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Did you know that our site at Queen and Victoria was once home to Toronto’s first black church?

Founded by fugitive slaves almost 200 years ago, the First Baptist Church was a centre for abolitionist activity.


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See how our new, twice-as-large, modern Cardiac Intensive Care Unit will improve patient care upon completion. #HeartMonth

As part of the St. Michael's 3.0 redevelopment project, the unit is making a much-needed move to new space in the Peter Gilgan Patient Care Tower, now under construction. #BuildingSMH


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All milk is not created equal: Q&A with Dr. Jonathon Maguire For more information visit
Alex says #MyReason to #BeADonor is to "give someone the chance at a new life." A recent kidney transplant recipient, Alex knows the impact #OrganDonation can have. REGISTER TO BE A DONOR »
Safety tips to kick off cycling season
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Ashley Westcott
· November 27, 2016
When I had my first visit to the emergency room I was heavily medicated and completely out of it. While I was sleeping an hour after the nurse had taken my bloo...d my sister woke me up in a fury. She asked me are you ok your arm is blue. When I lifted my gown the rubber band was still there from them taking my blood. That was my first experience. Now on to my second. I'm in the emergency again in my room for about 2.5 hours before someone comes in to see me. They are now bringing me up to ultrasound to see if my kidneys are infected. I'm ready to go asked if I would be returning to the room because I'm being taken by wheelchair and don't want to bring all my bags. I'm told yes! Ok great I go up to the next room the doctor is saying how horrible the machine is and she can't see anything so then 3 other doctors plus a student try. Then they ask well we think you may have stones. No kidding I said it's on the paperwork in front of you. Seriously!!!! Then they put me in the hallway in a wheelchair for an hour waiting for someone to pick me up. I asked if I could just walk at that point the nurse said no because you need a key to go down the elevator. Omg!!!! When I finely return to my room all my bags are gone that consist of my prescription pills. I asked the nurses furiously where did my things go they assumed I was gone and threw it out. Truly I had to control myself not to flip out I made sure they replaced everything. My experience was horrible and I will never be back. See More
Bebey Sheri Serife
· February 14, 2017
I would not give not even one! Its has changed for it worse yuck 🤢 I been st mike patience for past 17 years !!! My last visit wow i was amazed by how nasty th...e place looks and smell disgusting! Am sorry but thats the truth ! The seats are unsanitary and smells worse then the garbage ! The washrooms are awful and dirty and unsanitary! Pointless going if you know they can't any real help! The fact is u waiting around in sever pain while they just say go see your doctor! Helloooo if i was feeling good I wouldn't be in the er! This place is so un organized now am amazed how it even exit!!! My true and dispointed feeling hope they read this post and make proper changes! Also where is the surgeon drs at huh ? If i was satisfied I wouldn't write a sad dispointed post!!! I shouldn't be have to be going through when am been sent home with sever pain ! What has happened to doctors who knows how to help you ? You take your chances you be the one write your happy post! Cus am so disappointed 😔 '!!!!!!! See More
Spencer Sean Webster
· December 26, 2016
My wife is a frequent guest, as we manage her two genetic diseases: HHT, & Juvenile Polyposis. She is often there for more than weeks at a time.

Over many we have been hosted by many other hospitals and discovered that there is no equal to the truly caring and empathic culture that pervades all of the front-line staff at Saint Michael's Hospital. I don't know how they do it - day in and day out - but for this exceptional care I am always grateful.

The emergency department can often be a colourful experience, but the élan exhibited by all staff is a wonderful thing to behold. It would be so easy to be otherwise - indeed I have seen it elsewhere.

This attitude of truly caring pervades through all wards and departments in my experience: Respirology, Med/Surg. ICU, Gen. Surgery, Gastro, and extends to the many imaging and testing areas.

Not to be left out are the support staff: Cleaners and Food service staff. Often marginalized, these folks are critical to daily operations, and are clearly chosen for their faultless attention to detail and faithfully cheerful demeanour. Their contact is typically brief, but always welcome.

