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Carl Fulton
· February 28, 2018
Paid for move three weeks in advance.
Confirmed via e-mail.
Move confirmed via phone day before for 8am next day. ...
8am - no one shows up
8:30 - I call wondering where the three movers are - they don’t know
9am - I call again, still no idea where movers are
9:15 - I call again, I MUST move today. Childcare is being paid for the move, wife leaves on business the next morning, lease is up house is closed. Where are the movers? They don’t know.
9:30 - I call again. Apparently somebody hurt their leg (not sure about the other two pairs of legs being healthy, but certainly someone had a phone - right?). They refunded me and said a manager would call me (his phone or leg must be hurt too because he hasn’t). I had to find new movers and pay outrageous costs for an emergency same day move.

I am horrified this company exists.
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Jeanie Moses
· April 23, 2018
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! You are better off just throwing away your items and buying new furniture. They completed destroyed multiple items of mine. The movers brought it to my attention that they r...uined my leather sofa and were extremely apologetic. I didn't realize at the time that several other items were destroyed. They threw out two of my wardrobes and didn't even tell me! This was the first home I bought and they destroyed my walls! Unfortunately, no one at the company cared. I patiently dealt with a customer service rep via e-mail named Celeste for weeks and no one in the company would return any of my calls. They had me fill out forms and take pictures, wasting hours more of my time, and then offered me literally pennies for the pieces of furniture that were destroyed. Additionally, they were hours late and charged hidden travel fees. Save yourself the time, hassle, and money and hire a legitimate and honest moving company that will protect your property and your home. I am shocked by how careless and unprofessional this company was.

Update - after posting a review on Yelp, I received an immediate response from a Bryan who alleged to be in the Atlanta office. He apologized on behalf of the Tampa office and said he'd help me resolve the matter since the Tampa operations were a mess. He has since gone completely dark and no one in the business will return my phone calls or e-mails. I am shocked by lack of professionalism with this company. DO NOT USE THEM.
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Lydia Taylor
· March 19, 2018
We were scheduled to move this last Saturday between 1-6pm and they didn't show until 8:30pm. My husband and I are very reasonable people and understand that you can't control certain things but after... calling several times and being told they were "on their way" we hit a boiling point. I tried to reach a manager several times and when I finally got him on the phone all he cared about was if I was going to leave them a bad review. When the moving crew finally showed up my husband loaded and unloaded half of the items by himself onto the truck. They broke a leg off of one of our dressers and also poked a hole in my leather couch. They were supposed to discount us because of everything that happened and now the Tampa office manager will not call us back. Moving is stressful enough and so I seriously recommend you steer clear of this company. I have used other moving companies and had no issues at all so I know this is not the norm. Just say "No" to Skinny Wimp Moving Co. See More
Darik Snokhous
· February 24, 2018
The movers arrived late without any notice, I had to call four times before they found out where they were. One of the guys gave my number out to their friend without my permission and called me to sa...y that he could do the move for cheaper. Mover was mad because skinny wimp didn't give him any money for gas. One of the movers was a complete klutz who would bang heavy Furniture into the corners of my home or bring in one pillow at a time. I was quoted for 2 hours of work which turned into four and a half hours for my small 2 bedroom apartment. Movers spent much time folding moving blankets while I was paying them and rapping in the back of the truck. Boxes clearly marked as fragile were left underneath heavy boxes filled with books.

