Last time to check in for an exam tonight is 6:59 pm! No line, since 10 am.

On Friday, December 8th there is a total of 26 class exams which close at 5:00 p.m. There is a total of 750 + students who will be taking those 26 open exam. Please do not wait until tomorrow. Today is Dec. 7th.

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Hector Ruben Sanchez
· December 7, 2017
What’s not to love about this place? It’s a very intriguing place that pushes you to do harder in tests! I love it and need it for the rest of my academic career at SUU. I will always view this place a gladiator arena and I’m thrown in with whatever the professors throw at me. And I will make sure to always prepare to win that fight. See More

We have a line for computer tests. Please be patient and we will get you in as soon as possible! Take the time to study!

Update: We currently do not have a line. We have had over 100 people in. Happy Testing!

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We currently have no line. If you are prepared for your exam, today would be a great day for testing! Good luck, you'll all do great!

We will be open during study day for our usual hours, 9am-6pm. Finals week is always packed, so be prepared to study in line. We will do our best to get you all in, so please have patience with us! Study hard and happy testing!

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Happy Friday everyone! We do have 12 tests that close today. Many of them require a computer. Please give yourself plenty of time to take your exam. We close at 6 tonight, so make sure you check in before 5.

Spring break is coming up, and we have a lot of tests open and closing the next two days. We currently have 26 exams closing just of Friday, so be prepared for lines and take the time in line to study. Remember we will shut our windows at exactly at 7pm today and 5pm tomorrow. Happy Testing!

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We currently have a line for computer tests due to students waiting the last day to take their exam. We will try to get everyone it, just have patience and take the time to study.

Good morning! We have over 40 tests open, and more than half of them close Friday. We hardly have anyone here, so please come today, otherwise expect a long line on Friday. Happy Testing!

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Happy Friday testers! Just a quick note, we have 25 tests closing today!!! Our hours are 9am-6pm, and you MUST check in before 5 if you are going to test. There might be a line, so plan accordingly!

Good Morning T-Birds! We currently have 46 tests available, check to see when yours is available. Happy Testing!

Good morning students! We have a few tests open today, make sure you check your syllabus and canvas to see when your exam is available. Have a great week!

***We will be closed on January 16th due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Welcome back! We have the same hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm, Friday 9am-6pm. You must check-in one hour before closing or you will not be allowed to test.

Congratulations, you have survived the semester! Study day is today, and we are open our normal testing hours: 9am-6pm, check in before 5pm! Next week is finals, please prepare to study in line and be ready to take your exam. Scantrons filled out, IDs and cellphones at the ready. Thanks! Happy Testing!