Looking to get outside this afternoon! Stop by the Campus Farm from 4p-6p to learn about permaculture plants from Sustainability Intern Allison Pendrak and a representative from a local garden center called Chesapeake's Bounty. We will then be planting the permaculture plants in planter boxes built by the SMCM Tiny House Project!

> Q: What even is a Vegan Spring Feast?
> A. It's like any other feast.... BUT VEGAN!
(and also with no cultural values or habits associated besides eating!)

> Q: What even is vegan? ...
> A: Food made without animal by-products
(meat, dairy, eggs, butter, gelatin, etc.)

> Q: Is that even possible?

> Q: Do you have to be vegan to attend?
You just have to be HUNGRY!

> Q: What if I want to cook something?
All you need to do is fill out the form:

> Q: Do I need to buy my own ingredients?
(you just need to let us know what ingredients you need!)

> Q: When's the last day that I can send in a recipe?
> A: April 15th is the LAST day to submit a recipe.

> If you have any questions email Dylan at

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Sun 5:00 PM EDTQA Basement / Vegetarian Co-Op
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Hey! Come out to Earth Hour this Sunday for some rad tunes and good food. Take an hour break from that SMP grind!

Sun 7:30 PM EDTWC Firepit
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Come celebrate Earth Hour at SMCM! Turn off your lights and computer for an hour, get outside, and rejoice in how eco-friendly you are.

Check out this link to learn more about this international event! (

There will be free vegetarian grub and s'mores!


This will be a no-waste event, so if you are going to partake in the consumption of foods please be responsible for your own plate, cups, utensils, etc.

The event will take place from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. There will be music and feel free to bring your guitars y'all!

Come one, come all! get jiggy green with it

This event is brought to you by SEAC (Student Environmental Action Coalition).

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Sun 7:30 PM EDTWC Firepit
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Share with your friends!

Fri 3:00 PM ESTSMCM Waterfront
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Join SEAC on Friday February 26 at 3pm at the waterfront for this year's Polar Bear Plunge!

Human-made greenhouse gases are trapping more heat in the atmosphere, accelerating the increase in average global temperatures. Climate change is impacting our friends, family, neighbors and, yes, the polar bears. By taking the plunge, you'll help raise awareness at SMCM and in the community.

There will be free veggie burgers and snacks!


**For safety reasons, you must wear closed-toed shoes if you are planning to take the plunge**

A FUN & FREE event hosted by Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)

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Fri 3:00 PM ESTSMCM Waterfront
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Remember when you were in elementary school and your mom forgot to pack your lunch, so you were forced to eat the dreaded cafeteria food. Seriously, that slab of gray mystery “meat” still haunts our dreams. While the memory of school lunch might not sit so well with us, for the students at The Peck…


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Global Call for Climate Action

Fantastic Friday news from British Columbia, where the provincial government formally REJECTED the application for Enbridge's Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipelin...e!! Congratulations to all our partners and allies and supporters in British Columbia who fought long and hard to make this happen, including Dogwood Initiative, The Sierra Club, ForestEthics,, and so many others. The fight isn't over, but this is a battle well won. Read the story:

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Check out SEAC member Nick Smith's article in TPN on our eCO2 savings as a result of Meatless Mondays. He discovered that, according to BonApp, we order 325-360 fewer pounds of meat every Monday that we go meatless - that's "2,021 - 7,569 pounds of eCO2 that would have been released into the atmosphere in the production of meat that we're no longer ordering."…/meatless-mondays-environmental-be…

By Sophomore Nick Smith As we all know, the school is currently undergoing a ten-week Meatless Mondays trial period. While the lack of meat is immediately

interested in getting rid of Styrofoam on campus? Everyone come to SGA TONIGHT at 8:15 PM in GH195 to find out our plan for how!

All SMCM students that want a reusable oyster shell instead of Styrofoam - contact Becky White at or stop by the White House (across from Kent Hall) from 8 AM to 5 PM during the week. You can also look for SEAC tabling with token cards during Meatless Mondays!

Drop off stations include the Great Room, the Upper Deck, AND the Pub. You do not need to clean your box before returning it (but please scrape the food off via nasty).

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CALLING ALL ENVIRONMENTALISTS ON CAMPUS: There will be a HUGE historic awesome Keystone XL protest in DC on February 17th. Sign up on this Google doc to let us know if you are interested in attending!…

College graduates around Washington forgo traditional gowns for regalia made from melted plastic.