SOPL member Jordan Frankel from has his OnGard Security Door Brace shown by Al Corbi on the Rachel Ray show.
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Locksmith Bill Neff is excelling again! Calling all locksmiths - show support for one of our own. Like, share and comment.…/bill-neff-for-congress-pennsylvanias-1…

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Here are your ABRITES Spring Sale Packs!

Pack 1 - AVDI + ATC01 = Sale price $900 / Distributor price $850
(ATC01 will be drop shipped after sale)


Pack 2 - ABPROG = Sale price $290 / Distributor price $260

Pack 3 - Mercedes Key Learning (MN026, ZN036, ZN002, ZN051)
Sale price $2600 / Distributor price $2200

Pack 4 - BMW Key Learning - (BN010, BN012, BN013)
Sale price $2200 / Distributor price $1870

Pack 5 - American Key Learning Pack (FR008, FN017, ON013, CR005, TN007)
Sale price $4200 / Distributor price $3600

Pack 6 - 30% discount when purchased individually and not with any of the other sale packs.
MN026, BN010, BN012, BN013, FR008,FN017, ON013, CR005, TN007

Pack 7 - 20% discount off all other software not included in any of the other sale packs.

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AVDI is a diagnostic tool for diagnosing, key learning, PIN extraction, module adaptation & reading and writing ECU's and other vehicle modules.
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Ken Bess
· October 14, 2017
I am now retired but have been a member since inception. A great bunch of knowledgeable locksmiths. They are more than willing to help fellow 'smiths.
Sos Sos
· October 14, 2017
Kind intelligent people willing to help others become better at this craft.