Casey Hill's Arkon through Sat, March 3 2018

Anklebiters – Pixies VS Gremlins which goes through Thu, March 8 2018 8:00 PM MST

Say Cheves' BLOCKCHAIN: The Cryptocurrency Game till February 24 2018

Steven M Berry Infinities: Defiance of Fate through 22 march

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Gamer Leaf sits down with Vegard to talk about games and Simply Clever Cards. AAA: Dice Roller Kickstarter Corner: Swords & Souls through Thu, March 22 Dungeon Allies going through Fri, March …

We just backed Robin Hood and the Merry Men on @Kickstarter

Semi cooperative and highly competitive board game, set in the legendary town of Nottingham

We just backed PLANETOPIA: A deck and pattern building game for 2-5 players on @Kickstarter

Embody a planet, attract life forms, arrange your living spaces and prove that your planet is the most prestigious of all!

We just backed Roil: The Strategy Card Game on @Kickstarter

A secrete cabal and pernicious fate...sounds like family game night. A family friendly strategy card game for 2-4 players.