During some of the most horrible times in my life, I have always been glad that we've been at St. Michael's.
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Alexandria Paola
· November 25, 2016
On Monday, November 21 I had a procedure done at St. Michael's Hospital. Yesterday I went to Brampton Hospital with a lot of pain which they did not want to hel...p me and told me I had to go to St. Michael's Hospital. Today I came to St. Michael's Hospital to the emergency department I was in a lot of pain and from the moment that the nurse by the name of Tracy took me to believe it was called intermediate area of the emergency. She was the most wonderful helpful and caring nurse that i've ever met.I am so lucky and honoured to of met this young lady.if it wasn't for her I would be in a lot of pain still I hope St. Michael's Hospital realize what a wonderful person they have working for them. See More
Lauren-Angel Faria
· February 18, 2017
The nurses were all very friendly and gentle. Each one of them that dealt with me. I loved how the whole team came and met me before I went into the OR. This ho...spital has been by far the best hospital I have been to and all of the staff members made it a nice visit despite being there for surgery. I'd really like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart. (5th floor, I was there yesterday Feb 17th 2017 9:45am-330pm )� See More
Petula Brady-Thomas
· January 26, 2017
I find that staff are compassionate and caring and quick to help a lost patient. It's difficult to navigate at present with the construction but I found someone... with hospital ID just like that! Being pregnant and trying to find a department was easier as staff was available to help and even offered me a wheelchair at one point. I had to go from the 3rd to the 7th and the help was appreciated. Thanks to all the staff that assisted it really took my nervousness away. See More
Cynthia Rostie
· December 2, 2016
I checked in for back surgery (Lumbar Microdiscectomy) on Dec. 1st and went in on time 8:00 a.m. Everyone was nice and very thorough. They checked everything.... I woke up from the operation a little after 10:00 a.m. and was so very relieved as the pain in my leg from the sciatic nerve was gone. Over the next few hours I met with the different medical people for my care and what to expect over the next few weeks. I left the hospital a little before 4:00 p.m. and am home and I feel terrific! So relieved to have this surgery behind me. Dr. Julien Spears & his team are Excellent! Thank you See More
Jana Wilson
· December 31, 2016
Fantastic hospital. The nursing staff and doctor we dealt with were caring, friendly, and funny. They made our experience a little less anxious. (Cardiac Invest...igation Unit)
Also I have to say the food was great on the 6th floor marketplace. The gentleman cooking our food was fantastic...sarcastic and witty was his nature. We appreciated the humour while waiting for our food!
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Erin Dove
· 19 hours ago
I gave birth at St. Mike's. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. I had a very difficult birth. But had amazing OB was one of a kind. ... I went to emerg about a week after having my baby with an infection. They were wonderful there too. I love that there is a pediatric emergency department...they were wonderful with my son when he needed stiches. I wont go to any other hospital. See More
Jani Hardik
· December 1, 2016
St.Michael hospital has provided a place where international medical graduates can meet and participate in interactive sessions, osce preparation and training s...ession to enhance their needs to successfully pass license exams and integrate into Canadian Healthcare system. I have been attending such sessions since few weeks and it immensely helpful for preparation for license exams. I am very glad to have such opportunities and very much thankful to St. Michael's hospital for all supports. Thank you very much!!! See More
