To all international students, having considered the university’s comprehensive strengths, faculty, teaching quality and international reputation, South China Normal University is in list of the top 100 China university rankings published by China University application center(

First HSK examination was successful held at Confucius institute at the University of Latvia
On 2nd, December, 2012, First HSK examination was successful held at Confucius institute at the University of Latvia, the examination got powerful support by University of Latvia and South China Nomal University, 17 examinees from Lativia, Finland and Italy took 4 different levels of HSK examination, one of them took Chinese oral intermediate test. The examinees sincerely appreciated... that University of Latvia offers chance to learn language study and take examination. The university’s Confucius institute will make persistent efforts to organize HSK examination and serve massive Chinese language learners

This HSK examination was the first multi-levels, multi-nations HSK test since Confucius institute was built in University of Latvia. It became an significant thing in education history of University ot Latvia

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The American API overseas education service institute visited South China Normal University

On the afternoon of 28th November, representative of The American API overseas education service institute Miss Jannet van de Riet visited South China Normal University, college of international culture general Party Committee branch secretary Wu Jian, vice president Qin Honglei and overseas students section of foreign affairs department section chief Ou Yanhui attended the interview,... two parties had friendly and effective communication about matter concerned that American students learning Chinese in SCNU and opening English instructed programs.

Wu Jian firstly welcomed miss Jannet’s coming and briefly introduced about general information about SCNU and college of international culture, especially the achievement made in international Chinese education promotion, in the meanwhile, he expressed his hope that further enlarge education market in America through cooperating with American API overseas education service institute, and his welcome that more American students come and study in SCNU. Miss Jannet firstly indicated that she visited SCNU with a hope that increasing understanding of each other, exploring or creating cooperative international programs that American student are interested in and developing various academic exchange. Through frank and constructive discussion, two parties reached primary agreement that American students take long-term or short-term language programs in SCNU and carry out summer camp, and discussed about possibility of setting up English instructed programs, because American students prefer joining in programs set up for Chinese students to taking course set up for them alone, the hoped to learn and study Chinese culture in a deliberateness way.

American API overseas education service institute’s headquarter lies in Austin city, Texas state, America, which sets up offices in 72 cities of 34 nations in the world, it serves students to have internship or study or pay visit to places all over the world.

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Works of Prof. Fang Shaohua from School of Fine Arts is displayed in the 2012 Shanghai international biennale

On October, Prof. Fang Xhaohua from our university School of Fine Arts to be Guangdong Province the only Chinese contemporary artist invited participated in the 9th Shanghai international biennale “power generation again” which was held in Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. This Shanghai Biennale is another pageant for the global contemporary artist since its intern...ational transition in 2000, a number of 98 artists from 27 coutries and areas attended. The biennale contains: Theme Exhibition, City Hall Project, Zhongshan Park Plan, Shang hai Ark, Yuan Ming Garden 5 programs, Fang Shaohua from School of Fine Arts accepted the invatation to take part in theme exhibitioni “Zao Hua” section, his new works “No spectrum of bamboo” series causes highly attention of famous art critics home and abroad.

In Fang Shaohua’s image mind, the classic holiness has been destructed, the spirit of rational criticize was replaced by anxious thinking about reality gradually, what visual experience of urbanization adopts the form of expressionism expresses is Fang Shaohua’s experience of China—— Spiritual sign of personal will. To be one of the 85’s fine arts new trend pioneers, Fang Shaohua’s works was put on display respectively in National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Hong Kong City Hall, the Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan, in Bonn, Germany, Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery of Singapore, Copenhagen, Denmark, Charlotte Goldberg Exhibition Hall, South Korea, Seoul Convention and Exhibition Centre, New York, Jack Tilton Gallerythe Düsseldorf Art Museum, Germany and so on these exhibition halls home and abroad, and it is also collected successively by museums such as National Art Museum of China, the Shanghai Art Museum and the Museum of Art in Bonn, etc.

Prof. Fang Shaohua graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts department of Oil Painting in 1983, then worked in our university department of Fine Arts in 1995, he used to be Institute of Fine Arts director and Fine Arts Associate dean, now he is China Oil Painting Society chairman, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, and member of Guangdong Artists Association of Oil Painting Art Committee.

