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Jamie Carlson
· September 29, 2015
Love the girls here. They're so great with my son.

All of us at Sovereign are so thankful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful children and their families! We hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Now it's time to take care of all those last-minute gifts! Yes...some of us have procrastinated as well, you're not alone! Why not pick out toys that will help your child develop great functional skills? Below is a link to the "Ultimate Child Development Gift Guide"!
Also, at the top, you'll find a link to a FREE ...printable for some fun activities to do with your child at home!

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We’ve already shared our gross motor gift guide and fine motor gift guide, and we’ve heard from lots of you that it’s also helpful to have gifts for kids broken down by age so you can find exactly what you’re looking for as you fill up your sleigh this holiday season (and beyond)! This post contains...

Happy Halloween from some of our staff!

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Please note that we will be closing at 3:00 on Monday, October 31st. Enjoy your families and have fun trick-or-treating!

Well, we had a fun week of silly outfits and Halloween fun!
Have a wonderful time trick-or-treating and don't forget to share your costumes with us next week ... we'd love to see them!

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Join us for a week of silly, costumed fun! We're planning to celebrate each day with a new theme, all in preparation for COSTUME DAY on Monday, October, 31st!
Here is our schedule:


Monday, October 24th: Nerd Day!
Tuesday, October 25th: Sports Day!
Wednesday, October 26th: Pajama Day!
Thursday, October 27th: Mismatch Day!

Monday, October 31st: Costume Day! Happy Halloween!

We CAN'T WAIT to see your outfits!

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We hope everyone is ready to start this Holiday season! Here is a heads-up regarding our Holiday schedule for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

We will be closed on the following days:
Thursday, November 24th (Thanksgiving)
Monday, December 26th (Christmas)...
Monday, January 2nd (New Year's)

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If you've been searching for a great way to help your child develop keyboarding skills, look no further!
The Keyboarding Without Tears app offers age-appropriate lessons for children ranging from Kindergarten age through 5th grade! If you have any questions about whether this would be appropriate for your child, please ask any of our OTs for more information.…/keyboarding-without…/id895423963…

Well, fall has started and tomorrow is OCTOBER - who's ready to crunch some leaves and dig into some pumpkins?! We are!

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Torticollis is a tightening of the neck muscle called the sternocleidomastoid. It causes you to tilt your head to one side and look in the opposite direction. Because babies with torticollis tend to favor looking in one direction, they can begin to develop a flat spot on the back or side of their head. The good news is that torticollis can be treated with conservative treatment of physical therapy, working on stretching the side of the neck that is tight and strengthening ...the opposite side. Cranial Technologies can assist with side affect of torticollis and help correct the flat spot, as they can help change the skull base. They offer a free screening for all children to see if they qualify. As with many diagnoses, the earlier the treatment, the better the outcome.

Here are two of our little cuties who have been making great gains in physical therapy this year!

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Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a child's speech is still developing, or if there's something larger at hand. As a speech-language pathologist, this is one of my most frequently addressed topics! There is a general guideline for when speech sounds become age appropriate for a child, and this is one of my favorite handouts to help guide parents and therapists alike! Of course, every child is different and will develop at different ages, but this guide will give a good idea for when certain sounds should be appearing consistently. If you have any concerns about your child's speech development, give us a call for a free screening!

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Who's aware of the therapeutic use of weight? So often, as therapists, we recommend use of tools and activities that provide the body with deep pressure and proprioceptive input. This includes things like heavy work and weighted tools (vests, blankets, lap pads, etc.). This extra weight/input helps to calm the nervous system and allows it to more effectively interpret sensory input - leading to increased attention, improved body awareness, and decreased prevalence of sensory-seeking behaviors.

Handmade Weighted Blankets is a WONDERFUL resource where you can find buy reasonably priced weighted blankets and lap pads, made with love by a mother who knows, first-hand, just how beneficial they can be! Take a look at her site and take advantage of some GREAT SALES!!!

With school back in session, attention often gets placed on handwriting. Most of us learn best with interactive, hands-on learning, right? Here's a popular app that we like to use to help kids learn letter formations - making the "boring" handwriting tasks much more fun!
Letter School provides great progressions, helping kids form letters with greater independence as they work their way through each stage of the app. Your child will be writing their letters in no time!…/letterschool-learn-…/id435476174…

Know of any other helpful, back-to-school apps? Let us know!


We are excited to have Miss Meagan join us as our new speech therapist here at Crystal Lake! She is a 2015 graduate of Oklahoma State University, with her masters in Speech-Language Pathology. Meagan completed her fellowship year in the Chicago area and has decided to remain "up north".

Meagan will be starting her schedule here within the next couple weeks....
Who's ready to show her how much fun we have here at Sovereign?!

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Sovereign Pediatric Therapy is feeling excited.

Who remembers Hungry Hungry Hippos?! - This is where board games come to life! It's a win-win when you can integrate socialization and teamwork into therapy sessions and have fun at the same time!
"Teamwork makes the dream work!" - Cait Lynn

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Here at Sovereign we work hard to keep therapy fun for everyone! As kids continue to make progress toward their functional goals, they amaze us with their abilities and motivation to participate in increasingly challenging tasks. Here’s one of those achievers, showing us just how strong he really is by pulling not one, but TWO therapists on a scooter!
I'm not sure who was having more fun!

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Have you ever wondered whether or not your child would benefit from aquatic therapy? Hopefully we can answer some of your questions!

1. What is aquatic therapy? – Aquatic therapy utilizes a multi-sensory approach, combining components from physical, occupational, and speech therapy together to provide your child with an opportunity to improve deficits and encourage increased functional independence in the aquatic setting. Water acclimation and safety awareness skills are addressed.

2. Why should my child receive therapy in the water? – Water has several unique properties that aid in the provision of therapy. These include:
- Buoyancy: gravity is decreased and there is greater ease of movement.
- Resistance: provides 360 degrees of sensory input, slows fast movement and allows for muscular strengthening.
- Drag: provides additional prompting for secondary movements.
- Therapeutic temperature: promotes relaxation and improved blood flow.
Water is also motivating for children, having a positive effect on self-esteem, regulation, social, and cognitive skills.

Benefits include: improved balance, coordination, midline orientation, muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance, pain management, motor skills, postural awareness, relaxation, mobility, and sensory processing and awareness.

3. Who would benefit? – Water is a beneficial therapeutic tool for almost all children. This includes children with sensory disorders, limited range of motion, lack of coordination, pain, weakness, orthopedic injuries, low or high tone, a variety of neurological disorders, and other motor skills deficits.

Any questions, give us a call at 815-477-4788!

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