Whew, its almost time! The Wine and Chocolate Festival is THIS Friday and Saturday at the Enumclaw Expo Center. We are releasing three new teas this weekend, and you all get to be the first to hear what they are!

Lemon Mint- We've been telling everyone mixing our Lemon Yerba Mate and our Minty Yerba Mate makes a spectacular tea, and its just as yummy iced! As often as we suggest the two brewed together, I'm shocked we haven't decided to pre mix it sooner. We think you'll... enjoy the new twist on both these popular blends.

Healing Woods- We've been trying to get this blend up and running for over 18 months, and finally have all the ingredients sourced! This one includes two adaptogenic herbs, Yerba Mate and Chaga Mushrooms, and a yummy bark, Lapacho, for a blend that is sources from wood near and far. Chaga is an earthy flavor with definite notes of chocolate, and Lapacho has a marshmallow flavor. We think you'll be surprised at its natural sweet taste, and how good it makes you feel.

Chaga Chai- We love adding spice to sweet sided herbs to give them depth. And, we did that here! We took the Healing Woods blend and added some of our Chai, and out came a lovely blend we are pretty obsessed with. We think you'll enjoy it just as much! Not as intense as our straight up Chai, but a great way to start your day.

We hope you get a chance to come see us this weekend and sample our new blends!
Have a great week!!

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Okay, Soaring Spirit Tea fans, we have three new blends we are releasing at the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival coming up February 2nd and 3rd. THREE new blends! I'm so excited to share them with you! I'll give you a few hints....
One is a combo we've been suggesting for years, but we've gone ahead and mixed it up for you!
One we've been talking about and working on for about 18 months.
And, the last one has a little bit of spice, but its very very nice.
Come see us, ...and taste the new blends!

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Escape to Enumclaw to sip, swirl, savor and shop at the Enumclaw Wine & Chocolate Festival!

After more than 18 months being out of stock, Mellow Out Mate is back! The herbs finally arrived today. It will be packed and back on the shelf at the Wine and Chocolate Festival! We are so happy to have this long time favorite back.

Next up on our Confirmed Shows list is the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival! This is one of our favorite shows of the year because, hellllllo, Wine and Chocolate! So many great chocolates to taste, and if you are a wine lover, there are some really great wines to try as well....including some fun wine and chocolate pairings. Add to that amazing vendors, and you have a really FUN event!
We'll see you at the Enumclaw Expo Center February 2nd and 3rd for this event....there is a rumor a new tea blend will be released at this show.

Feb 2 - Feb 3Enumclaw Expo CenterEnumclaw, WA
4,003 people interested

We are so excited to announce that we will be partcipating in the Pinology Market in Puyallup, February 9th and 10th! We have loved participating in The Great Junk Hunt (coming in April), and are definitely looking forward to taking our teas and tea gifts to this show as well!

Come see us and get ready for Spring with some fun shopping and great tea blends!

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Feb 9 - Feb 10Washington State FairPuyallup, WA
Shopping · 19,007 people

Soaring Spirit Tea is proud to be a vendor at the first ever Samsarafest!
We are very much looking forward to this new event, and in addition to selling our loose leaf and teabag products, we'll also be serving up cups of fresh brewed Yerba Mate teas!

"A gathering of friends....exchanging stories over yoga, mediation, music, dance, arts, alternative healing therapies and so much more."


Go check out their event FB page and website! We hope you can join us!

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Annual gathering of friends from near and far who come together with open hearts to share their stories through yoga, music, meditation, art and dance.

Happy New Year, Soaring Spirit Tea fans! We hope this New Year has found you all healthy, happy, and ready for a FABULOUS year!
We are currently working on our 2018 show line up...and so far in the works for Spring are:
Wine and Chocolate, Enumclaw, February 2-3
Pinology Market, Puyallup, February 8-9
The Great Junk Hunt, Puyallup, April 27-28


We will post confirmations for our acceptance into these shows as soon as they are received. And, we are always looking for more opportunities to share our products and meet new, tell us, where would you like to see us pop up? What shows do you attend that you think we'd be a good fit for? Post them up below and we'll research the options!

In the mean time, be kind to yourself, share some Gratitude and happiness with our world, and brew yourself up a cup of yummy tea!
We are looking forward to seeing you all this year!

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January 5
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Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday!! For all of you out and about tomorrow, swing on by Anchor House on Main Street in Buckley from 9am to 3pm....I'll be there with several other vendors for a Christmas Shopping Bazaar. I'll have 4 flavors up for sampling, 9 flavors (both loose and tea bags) and brewing accessories for your holiday gift giving needs, and 20+ teas available for a Cup To Go....enjoy a 20 ounce cup of your fav flavor as you enjoy your shopping!
And, don't forget the Tree Lighting is happening tomorrow in town as well...there are festivities kicking off at 2:30pm on Main Street.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Sat 9:00 AM PSTAnchor House CoffeeBuckley, WA
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The Fall season is upon us, and that means vendor and craft shows are here as well!! We'll be at The Hungry Housewives 6th annual Craft and Vendor show this Saturday at Glacier Middle School. It's one of our favorite local events because we get to see so many of our friends there!
We'll have four of our blends up for sampling, and fresh batches of Immunity Boost and Teacher's packed up and ready so you can get stocked up for the busy season ahead!
Come on down and say hi!

