Utility Warehouse have added fixed price energy tariffs to their portfolio of services. As you'd expect with Utility Warehouse, there is NO EARLY TERMINATION FEE if you'd like to switch back to the standard tariff at any time. Who do you know that would like peace of mind without being tied in? Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more

I'll be there - looking forward to it!

Our members have generated £254,000 worth of business for each other since November 2011. Come along to our Open Evening to see how we do it. Monday 22/8/11 6.30pm - 8.30pm West Park Cafe, West Park Village, DL2 2GL Guest Speakers: Maureen Henderson Elvet HR Services Ltd ‘Practical Solution...

Took a call from a happy domestic customer today who wants me to sort his business services out now his gas renewal has arrived - can save him 1/3! I love taking calls like that

Would you like a business partner like this? to find out how you can have one!

ShareCast is a financial news and information service for the private investor and the trader who needs to know. Updated continualy during UK market hours, our financial journalists drawn from Fleet Street titles bring the City to a screen near you

BHS are the latest retailer to join our list of cashback card partners - yet another way for our members to shrink their bills

Congratulations to Lawrence and our colleagues at Prince Bishop Chapter for winning the BNI 25th Anniversary Video contest! If you haven't seen it, you must watch the winning video...

BNI Prince Bishop Chapter shows how they like to keep the fun in their fundamentals. Not that they make a song and dance about it... oh wait, yes they do...

venturing into the world of social media... Koodoo's 10 minutes yesterday must have had impact!