Marie Anne Dorsey
· December 24, 2016
I arrived at emerge with a sprained ankle last evening . I was in and out in less than an hour , triaged X-rays and final diagnosis.. But what really impressed was how kind the staff treated the homeless who came In from the cold .. The kindness and respect that was shown to them I will never forget .. See More
Angela Chan
· December 14, 2016
Thank you to all the nurses, med students and doctors at the ER last night (also a shout out to the janitor who had to clean the floor in my room). You all helped me with a rather embarrassing injury and handled it with sensitivity and compassion, for which I'm incredibly grateful.
Ashley Wilson
· 20 hours ago
I only liked 4 doctor but the rest are point less i was pregnant with my daughter in 2014 and i had gallbladder problems and a dr.Weiss Andrew R MD in ob said a...ll I wanted was pain medicine when I've never ever in my life took it never had before that night he had security escort my husband and I out of the hospital cuz he said all I wanted was pain med so the next day I came in and had to spend the night because Weiss Andrew R MD ob and the hospital never did anything about him putting my unborn daughter at the time and at risk i already lose a one baby in 2012 i thought this man name Weiss Andrew R MD ob did not care about my child or myself. See More
Nancy Rundle O'Brien
· February 4, 2017
We've been dealing with Dr, Ordan for my daughter for a year and every time we make the trip downtown we've always had great service from staff from the areas we've had to visit for tests. And Dr Ordan is super.
タンワキオ ロジャー
· January 21, 2017
I can say only good things about St Michael's Hospital: the place, the staffs, the services. 3 O's from me to St Mike's. (3 O's is the highest award one can get when I was a US federal civilian employee back in the 60's).
Martin Vazquez Lara
· December 25, 2016
We went to emergency unit the staff at the front desk they did very efficient job as well when we see the doctor. The only issue was the laboratory we wait 3 ho...urs to get the results. 3 hours in pain. Very important that the hospital see this situation because small details makes and put down the quality service of the hospital See More
Josie Connolly Youden
· February 7, 2017
After a 5 hour wait, $25.00 parking and a missed day at work without pay we were told to reschedule my son's corrective heart procedure. Including gas (I drove... from Oshawa) it cost me $150.00 and now I get to do it all again tomorrow. This cost is nothing compared to the anxiety and frustration my son suffered. See More
Santhini Kandasamy
· December 6, 2016
I've been this Hospital couple of times but still confusing to find the place(clinic) other then that, Dr & staffs are very friendly & supportive especially are amazing very passionate, understanding pt's needs & care as well as providing moral support to family members. Thank you "St . Michel's Hospital " See More
Angela Runza Forestieri
· January 16, 2017
Shout out to the 9th floor. You took such amazing care of my Dad during his darkest time. Especially Doc Wilson, Doc Cusamatto, Ashely, Tom and Drew and all the wonderful staff. You guys are amazing. Keep on being amazing. He's home and on his road to recovery. ���
Mac Ducusin
· February 23, 2017
I was brought by an ambulance at the ER after I had a car accident last Feb 15. I had a good attending physician who helped me with my broken ankle and a bone .
I visit Fracture Clinic yesterday Feb 22, a follow up check-up, had another foot x-ray .
Both visits are good and , fast .
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In a 2016 study, researchers at St. Michael's Hospital found that the higher the floor you live on, the lower your chance of surviving a cardiac arrest.