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Our school foreign expert, academician Hilding Lars Olof Björn won 2012 year China government “Friendship Award”

2012 year China government “Friendship Award” award presentation ceremony was held in Great Hall of the People on 28th, Sept. our school foreign experts Hilding Lars Olof Björn won the prize. China government “Friendship Award” was set up in 1991 to reward those foreign experts who make great contribution in reform and openness and modernization drive, it is the hi...ghest honor for foreign experts working in China. There were in total of 50 foreign experts from 22 countries won the China government “Friendship Award” this year, involving in industries, agriculture, clean energy, education and technology, medical care, culture and sports and so on many fileds. This year in total of 3 foreign experts in our province won the award, academician Björn is our province colleges the only one foreign expert of cultural education who got this award, as well as the our school second foreing expert of cultural education who got the honor since in 2009 when the Russia mathematician Leonid Bokut won China government “Friendship Award”

Academician Hilding Lars Olof Björn, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel judges, Lund University, Sweden Emeritus Professor, is world famous ecologist and photobiologists, used to be Lund University department of biology director(1972-2000), international photobiologist association vice chiairman(1984-1988), international well-known biological science Physiologia Plantarum’s editorial board; he works as chief consultant of the UNEP Ozone Layer and the Global Change Research Committee from1989 till now. Academician Hilding Lars Olof Björn has been active in many international academic organizations and institutions, has published over 300 papers in international academic journals so far. Academician Björn was approved of Guangdong province the first batch of commanding troops talents in Feb. 2010, and was appointed as South China Normal University distinguished professor on May 18th , 2010

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10 students from school of literature obtain HK Peng Ying Xian museum 200,000 grants

17th Oct. school of literature Peng Ying Xian museum grants opening ceremony was held in our university school of literature. Vice chairman of Peng Lai Xian museum Hong Shaolin, Peng ying xian museum director of education, Mr. LiBingLun, chairman Ms. Zhu Yuling, Mr. Ye Mantang, The Taoist Cultural Center, senior director, Mr. Chen Jingyang, vice preisent of school of literature Chen Shaohua, ...deputy director of students work department Zhou Xian, deputy secretary of school of literature Huang Chuwen attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by secretary of school of literature league committee Zhang Qi, 10 students who got the grants also attended the ceremony.

Hong Shaolin gave a speech on behalf of Peng Ying Xian museum, he explained that the museum did a lot of Charity work in HK recent years for the purpose of promoting the Taoism, and carrying forward the traditional culture, the special trip from Hong Kong to the Mainland this time was out of patriotism on one hand, and on the other hand is to promote Taoism sprit of benefiting the world, redeeming the people, to bring love to country and people. He hoped the students who got supported could study without worrying about, also spread their caring heart when walking into society, hoped to move on the cooperation with school of literature to help more students.

Chen Wenhua on behalf of school of literature gave a speech. He first expressed his thanks and respect for the Peng Ying Xian museum’s donation. He said that the museum charity as if salutary influence, not only supports students of difficulty, but also resonates with teachers who stick to education front. He hoped the students who got the grants to turn dripping grace into power of self-improvement, work hard to learn, turn it into courage of overcoming difficulties, advancing despite difficulties, to reward the society’s care with excellent grades

Later, Huang Chuwen on bahalf of school of literature formaly made assignment with Hong Shaolin and Li Binglun from Peng Ying Xian museum, and accept the museum’s cheque. Peng Ying Xian museum gives financial supports of total 50,000 yuan to 10 2012 students every year, that is 200,000 yuan in 4 years. Chen Shaohua on behalf of school of Literature a pennant as appreciation

After the ceremony, representatives of Peng Ying Xian museum had a cordial conversation with students who got financial support, and had launch together.

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Our university added 3 post-doctoral scientific research flow stations

A few days ago, human resource social security department and national post-doctoral management committee jointly announced 2012 year new, additional and confirmed post-doctoral stations name list, there are 301 new stations, 219 additional and 229 confirmed flow stations set up in the whole nation. This time our university added Chemistry, Ecology, and World History stations, confirmed biology, Chinese hi...story flow stations

Our university set up post-doctoral scientific research station of biology in 1991, enrolling and educating post-doctoral researchers, one of the units which earlier carry out the post-doctoral training. So far, the university has Biology, education, psychology, theory, economics, sports, the Chinese Language and Literature, Marxist theory, physics, Chinese history, philosophy, mathematics, geography, chemistry, ecology, history of the world, 15 post-doctoral research flow stations. In 21 years, our university has trained 346 postdoctoral fellows, 243 outside stations and 103 remained postdoctoral staff. Most post-doctors who leave the stations after completed training enter into colleges and research institution, and become teaching and research elites in every units. The additional post-doctoral scientific flow stations will effectively enhance our university Postdoctoral health development

Post-doctoral flow stations has become our university’s attracting, educating, selecting talents important base, reserved of the large number of young high-level personnel, optimized school teaching staff. The postdoctoral has become an important force in the university research team, and played a positive role in promoting school development.

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Athletes in our university break National College Student Sports Meeting swimming and track records, gain 3 golds, 11 silvers and 11 bronzes.

On 8th , Sept. to 18th , the 9th National College Student Sports Meeting hosted by State Sports General Administration and undertaken by Tianjin Municipal People's Government was held in Tianjin. Athletesand coaches in our university got3 golds, 11 silver and 11 bronze under the leading of the party deputy secretary and sports delegat...

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Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ、Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda, brought in by our university gets approval of 2012 year national high-end foreign expert project.

