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Joan Lisowski
· April 2, 2017
We had the pleasure of dining at Smitty's On the Edge last night. It was the second time in a couple of months that we have been there. And I must say, my husband & I have found yet another restaurant... close to home that we both really enjoy. All of the staff are very friendly & hospitable & the food is really good. The first time we went it was on a Friday & my husband ordered the Fish Fry which he thoroughly enjoyed & I opted to try one of their burgers. It was one of the best burgers I have ever had. Not one of those frozen burgers that so many other places serve. They make theirs using fresh ground beef & shape the patties themselves.

Last night we both tried the prime rib. My only complaint about our food last night was that we could not get our Prime Rib Rare or Medium-Rare. Both of our Prime Rib's came out medium to medium-well. However, even though it was over cooked it was not lacking flavor at all & it was still very tender. I was a bit surprised though that a salad was not one of the choices to pick as a side. But, I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the vegetables, fresh green beans & carrots both cooked to perfection & the carrots were oh so sweet. I did not miss the salad at all after tasting the vegetables.

My Father-in-law had the meatloaf dinner which came with mashed potatoes & the green beans & carrots as well. He too said everything was very good & was surprised at how much food there was on his plate. Smitty's does not skimp on anything. All our food portions were more than enough to eat. Including the Molten Lave Cake that my Father-In-Law had. That too was a nice portion & he said it tasted excellent.

So, if you're looking for a nice place to dine in Ozaukee County that has a comfortable & relaxed setting (not stuffy) that serves great food & drinks (by the way my Bloody Mary was excellent) don't hesitate to try Smitty's. It's a really nice place to meet people for drinks and/or dinner. I know we will certainly be going back & I'm looking forward to trying other things on their menu.

(I would have given it 5 stars but like I said our Prime Rib was a bit over cooked.)
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Lisa Nicholson-Davis
· April 29, 2016
Way more than what I expected! I stopped in alone on a Friday after having a bad morning. I ordered a drink and quietly cried. Everyone was very friendly, but left me alone until I was ready to talk. ...I finally got myself together and began to interact with people. Amanda was a breath of fresh air just letting me vent, then offering to buy me lunch! She made quite an impact on me and I truly enjoyed talking to her. Two other customers listened to me also, bought me a couple shots, and encouraged me to throw money on the ledge with them. I could not have asked for a better place to stop and can't wait until I return to Cedarburg so I can go there again! PS... my clam chowder soup was amazing!! See More
Laura Bruederle
· January 21, 2017
It was crowded on the Friday, like it usually is. The hostess asked if we wanted to sit in the bar , or the dining room, we chose the dining room. My friend & I were seated, and the waitress came over... and took our drink order. We then ordered a Ribeye sandwich ( my friend is gluten free and instead of the bun she chose a small side salad) and I splurged and got the tenderloin. The "small" side salad came and it was BIG and it was filled with mixed greens, cukes, tomatoes and carrots. We were able to have a nice conversation and our meals came out. Her ribeye was done with the crispy grill marks, and very flavorful. She chose french fries and they were piping hot. My tenderloin was ordered Medium, and it was perfect, still pink in the middle, yet very juicy, and the char marks and the crispy edges added to the flavor of the tenderloin. I ordered it plain, but the caramelized onions and buttered fresh mushrooms were served on the side. I ordered mashed potatoes, and they were HEAVENLY. The side of sliced large carrots and green beans round out the meal. The waitress came back and checked on us 2 times, and brought us a round of sodas. The meal's total came to $48.00. My friend will be back and will bring her family , she said it is nice to have a restaurant to go to for a date night or a family night. Once again Smitty's exceeded the expectations. See More
Sara Rennicke
· September 25, 2015
Great staff! Great food! Great service! Great drinks! Get the fish fry on Fridays! It's amazing! You can get the perch (battered in flour) or the cod (with coconut panko breading yum) and I suggest... the homemade potato pancakes. This place has a neighborhood feel, where the patrons actually want to get to know you. See More
Kathy Qualls Depoy
· January 5, 2017
My daughter, sister & myself try to do a girls get away at least once a year we always stop at Smitty's when we come to Cedarburg on our way to Port Washington.Every nice people great service.
Solid Cedar is rockin under the tent at Smittyfest Place is packed come on down.

The one and only Matt “MF’n” Tyner is playing from 9pm till 1am tonight at Smittys. Don’t be a baby, get out and have some fun. As always no cover and pool room will be open all night

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Keep er movin

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Charlie Berens


Our last St. Patricks day bash and the best part ever is $2 JAMESONS......$2 JAMESONS......$2 JAMESONS......also Open live jukebox all day.....Corned beef dinner $12...... and $5 Guiness......come join us before Smitty moves out of the country and starts his own jug band in Ghana.

• There are five houses that are each a different color. �• There is a person of a different nationality in each house. �• The five owners drink a certain drink. They each smoke a certain brand of cigarettes and also have a certain pet. No owner has the same pet, smokes the same brand of cigarettes, nor drinks the same drink. �• The question is, “Who has the fish?”
1. The British man lives in the red house.
2. The Swedish man has a dog for a pet.
3. The Danish man d...rinks tea.
4. The green house is to the left of the white house.
5. The owner of the green house drinks coffee.
6. The person that smokes Pall Mall has a bird.
7. The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
8. The person that lives in the middle house drinks milk.
9. The Norwegian lives in the first house.
10. The person that smokes Blend, lives next to the one that has a cat.
11. The person that has a horse lives next to the one that smokes Dunhill.
12. The one that smokes Bluemaster drinks beer.
13. The German smokes Prince.
14. The Norwegian lives next to a blue house.
15. The person that smokes Blend, has a neighbor that drinks water.

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Smitty’s St. Patrick’s Day bash info coming soon. Sign your liver up for CrossFit now so it’s ready.

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Both teams still carrying 1st place into the last month. Tough match tonight against #2 Cedars.

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