Just because Skins is over doesnt mean you can't support fellow MTV show stars! Like and share Koala Dance Bot Nation if you love I.aM.mE./Chachi from ABDC.

As you guys may have heard Skins was sadly not renewed. However that doesn't mean we can't still support Sofia in her future work. Hopefully Sofia moves on to bigger projects and has a successful career.


I know you're all are voting for I aM Me Crew at right now and that you're attending Watching I.aM.mE win America's Best Dance Crew.

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... but she can definitely hold her own with the big boys. Check out her dancing and I can guarantee you'll love her swag and personality enough to become a Koala Dance Bot.

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IDK if you guys have been keeping up with fellow MTV show America's Best Dance Crew, but a certain little crew called I.aM.mE is currently killing it on stage every.single.week. The youngest member of the crew, Chachi, only recently turned 15 years old.... Chachi is a "Prodigy" when it comes to dancing. At only 15 years of age, her talent level and dance I.Q. is extremely high. By learni...

All new Skins tonight at 10pm on MTV (U.S)/The Movie Network (Canada)!! It's #MonDAISY !

A little bit of poker...a little bit of liquor...…

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Are you guys ready to officially meet Rachel Thevenard better known as Skins (US)' Michelle Richardson???

Awwww Abbud we love you! If you love Ron Mustafaa follow his fan page on tumblr!

Dedicated to the funniest member of the Skins US cast

Skins on your tv in less than 1 minute! This week it's all about Tea's right hand man Abbud, self dubbed, "The King of Pimps!"

Skins Aftershow @ USTREAM: Official account for MTV SKINS.

Like Tea? What about her main squeeze Betty? If you do, you'll love Bettea.

Dedicated to the relationship between Tea Marvelli and Betty Nardone from the new American adaption of the hit British TV show, Skins.

If you guys fell in love with Britne Oldford tonight, as much as we did, then this tumblr is most definitely for you.

Dedicated to Britne Oldford, who will be playing Cadie on the new MTV show Skins US

Only 10 minutes until we're given a glimpse of what really goes on in Cadie's head.Tweet MTVSKINS to show your support for Britne Oldford, Sofia and the rest of the Skins (US) cast members!

What'd everyone think of the monkey man's episode tonight? Yay or Nay? We're definitely Yay.