Rencently, SAFEA issued the results of 2012 year national high-end foreign expert project approval, approximately 10 peson in Guangdong province were approved of the project, 3 person in our university included, they are Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ、Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda. Among the three pers...on, Henry Frederick Schaefer Ⅲ was introduced by our university school of chemistry and environmental science, obtained 140,000 yuan national funding for special assistance; Iam-Choon Khoo and Cornelis Reinder Ronda was respectively introduced by south China Advanced Optoelectronic Research Institute Light and Electromagnetic Research Center, both obtained 120,00.

“High-end foreign experts project” is a intellignece introducing project that was set up by SAFEA in 2011. Its establishment is aimed at carrying on central talents strategy, cooperating with national “ Foreign experts thousands plan” implement, speeding up high-level foreign experts qualified personnel construction, building a active, useful high standard foreign expert introducing platform so as to foreign intelligence introduction works better for national economic construction and social development. The project mainly bings in scientists, world famous experts and scientific commanding troops talented person who can make breakthrough in key technology, develop high-tech industries and drive emerging discipline. Its selected conditions and approval are extremely strict, foreign experts who can be selected will get support for their rewards and other relevant costs from SAFEA.

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Vice President Guo Jie meets the Delegation from Coventry University

Vice President Guo Jie met with the delegation from Coventry University led by vice president of Coventry David Pilsburg on the afternoon of May 16, 2011.

Mr. Guo extended a warm welcome to the guests and gave a brief introduction of SCNU. He pointed out that we were committed to building an international teaching and research university. Mr. Pilsburg expressed his enthusiasm in developing cooperation with S...CNU. They also exchanged views on exploring student exchange program, teacher exchange program and cooperation in science and research with SCNU.

After the meeting, the delegation paid a visit to Nanhai Campus and spoke highly of its educational philosophy and curriculum.

Coventry University is an evolving and innovative university with a growing reputation for excellence in education. Its roots go as far back as Coventry College of Design in 1843. Automotive Engineering and Design maintains the UK’s position as a leader in automotive design and it ranks among the world top three.

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SCNU Delegation Lead by Vice President Qian Xianbin Visited Queen’s University

On June 12, a four-member SCNU delegation led by Vice President Qian Xianbin visited Queen’s University in Canada. During the visit, the delegation met Queen’s Vice President Dr. John Dixon, Dr. Stephen Elliott, Dean of Faculty of Education, Mr. Wayne Myles, Director of International Centre, and some other administrators and faculty.

Qian Xianbin, on behalf of the delegation, extended gratitude fo...r Queen’s invitation and hospitality. He also expressed his best wish for building the partnership between two universities. Prof. Lu Xiaozhong,Dean of Educational Science, put forward the proposal for student and scholar exchange, and explored the feasibility with Dr. Elliott and Mr. Myles. Queen’s is also highly interested in other cooperation proposals.

Queen’s University has a history of 170 years behind since it was founded in 1841. It has great influence on the education development in Canada. It has been famous for its high academic caliber and many of its strong disciplines including biology, medicine, commerce, engineering, law, fine arts and science. Together with University of Toronto and McGill University, they are called the Ivy League in Canada.

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International Students Squeezed the Way to Peking at the Qualifier for the Fourth “Han Yu Qiao” Language Competition

On May 26, 2011, the Qualifier of Guangdong Province was successfully held at SCNU. The “Han Yu Qiao” Language Competition was Sponsored and organized by the Hanban(Confucius Institute Headquarters) and CCTV.

28 international Contestants took part in the competition. They were from Sun Yet-san University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and SCNU. Four of them overcame all the difficulties and out-shined the stage with their outstanding performance though their peers were also excellent. After a written exam in the morning and the stage knockout in the afternoon, they were chosen for the final in Peking.

Delegation Led by Vice President GuoJie Visited San Francisco State University

The six-member delegation visited San Francisco State University(SFSU) in Mid May.

During the visit, the delegation was met by SFSU’s Vice Presidents Enrique Riveros-Schafer and Yenbo Wu, Gail Evans, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Studies Gail Evans and Nancy Hayes, Dean of College of Business. In the meetings, collaboration possibilities were explored such as building a international coll...ege at Nanhai Campus and a 2+2 education project. Two universities have already reached a census on the grounds of cooperation and further details on development will be pursued later on.

SFSU, founded at 1899, is one of the 23 state universities in California and highly reputable among the 4,000 colleges and universities in US.

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Vice President Guo Jie meets the Delegation from the University of Newcastle, Australia

Vice President Guo Jie met with the delegation from the University of Newcastle, Australia, led by vice president Stephen Nicholas on the afternoon of June 2, 2011.

Mr. Guo extended a warm welcome to the guests and gave a brief introduction of SCNU. Mr. Nicholas expressed his enthusiasm in developing cooperation with SCNU. They also exchanged views on exploring cooperation in economics w...ith SCNU.

Newcastle consistently maintains its ranking in Australia’s top 10 universities for research and its MBA program, engineering, medical science and nursing are among the best in Australia.

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