Back when I was still trying this "rap thing"… lulz indeed.

So I made this shit roughly last year (2011 june). I met this girl, she dumped me, I felt like shit – it's all quite funny, really. Yeah – it is me on the vocals, in case you missed that. The entire s

I gotta say, having catstep as my 2nd most listened genre is surprising even to myself. What is that?

Here’s how I played in 2014. How did you play? #Spotify2014

Working on the soundtrack of Office Management 101, an upcoming business sim game by tulevik.EU! Expect loads of jazzy goodness.

sonubabeats's video on Instagram

Just a month to go until I can play Bublé's Christmas album without guilty conscience.

This is Michael Bublés cover on Jingle Bells. Enjoy! NOTICE(Users can ignore this if they want) I have made this video purely for entertainment purposes and ...

Uyama Hiroto released his sophomore album, freedom of the son! Took a lengthy 6 year wait but I'm sure it's totally worth it. Sadly, no streaming or not even digital buying. But when there's a will, there's a way.

0 track album

So hey… I posted something new on Soundcloud.

Felt like messing around a bit and ended up with this. Enjoy. I should really start learning to play keys properly… at some point I should know what I'm actually doing. The mix isn't the best but li

Yes, after almost 2 years, I'm finally getting popular! Haha!

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I feel like a noob, trying to get my head around Logic.

Made a new jazzy tune. Give it a spin!

A little something to jam to.

Haywyre, you crazy ass dude, what did you do here…

For the past… well, a while… I've been super busy with work and my career in general. I've been so away from music, I literally haven't done any music for the past 3 months and haven't done much in general for the past year. But I decided to change that and quit my job to start working on music again. Starting today, I'm a free man again. I don't want to give empty promises but I'm planning to finish the next EP in the nearest of future.

In the meanwhile, I happened upon some... of my stuff from years ago – many, many years ago.

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Phew! Finally posted my RBMA Tokyo application, appropriately on the last day of deadline. Feeling achieved just by that. Now it's just a long wait till June 17th.

Funny how you sometimes re-discover your own shiz and be like, yeah, that's pretty cool.

Still alive! Some very raw music for you, just so you wouldn't forget me. And by raw I mean I'd probably change a lot of things here but you know.
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