When the cardiac arrest occurred below the third floor, 4.2 percent of the patients survived discharge from the hospital, compared with 2.6 percent of those on higher floors. Above the 16th floor, 0.9 percent survived, and above the 25th, where 30 people had cardiac arrests, none lived to leave the hospital.


The higher the floor you live on, the lower your chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, according to a new study.

Time in #prison is linked to an increased likelihood of getting and dying from #cancer said our Dr. Fiona Kouyoumdjian.

Learn why this population faces higher rates of risk factors and what can be done to help them.


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Our #NICU's bi-monthly, in-situ training sessions with SimBaby mannequins "not only test our staff’s knowledge, but perhaps more importantly our ability to come together as a team in a crisis situation,” said Dr. Doug Campbell.


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Be sure to hug your family today! Hugging someone you love is one of cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Paul Dorian’s top tips for a healthy heart #HeartMonth #FamilyDay

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Hit “like” if you’ve already snacked on some almonds (or walnuts, or pecans...) today; according to Heart and Vascular Program nurse practitioner Ada Andrade, it’s an important step to a healthy heart.

She recommends:
1. Quit smoking.
2. Know your numbers: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol....
3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Include them with every meal and snack.
4. Eat a balanced breakfast every day.
5. Take the stairs or park your car far from your destination.
6. Learn to read food labels (saturated and trans fat, sugars, salt, fibre content). Here's a great resource »
7. Eat a handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans). But not too much, as they are high in calories.

For #HeartMonth, we asked our experts to share their top tips for heart health. Read them all by following the hashtag: #StMikesHeartTips.

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Hit “like” if you’ve already exercised for 30 minutes today... or if you plan to (there’s still time!). It’s Diana Harris’ top tip for heart health; she’s the clinical leader-manager of our Cardiovascular ICU.

“Healthy food choices and 30 minutes of daily exercise,” says Harris. “That’s all the heart needs to survive.”

Heart and Vascular Program physiotherapist Joanna Parkes agrees. “Everyone needs to keep active to stay healthy. The Heart and Stoke Foundation recommends 30 m...inutes of physical activity, five times per week. Remember to start slowly and build yourself up over time.”

For #HeartMonth, we asked our experts to share their top tips for heart health. Read them all by following the hashtag: #StMikesHeartTips.

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Hit “like” if you brought your lunch to work today; according to cardiologist Dr. Beth Abramson, you’ve probably done your heart (and your wallet!) a favour.

For heart month, here are Dr. Abramson’s top tips for a healthy heart:
1. Walking is good for the heart. Take some extra steps today!
2. Make sure to get your blood pressure checked. High blood pressure is a silent killer; you don't know what yours is until it's measured....
3. For a healthy body weight, don't drink your calories. Avoid pop, fruit juices‎ and alcoholic drinks.
4. ‎Bring your lunch to work. Smaller portions are healthier portions.

ICYMI: Here’s a great Toronto Star Q&A on how Dr. Abramson and fellow St. Mike’s cardiologist Dr. Chi-Ming Chow keep their own hearts healthy »

#StMikesHeartTips #HeartMonth

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Hit “like” if you’ve hugged someone you love today; it’s one of cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Paul Dorian’s top tips for a healthy heart.

He recommends:
1. Walk 7-10,000 steps every day.
2. Eat food, mostly plants, and not too much. Don't worry so much about your diet....
3. Hug someone you love.

For #HeartMonth, we asked our experts to share their top tips for heart health. Read them all by following the hashtag: #StMikesHeartTips.

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Unnecessary imaging tests add to longer wait times for those truly in need.

See how a new tool in our family practice clinics will help reduce the number of tests ordered.


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Watch Bomi Daver explain how our music therapist Catherine Manning helped his mom, a palliative care patient, find peace at a difficult time.

"My mom's whole disposition changed when Catherine was there," said Daver. "She'd light up. She'd smile. She'd sing with her."

Davers said Manning sang the songs of his parents' courtship, and she got his father to hold his mother's hands and look into her eyes while singing along.


"It was so powerful because all of these emotions and fears were expressed in the songs that Catherine compiled for her," he said. "It made the pain and suffering bearable. It goes with the values of St. Michael's."

Congratulations Catherine on winning our #ValuesInAction Social Responsibility Award!

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"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." -- Mother Teresa. Happy #ValentinesDay

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St. Michael’s was the first hospital in Canada to have performed a novel catheter-based valve replacement technique that allows cardiac patients to go home the next day instead of staying in hospital for up to 10 days #HeartMonth

St. Michael’s is the first hospital in Canada to perform a catheter-based valve replacement technique that allows cardiac patients to go home the...

"The Emergency Department is a busy place, with people of different ages, and an incredible mix of injuries and illnesses. But there's one question probably everyone here asks themselves, 'why am I waiting?'"

Dr. Mike Evans explains in his newest Whiteboard video:

Produced by Reframe Health Films Thanks to St. Michael's Hospital Mount Sinai Hospital ...