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Amazing macro shots of snowflakes taken with a point-and-shoot camera

New Zealander builds Rainbow igloo.

New Zealander spends his holidays in Edmonton, building an igloo
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Fantastic macro shots of snow crystals.

German photographer Matthias Lenke captured these wonderful macro shots of individual snowflakes yesterday. See more over on Flickr.

We're receiving a huge delivery at the moment. Please bear with us while we sort through it all and see what's what.

Please be responsible and ensure you only buy your snow and ice from legitimate sellers.

Chilean police arrest person they say stole several tonnes of ice from glacier.

Snowbrokers: High Arctic at the National Maritime Museum. Interactive Exhibit. Future visions of a recedding world.

Published: 2011-07-15 10:02:10 GMT

Snowbrokers: BBC: Cryosat mission delivers first #sea-ice #map #Arctic #Antarctic

Published: 2011-06-21 16:15:47 GMT
The UK should appoint a "snow supremo" to try to avoid a repeat of last winter's chaos at airports, a committee of MPs says.

Snowbrokers: RT @mawilson: Best fail ever. RT @jm_mcgrath Hey @nowtoronto? A penguin as art for Arctic climate change item? #scienceliteracyFAIL http ...

Published: 2011-05-05 16:09:08 GMT

Snowbrokers: RT @blackcomedycouk: If a million people put owl as a gender on the census. Gov. will be forced to accept owl as a gender. (please RT) added 5 new photos to the album: Banner.

Antarctic snow: Now with free frozen chips.

Towering forests grew at the South Pole during the age of the dinosaurs. Now scientists ponder whether the past could be the key to the future.

Snowbrokers: Christian Cook's forthcoming account of the troubled history of has been reviewed by Booklore:

Snowbrokers: Delays to Vostock samples. #Antarctic #Snow #Delays

Snowbrokers: RT @Northern_Clips: The Great Arctic Solar Mystery: Why Did Sunlight Return to Greenland Two Days Early?