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Daddy Robert
· March 19, 2018
Best bagels in the city! Service has is always excellent and a great atmosphere to eat in. Diverse crowd and I recommend it!!
Jessica Arellano
· October 16, 2017
Specifically asked if the lox plate could be to go. I get home and have no tomato or capers on my bagel. Shelled out the extra money and didn't get what I wanted and it wasn't even that great. Wouldnt... recommend it. See More
Sarah Bohlin
· February 24, 2017
I was so excited to grab a 1/2 dozen bagels for my office on this dreary Friday morning. I have some pretty tough skin...but feelings were literally hurt by how I was treated at the Division ...location. How hard is it for someone to order a 1/2 dozen bagels with 2 kinds of cream cheese to go? Apparently it was the end of the world for the two working this morning (2/24/17 at 7:30am) with no other customers in line. I am not from California or New York, my Spielman friends. Please lighten up! See More
Karen Lucus-Lavarnway
· September 14, 2017
Bagel were a little tough. I found it to be a little spendy too. 2 bagels, 2 cream cheese, 2 coffees was $17....not sure we will be back.
Jeff Winter Reader
· May 23, 2016
After waiting almost 30 minutes to get three bagels to go yesterday morning, I'm standing there waiting for our order. The girl did not know how to apply olive oil to a bagel.Really? After asking a c...o-worker, she poured a ring of olive oil onto the bagel over a garbage can. Then she proceed to scratch her head with her bare fingers and pick-up the second bagel in our order and do the same thing. There was more olive oil in the to go bag then on our bagel. Then with the 3rd bagel, she pulled out her drink and took a drink through the straw right over our bagel. Poor hygiene with food. And the bagels were not toasted very well. Use a pastry brush to apply olive oil!!! Maybe the health department should know about this? Oh, and I did mention something to the guy behind the counter... See More
Gary Grainger
· June 22, 2016
Asked for 2 cheese bagels to go. Didn't check bag. When I got home I had 3 cheese bagels. I guess I paid for 3. I did not think they were fresh. Took all my effort to eat one, gave other 2 to the... neighbors. I will not be going back.
This was new store on SE Division.
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Gila Lane
· October 22, 2015
My favorite is cinnamon raisin with roasted vegetables. Oh, they make a great hot chocolate. Rick, the owner is a peach.
Brendon Siefert
· July 8, 2016
Awesome bagels! Definitely worth waiting in line a little for one.
Mary-Margaret Wheeler-Weber
December 4, 2012
An excellent reason to get to a 7:30 am meeting on time ... these bagels, plus the salted caramel cream cheese.
Zachary Fitzgerald
· July 4, 2014
Go for the bagel, stay for the coffee.
Chris Benware
· August 6, 2013
Best Bagels in Portland!
Cicley King Bogenrief
· June 29, 2014
Awsome shit!
Yelp Portland
April 23, 2012
Santa Rita single origin from Spielman

Everyone's been asking and we finally have an answer. Our official grand opening for the new store will be Friday, May 4th! If you're in need of a bagel fix sooner, try stopping by next week... you may be pleasantly surprised

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We're excited to announce we're using Pacific Northwest salmon for our lox! Thanks to our new supplier, Oregon Lox Company, our lox are now higher quality and locally sourced!

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