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Brenda Walker
· January 17, 2014
These lady's r great they will go above the call of duty !!!!
To help u with ur real estate
Either sale or buying
Amber Lynn Naylor
· January 18, 2014
Vora Dennewitz is the best real estate agent in WV!!:)
Nathan Thorn
· August 14, 2013
Thanks Rachel Valencia

You don't need ten realtors to help you when you're looking for a house, JUST ONE PRO! We can show you anything on the market! Call us today!
Vora Dennewitz - 304-485-1075
Kim Bock Wilson-304-615-1527
Faye Hibbs- 304-422-3065
Marsha Cattlett--304-481-7667...
Boots Powell-304-485-5334

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You don't need 10 realtors to find a new home or to sell your property. Just call one of the Pros at South Parkersburg Realty.

For selling or buying property call one of the Pros!

For all your real estate needs call one of the Pros at South Parkersburg Realty!