Cant wait for more Stephan next season!

At the end of the season finale "ready to go stefan?" "Mhmm!" "can my girl friend come?" "Noo!"


Stephan's newest segment on SNL we got 253 fans xD "Lucky Lady!"

'It's when drafts have dreadlocks and lay face down on the floor' ---117 keep inviting(=

111 likes hahaa! If it ever gets to 1111 we getto make a wish(=

29 fans, haha! More people have to love rhis, invite?

14 fans were gettin up there-_-

Well up to 11 fans... Pathetic:p maybe you guys need to tell your friends to watch more snl!

9 fans...better than 5 i guess lmao!

5 fans here we go guys:p

You know its funny when one of there own cantcresist the laugh!