My girlfriend and I worked faster and got more done then all three of the guys they sent. I contacted their customer service and "Connor" in management who had no interest whatsoever in rectifying the situation or taking responsibility for their service and wouldn't respond to my emails for days at a time. Trust all the other one star reviews on this page and Avoid these guys at all costs.
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Cherielle Klein
· January 16, 2018
I used SWM last summer when we moved across town. They were punctual and extremely friendly. They took good care of our belongings, and worked quickly and efficiently. I was impressed with the custome...r service I received and will be using them again when we have to move at the end of our lease. See More
Helmi Tellhed Temple
· December 1, 2017
The movers were scheduled and confirmed weeks in advance to come at 9:00 and when they didn’t show at 9:30 I called. I was informed that there was a scheduling conflict and they were unable to come day. There was no advance warning to us. They said they could come in four days. We needed to be out before that so we had to scramble to find another company who could move us last minute. If you are in the Seattle area and need a reliable, professional mover check out ABC Movers who came to our rescue. See More
Jill Rockford
· January 7, 2018
This is by far the best moving company I have ever used. The movers are friendly, hard working, very careful, I did not have one damage. What took the moving company I used last year 11 hours to do, ...Skinny Wimp did it in 6. The guys are crazy fast. and pretty cute as well. ;) See More
Tracy Hall
· December 19, 2017
They called and cancelled 25 minutes before they were supposed to move my things. They said that the truck had broken down and they could not find another truck. (With one call to U-Haul I found a a few miles from my apartment.) They said they could move me the next day or refund my deposit. I had taken the day off work (Thursday), my utilities were being transferred that day, and that was my move-out date with my apartments. I scrambled and was able to find someone else to move me. Five days after they screwed me over, THEY STILL HAVEN’T RETURNED MY DEPOSIT!!! See More
Megan Ransom James
· January 3, 2018
Look away!! Dont go here!! Their Better Business Bureua rating is an F! (Just google BBB and the company name, tried to post the link but Facebook denied it for a review). I found them with their Grou...pon for moving 2 hours, 3 men, 1 truck for $200 (regularly $500) and fine print said no additional fees unless outside the service area. We were blown away when we are well within the 25 mile service area but there was an additional $140 fee for travel. Buyer beware!! This company is at the very least unethical and I suspect crooks. See More
Jordan Woodard
· September 5, 2017
I hired Skinny Wimp this last weekend, after finding a groupon online. I was moving from one part of Seattle to the other. I just have to say the two guys we dealt with (Sean and Nick) were AMAZING. M...oving is such a hassle, but they made it so easy! They were fast, professional and friendly!

They couldn't get our couch up the stairs into the new apartment (it's a giant couch) though they tried so hard! I will definitely be using Skinny Wimp for any future moves and will recommend to all my friends. Thanks so much!
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Canaan Bittel
· August 20, 2017
I hired SWM Co. to move a single piece of furniture when I moved into my new home. Well, I received a call the morning of moving day and they told me the piece had fallen and they could hear the shatt...ering of glass inside. Well, the glass shelves were not secured and they could not handle it. After it happened, they asked if I still wanted it moved to which I replied "yes." They got it to the house and brought it through the front door and when they tipped it back upright, the top of the furniture put a gouge in my wall, plus it had a huge gash in the side of the furniture. I have images of the piece right before the move and after. They refused to take responsibility, did not offer a refund of any kind, did not offer an apology, and did NOTHING about the gouge in the wall of my new home. If I can still do something about it legally, I will. For now, let me just say, please consider a different mover if you can. The customer service is so poor behind the scenes, it's incredible they are still in business. I wrote a personal letter to Lance, the owner, and received no acknowledgement. Please consider giving someone qualified your business, because IF you have a problem, I can't imagine any other company handling it as poorly as these guys. I still have pictures, texts, emails - everything. I would be happy to share! See More
Melissa Belousoff
· September 10, 2017
Ok so my saga with this horrific moving company continues and still NOTHING IS GETTING resolved! So they moved my baby grand piano and Dee said she had to bring in "special ' people to set it up!!!! ...Well.... that was a bunch of bologna ! The legs weren't put on rt, they bent the pedal and the long screw to attach it , therefore needing a new piece for that! I had to hire not only a piano moving company to set up and put it together from their mistake but I now have to hire someone to fix the bent pedals so it can be played!
Again, this company is the pits and how they treat their customers is horrible!
So not only did I have to hire other movers to move and do what they were supposed to do, I now have to hire someone to fix the piano which they said they knew how to move it and set it up!

