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Papo L Crim
· April 4, 2018
This place is SHIT. I called n spoke to the owner on Friday and asked to open on Saturday, he told me no n if have to call off work during the week to come pull the hatch n tail lights off the 240sx h...e's got back there. So I called them this morning to double check on the price n his words to me were " 130 come on down today n get it". I leave work and head to the yard just for him to tell me he is not letting anyone back there due to the high winds. IT'S BEEN WINDY ALL FUCKING DAY AND WHEN I PULL UP WITH MY CAR N $$$ no one can go back there due to the wind!? I will order a band new hatch n tails b4 u seen me ever step foot in that place again. See More
Vernon Lohan
· May 25, 2017
Gave me top dollar for my old 2002 Ford Ranger highly recommended.
John Muszynski
· October 2, 2014
only unkyard with huge selection of pre 85 cars bmw mercedes jags and even a porsche

When you hear a high-pitched squealing coming from under the hood of your car or truck, a slipping belt – signaling that it is worn and ready to be replaced – is the usual suspect. Before the belt in question breaks and leaves you stranded, replace it with a new one.

Many of today’s handy men and women are doing a great deal of their own work on their vehicles. When you have the skills, why would you not? A great parts shop can be a huge help with the learning curve when you start and can give you all the parts and even much of the advice you’d need.