Food & Beverage Company
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Soaring Spirit Tea
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The Hungry Housewives Events shared a Page to the event: The Hungry Housewives 6th Annual Craft & Vendor Show.

LOVE that my sweet friend Shannon Jones Slish from Soaring Spirit Tea will be back at our Oct 14th show in Buckley sharing unique Yerba Mate tea blends for ever...y taste, as well as offering fun and useful tea accessories and crafts. "Like" her page and make a point to visit her booth!

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Happy Spring to you all! If you are like me, Spring probably means a change in your daily cup of tea. Perhaps its time for something a little more fruity as you anticipate the summer that can't get here fast enough, or something a little more floral as the trees and flowers are all starting to bud out. Well, you are in luck! This Friday and Saturday, Soaring Spirit Tea will be in Puyallup at the fair grounds for The Great Junk Hunt! If you've never attended this show bef...ore you are in for a vintage treat! The booths are filled to overflowing with beautiful vintage items of all kinds; clothing, signs, baskets, furniture, windows, etc.....and of course, our teas!
Friday is the early bird preview, doors are open from 5:30-9pm. Saturday you can shop all day from 10am-4pm!
We'll have our newest blend up for sampling, Ginger Mint, as well as a few other favorites to enjoy!
And, if you haven't seen us since the beginning of 2017, come check out our new packaging!

**If you are coming to the show, and are hoping for a particular blend to be there for you, shoot me a quick message. We are only bringing 24 blends in this smaller space, but I'm more than happy to bring along some extras for all our favorite customers.

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Happy New Year, Soaring Spirit Tea Fans! We hope the holidays were Fabulous for you all, and that the New Year has wonderful things in store for everyone!
Wonderful things are already happening here at Soaring Spirit Tea! We have new packaging to kick off this year, and a new tea blend to kick off the New Year! Both of these will be unveiled at the Enumclaw Wine and Chocolate Festival coming up in a few weeks on February 3rd and 4th!
We are diligently working on a second... blend, and are hoping to have it done and ready for the show as well....but a few of the ingredients are slow to get here and setting us behind schedule. Keep your fingers crossed!

If you are planning on attending the show, be sure check out the 2 for 1 ticket offer at Get My Perks! We've included the link below. Hope to see you all at the Festival....Stay warm!…/se…/2017-wine-chocolate-festival

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Escape to Enumclaw to sip, swirl, savor and shop at the Enumclaw Wine & Chocolate Festival!

I hope this post finds you all enjoying the Magic of the season, and sharing good will towards your family, friends, and neighbors!
I was reading an article I've posted before about Lapacho, also known as Pau D'Arco. It is amazing to read the health benefits of this South American bark. We've carried a Yerba Mate Lapacho blend for the past two years and I get a lot of questions about it..."Why should we be drinking it?" "What does it do?" Well, this article has a whole of benefits!! I've included it below to read when you have a moment.
As we head into the holidays, and come ever closer to the beginning of a brand New Year, we at Soaring Spirit Tea wish you the best the season has to offer, with great health, Magical moments, and wonderful memory making.
We look forward to seeing you in the New Year, until then, May your Cup runneth over with Blessings and Gratitude!

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If you are near Enumclaw, consider swinging by the Festival of Crafts at the Expo Center....all of our half pound loose teas are marked down to $7, and all of our 20 count tea bags are marked down to $4!! Prices limited to stock on hand as we liquidate current stock to prepare for our new packaging in 2017!!
We also have all of our new tea brewing accessories here, great to pair up with our discounted teas for a FABULOUS holiday gift...or a little something for yourself for making it successfully to the weekend!

Hello Soaring Spirit Tea fans! This coming weekend is the Festival of Crafts at the Enumclaw Expo Center. This is our last show of the year! We are gearing up for new packaging in 2017, so many of our teas will be marked down to help us clear out our current, and soon to be "old", packaging. That being said, some of your favorites are already low inventory as we prepare for this transition, so coming early will give you the best selection! Its a great time to come down and stock up, and think about holiday gifts!

We'll have samples brewed up to enjoy! Hope to see you all there!

Hey everyone! Welcome to Fall, and our first big "stormpocalypse"! This Saturday before the big winds hit (hopefully) we will be at The Hungry Housewives 5th Annual Craft and Vendor Event, happening at Glacier Middle School in Buckley. Doors are open from 10-4. We'll have hot Yerba Mate samples brewed up for sipping, and all of our teas and accessories, so come on by to stock up for Fall!

Hope to see you all there!

Its been a creative, more than productive, day so far today. As we start planning, ordering, organizing, and shifting into summer and Fall shows, I'm checking out some very fun new twists on traditional decorative drinking gourds. Ohhhh, its so very exciting to consider having some new flare in our gourd department! We also have some new "more modern" items on the horizon that we'll be carrying this Fall as well.

With all that being said, if you could suggest a flavor or blend you'd like us to consider adding to our line up, or an herb you'd be interested in seeing utilized in a blend, or an accessory you'd like to see us carry....what would it be? You just never know what might show up at the next show....