Oh I still have your blue moving blankets and wardrobe boxes .... you want them? Because I don't , I don't need anything to keep reminding me of your incompetence , I have enough reminders.... all the broken items that you left me to deal with! Hey guys I'm not going away! You need to fix your mistakes and make it better!
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Jordyn Kathryn Palos
· October 31, 2017
Reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau. We had them confirmed to move our 4,000 square foot house, they came out, gave us an estimate, we confirmed them and gave them a deposit (the week... before the move). We called to triple confirm the night before (which they confirmed again with us) then the morning of they called us at 7:30 AM and said they didn't have enough guys to move us, and had to cancel. Did not give us our deposit back but even worse- we were screwed as we had to be out of our house by 6 PM that day. We had to move ourselves and scramble to find back up movers that morning (we couldn't get anyone till 3 PM, so we did not make our moving deadline which made our buyer upset). I have seen others post a near same experience about this company - I am shocked they are still in business and I am even more shocked they didn't offer us our deposit back or some kind of compensation for the immense amount of stress they put on our family, on moving day. Praying they don't do this to another family & will be reporting them to the BBB. See More
Susan Montgomery Thompson
· June 28, 2017
Sadly they hit my parked car with their truck. Mistake,
Ok. I called police to document and have police report. Thank God. Owner agreed to pay. Got 2 estimates $10 difference. Owner requested pay out-...of-pocket. No problem with me. I need $1500 bumper and rear panel repaired. Owner calls body shop I am scheduled with. After their conversation, body shop suggest I go through insurance. I am still not unpacked and this has become part time job. Owner not! Jahan is local Tampa owner who blew up my phone and gave me promises and no follow through. Get police report if any issues. Poor business will not speak to his own insurance company. I can not get my car fixed. I suggest getting copy of the company insurance BEFORE move and call to make sure still in affect. Owner bad! Do not use this Tampa Bay area mover. See More
Melissa Mielcarek Colby
· July 31, 2017
Great moving experience! Was referred by a friend of mine and could not have asked for better service. We are relocating from Ca to Nv and have had to change the date several times even and they have ...been nothing accommodating! Pricing is fair to boot! Look no further for great movers!! See More
Gabe Galdos
· June 1, 2017
What a horrible experience from damaged furniture, ripped sheets, ripped box spring and scratched piece of furniture. The movers did not bring enough boxes for clothes (they said truck came with 6 but... only came with 3). Movers used vulgar language around kids, didn't place boxes in correct rooms, even though they were labeled with the room name. The movers became agitated after it started taking longer than they anticipated. It was a two bedroom apartment that took them close to 6 hours to finish, drive was 30 minutes. They just stacked everything in living room. I had to chase them down to finish getting items from house, They misplaced my master bedroom sheets set and they are still missing. They dropped off items that we don't own, probably someone else's stuff. Terrible customer service after we filed the complaint, told us to go through insurance to resolve and nothing else they could do. I would highly discourage anyone from using this company. See More
Cynthia Brown-Everett
· November 30, 2015
I had a great experience with this company with my residential move so when the company I work for was moving our office I recommended skinny wimps. Jake and Jamal arrived on schedule I showed them ...everything I was taking I also asked them if they wanted our old furniture jake said yes. "We either give it to goodwill or we have a storage unit" he then told me how a friend of his needed a couch and gave her one out of the storage unit They moved all the furniture safely to the new office. In the contract they agreed to take a couple of items over to our other location as well. All went smoothly. I tipped them both. We received to total amount due , used a credit card and the transaction was complete. We were all talking and saying how happy we were with them. One of the managers even said she will use them when she moves ....... Then we get a phone call from skinny wimps office saying that they are going to charge us $40.00 per piece for all the furniture we do not want. (All these items were already loaded on the truck). This is not what we agreed to. I was shocked and embarrassed that a company I recommended would do business this way. After speaking with them they did not charge us th 40$ per piece but it took some conversation with them not to charge us . See More
Ingrid Donaldson
· June 20, 2016
Hired them for a small 1 bedroom apartment move which should have taken 2 hours. The guys that were sent, moved at a snails pace (on the phone and lots of breaks) and it took 4 1/2 hours....Of course..., they wanted to charge extra for this at double the price. They called and said they would arrive from other job in 20 minutes and 2 hours later, finally showed up. They did not have furniture dollies, only 2 very small dollies that couldn't transport furniture? Seriously? I would not hire this company ever again. Tried to talk with the manager...but he didn't seem to want to hear from us. Totally unprofessional. See More
Mimi McLean
· April 22, 2015
Moving my 90 year old father out of the house that he lived in for over 53 years , was starting to look like a nightmare. he was so sure that he and I could do it ourself, boy, was he kidding himself .... neither one of us had any packing experience, it was going to be hell on earth. when someone recommended the skinny wimpy moving company. OMG, who knew life could be so easy. First rate, this company is. it is almost like being back in the small town 50 years ago where customer service was at the top of the priority list, even above profit. Zack, Matt Diego and Cody we're extremely professional, and so thorough , ended in a few hours what would have taken my father and I 6 months to 1 year and a half to do. my father who is 19 follow them around and had to ask them about everything they were packing, which probably was the most annoying thing in the world, but they were so pleasant and polite at the same time as being efficient I can't even imagine anything better See More
Elizabeth Frogge
· April 16, 2016
Amazing moving company!! Had Brian , Cowboy and Danny today in Minnesota and they were beyond great! Showed up right on time, were very efficient and really cared about my furniture! Very personabl...e and outgoing as well! I will recommend Skinny Wimp to all my friends and family and will be using them in the future! See More
America's greatest moving company!! At least we are told by our customers on a daily basis.
How Skinny Wimps go to every job, happy, smiling and ready to get to work! DIG LIFE!!!!

Vanessa, Corey and Elizabeth loved us! Just like thousands of other customers. If you’re moving, try us out, we are confident you’ll love us as well.

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