New Sroking Test Version SROKing2.0.30_1 Released:
New Feature:
1.Support reverse immolation skill .
2.Auto Part Announcement
3.Auto invite around ppl ...
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Latest Latest Version: SROKing2.0.27_1

Release Time: 2010-05-04


Fix bugs:

1.SOX statistices problem,bot wont statistics Blue Item into SOX any more

2.Skill Simulation in Euro(only support lvl 1-99)

BTW , the version 26-2 and test version 27-1 still work for the latest game version !!!

Sroking Team ~

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Fixed:Mulit-clientsPls download and post the bug hereLatest TEST Version SROKing2.0.27-1Fixed Bugs :1.SOX statistics problem,bot wont statistics Blue Item into SOX any more2.Skill Simulation in EuroPls ...

New Official Version Released -- Latest Version: SROKing2.0.23_1

Hi, Sroking Users :New Official Version ReleasedLatest Version: SROKing2.0.23_1< download >New feature:1.Support that char supply in Alexadran2.Quest helper support the quest which is more than lvl 100If ...

Sroking Weekly [updating]- 2nd April And New TEST VERSION RELEASED!!!

Sroking Users :Erm ,there will be a little change about Sroking Weekly after Legend 5 updated.Because Sroking is unstable now and havent support many new skills ,item ,map even some new feature which is ...

Sroking Weekly[updating]---19th.Mar, Latest Version: SROKing2.0.22_3

Sroking Weekly [updating]- 5th Mar

Dear All:1.What did we do in those days ?(1)Still no new vesion released -- but we will release a new version in next week!!(2)Collected many data which are unknown about Legem V -- Heroes of Alexandria2.Bugs ...

Sroking Weekly [updating]-26th Feb pls visite here to know more

Dear all :Long time no see. We had a long holiday due to the Chinese New Year. Maybe u feel overlooked and ignored by us at that week. And now we are come back and working again.1.What did we do in those ...

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Sroking2.0.19_1 Released ,u can download from here

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Already Closed!

Hello dear users,

we are sorry that there were some ppl got banned these days. we dont think whether its something of sroking, we can only sure that 2.0.7_4 will make "incorrect game version" problem. in order to make sure its not the "incorrect game version" problem, we closed the 2.0.7 versions, now only 2.0.8_1 can w......ork, plz change to it as soon as possible.


and we will keep working on the 'ban' thing, if its really a matter with sroking we will make a solemn apology and a compensation.
really thx for your support, now adays we are working hard at the crash problem and dc from sroking server things. sorry for any inconvenience had caused.

direct download link for 2.0.8_1 :

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multi-client bug has been fixed~ if you want to use the multi-client version, plz download1.0.26_5, its on the homesite

new version released!~ support the game version 1.203! but cant multi-client with sroking itself. but it can go with loader, so if you want to multi-client, 1. wait for loader update; 2. wait for sroking update. we will fix it asap.