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Fair question. Answer in comments.

Leslie Russell Yost to Small Business Alliance of Rutherford County, Tennessee PAC

Anyone out there still following this page?


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Neighbors oppose city training center 7:39 a.m. CDT September 5, 2014 Sasha Fallon Thursday stands on her driveway on Central Valley Road with her children Gabe, 3; and Niki, 2. The city is proposing ...

Support Murfreesboro Outdoors on March 8th at their Spring Fever Day. They have great deals and are more competitive on prices than you think. Don't let the big stores fool you, stop in and they might share some BBQ. There is always a fish story or two floating around.

Thanks to everyone who supports the small business community. Merry Christmas to all

If anyone wants Oysters or Shrimp for the 4th call Papas Hot Sauce Store 615-225-0281

Crawfish for Memorial Day. Not sure what the prices will be due to the holiday, I expect it to be around $ 3.29 / pound for full bags of 30 to 35 lbs maybe heavier. Call Papa's at 225-0281 on or before next Wednesday at 1:00 to place your orders. They will not last to much longer. I will post exact pricing on Monday the 20th

If anyone wants Oysters for next weekend call Papa's at 615-225-0281

if anyone wants Crawfish for the weekend call 615-225-0281. Papa's Hot Sauce Store

Papa'sHot Saue Store
ok everyone if you want Fresh Crawfish here is the pricing for the next 2 weeks.

Full Bags ( 30lb to 35lb ) = $ 2.99 per pound


Less than Full Bags = $ 3.49 per pound

Unless a bunch of you want them for this weekend I plan to do the next order to come in 4/12/13

call - 615-225-0281 to place your orders. You will need to pick them up on Friday the 12th by 6:00 pm

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Also Let's Make Wine celebrates one year in business this weekend

Tomorrow is Murfreesboro Outdoors spring kick off sale. Come out and help support another small business person. Having BBQ also

Good morning Rutherford co. A little snow this morning isn't it beautiful ? Great day to bundle up and go shop at a locally owned business. Small business is still the back bone of any community and the owners spend there money here where we all benefit.

Everyone who is seeing this post please get your family and friends to like the Small Business Alliance. Everyone please make a push. More to come soon

Don't forget

Friday Night Papa's is OPEN til 9:00



also, if you play or sing and want to do so let us know and we'll try and work you in. Invite your friends

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Hey guys, This is in Franklin - a friend of mine asked me to share this... maybe you or someone you know might be interested? Cheers,

The next PUBLIC HEARING concerning PROPERTY RIGHTS and New Zoning laws is sked'd for 6pm on Aug 13th at the County Courthouse - second floor. We need many people there to make sure the local gov't knows we are watching and demand our rights not be violated. Please let others know and commit to be there!

County planners decided Monday they've made enough adjustments the past seven months to their proposed zoning ordinance and will schedule a third public hearing Aug. 13. 'We have made several pages of changes,' Rutherford County Planning Director Doug Dem