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Bambi Klitz
· March 19, 2014
I am very blessed to have found Dr. Spencer and her staff :) She eases my anxiety and now I am proud to smile
Christina Cole
· July 22, 2014
Love love love!

Mysterious headaches might be in your mouth. Here's how to tell.

Did you know that in many cases, frequent, or even constant headache pain can be treated more effectively by your dentist, instead of by your GP? Headaches are strange beasts. Their cause is often elusive, and they can range from mildly irritating to unrelentingly painful. Since frequent headaches c...

To all our MOMS out there!

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Today is National Teacher's day! Who's your favorite teacher of all time? Tag them here!

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Pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant? Here’s the scoop on how things will affect your oral health!

Learn tooth and gum healthy habits, oral health concerns, nutrition and more during your pregnancy.

We know you've been looking for as many reasons to keep drinking coffee as humanly possible. Here's another one!

If you have a desire to stain your teeth, consuming multiple cups of coffee a day is a sure way to get you there. That much you likely already know. What you may not know, though, is that drinking coffee in moderation can actually help you protect your teeth, because of coffee’s unique anti-bacterial properties.

Do you have an oddly-shaped or discolored tooth blemishing a beautiful smile? For many of our patients with the same predicament, a cosmetic crown has been an easy, affordable solution.

Call today to arrange for a free consultation!

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Monday morning question: What's your favorite brand of breath mint to pop just before an interview?

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Don't throw away money this year. Ask your employer about a pre-tax FSA account!

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Indeed. Schedule your professional cleaning here if you haven't seen us in a while -

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You'd never do this to us, right?!

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Believe it or not, your health care needs progress along with your age. The trade-off for more wisdom in life is the need to be wiser about your health. Read what sort of changes you might need in your routine as you hit the 50-mark.

When they say “age is all in your head,” they’re probably right. But then, your teeth ARE in your head -- so you likely can’t escape having to pay a little more attention to them after 50. Although some oral health concerns are fairly common at that age, if you adopt a proactive mindset and educate yourself, these concerns do not have to be common for you. Anticipating and recognizing changes in your mouth can help you be on top of your health in this area -- so let’s take a look at the main ones you have to watch out for.

It's April Fool's Day! Get out there and have some fun!

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Quickie-brusher? Brush to Motown! Old radio hits are usually under three minutes, so around the second chorus you'll be done with your two minutes of brushing. Then you can rinse to the finale!

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Are your children's teeth coming in? It might be time for fluoride toothpaste ...

Are you responsible for brushing your child’s teeth? For decades, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggested parents wait until children reached the age of three before using fluoridated toothpaste to care for their teeth. But things changed in 2014 ...

Ok, let's do this! Make it a great week all!

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Green isn't just fun to wear, it's good for your teeth as well! Happy St. Pat's!

As the saying goes: “On St. Patrick’s day, everyone is Irish!” Gallant parades flow down city streets, and Irish music flows out of public houses … shamrock pins are dusted off from the year prior … and liquids of all sorts turn a shade greener on this special of special days for the nation’s Irish.