IN CUSTODY on Felony Predatory Offender-Knowingly Violates Registration Req. or Intentionally Provides False Information
Julio Deciderio Jara-Naula, DOB: 02.02.1979
Address on booking: 2xx E 32nd St, Mpls
Arrested by US Marshals
Prior arrests/convictions:...
--Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct-4th Degree (Kidnapping and False Imprisonment dismissed in plea deal). Felony sentence STAYED by Judge Danial H. Mabley.
--Domestic related and OFP violations

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Bicyclist struck at 42nd St E, Snelling. 18:55


30xx 13th Ave S, EMS/PD dispatched to "severe bleed" from "possible assault." 18:10

Sanford School #Mpls EMS dispatched to one unconscious in the gym. 13:24

21st Ave S and 29th St, vehicle theft. Suspect: A drunk Somali male entered a parked school bus and took off. Unknown whether kids were aboard. 11:50

52xx Hiawatha Lane (which is east of Minnehaha Ave), MPD dispatched to armed robbery. Multiple suspects: BM, light complexion, 5'2", 20s. Other WF. A shotgun and handgun mentioned. 11:43

34th St/23rd Ave S, MPD dispatched to report of possible kidnapping. RP saw one male force another male into a vehicle, possible Dodge Charger. 13:30

As we posted last night: Car fire that turned out to be a shooting at 36th/2nd.

Minneapolis police are investigating what led up to a shooting and subsequent crash Tuesday night...

36th/2nd, apparently related to the car fire we just posted, MPD on site of shooting. Silver Kia involved, also a male wearing dark clothes fled southbound. Victim shot in neck and chest, reportedly. 21:45

36th Ave/2nd Ave S, vehicle fire with several trapped inside. Possibly one thrown, and another running from crash. 21:36

35th St and 25th Ave S, crash involving school bus with kids on board. 16:50

Area near Andersen School, sounds like squads are looking for a lost/missing 9 y/o male. No other descriptive info. 11:39
Last seen on way to school this morning: Native M, black jacket, blue jeans.

24th/10th (market), report of assault and damage to property. Property was damaged and victim was punched in the face and choked. 09:51

25xx 11th Ave S, attempted robbery with stabbing. Female victim showed up at RP's house hysterical and bleeding from the hand. 23:40

25xx 11th Ave S, attempted robbery with stabbing. Female victim showed up at RP's door hysterical and with a bloody hand. 22:38

18xx Columbus, PD responding to report of EDP, person "on PCP and trying to cook cigarette filters." 22:23

37xx 29th Ave S, MPD chasing burglary suspect. 22:07
UPDATE: They interrupted the burglary. It might also be a "CSC" according to responders (may have found sexual assault victim or other evidence in the garage or area).