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Streaming on Spotify, Pandora, and so on now.

12 track album

Amber did an interview. Thanks Ally!

Last week, I blogged about Soundless' final show. This week, I interviewed my friend Amber Sebastian, Soundless' lead singer, about her band. Here is my interview with Amber: AM: How and wh...

Thank you to everyone for your support. We'll post here when our new 12-song album is done and when new musical adventures start up, but this particular phase is complete.

I'd like to be a sappy nerd now and post a relevant chapter from Ursula K. Le Guin's translation of the Tao Te Ching, "Celebrating Mystery".

Look at it: nothing to see....
Call it colorless.
Listen to it: nothing to hear.
Call it soundless.
Reach for it: nothing to hold.
Call it intangible.

Triply undifferentiated,
it merges into oneness,
not bright above,
not dark below.

Never, oh! never
can it be named.
It reverts, it returns
to unbeing.
Call it the form of the unformed,
the image of no image.

Call it unthinkable thought.
Face it: no face.
Follow it: no end.

Holding fast to the old Way,
we can live in the present.
Mindful of the ancient beginnings,
we hold the thread of the Tao.

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Our last show is tonight, 8PM at High Noon.

We'll have some songs to sing and a couple last custom T-shirts to get rid of as we see Sara and Chelsea off to CA!

Soundless shared an event.

The final Soundless show for a while is SEPTEMBER 14. We are excited to grace the High Noon Saloon's stage one last time!

Don't forget, you can still stream the album for free:

Soundless updated their cover photo.
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Basement show next Sunday at 7pm with Body Futures! Message for details.

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For the puppies!

This is likely our second-to-last show before we go into hibernation/hiatus. Come say hi and feel some feelings!

Soundless show alert, a month from today with Body Futures + more, a benefit show for Underdog Pet Rescue:

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May 13, 2014

Tomorrow night! 9PM sharp.

C'mon and hang out, it would be cool to see you... and you will be home snuggled up in bed before you turn into a pumpkin.

We're playing the Frequency on a warm Wednesday night, and we would love you t' see you and play you some strange songs.

FB event:

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Gracious thanks to Silo and Sky for including us in their Midwestern songs compilation series. Go hear Old Ways, our love song to dementia and forgetting... and some other cool stuff!

(Also go back to earlier volumes to hear other friends like the rutabega. HOORAY!)

P.S. Mickey's Tavern! This Saturday.

((Husband Material)) is a vastly-talented, globe-trotting, highly-mysterious creative project by one man who will remain nameless. As he uses many identities-within-identities, it’s hard to keep track of all the musical ground that ((Husband Material)) has covered in his genre-hopping journey into t…
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Dan Fitch

Soundless is playing Mickey's Tavern this Saturday night for Record Store Day with some rock and rollers: The Gonzo Rongs and Thunders.

We have an album and everything!

Upcoming shows:

Saturday April 19 - MICKEY'S with THE GONZO RONGS and THUNDERS



(tshirt snakes by Amber)

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Who drew this picture at the Art Table on Saturday? It's neato.

Know what this reminds me of? It makes me think of what all them lil' internet packets look like, flying toward you, as you stream our new album. Magical! Just go here:

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Dan Fitch

This one is particularly nice, who was it?

Our album is streaming now - also on Spotify. Check it out!

And mega thanks to everyone who came out to our show. It was so much fun to see you. HOORAY!!!

8 track album

Check out Pasture, one of our oldest entries in the Soundless songbook, solidified into album form here on Arts Extract Podcast!

The Madison band releases its album 'Atoms' this Saturday at the Dragonfly.